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Monday, November 30, 2009

A Thanksgiving To Remember

Today I'm going to tell you what I did for my Thanksgiving.Last Thursday the Mires and my grandmother came over for Thanksgiving with us.Though my grandmother always comes over for Thanksgiving this is the first time the Mires have came over for Thanksgiving.I was sure it was going to be a holiday.Once they got here I was surprised because I didn't here them come in.As usual I rushed right out to the living room to greet them.Also as usual the worst part of Thanksgiving,or at least in my world,football just has to start.Me and Caitlin spent most of our time playing with the Mires 15 year old daughter Tony.Poor Tony,Caitlin is tiring her out doing crazy things like dancing,playing tickle monster tag,its a game when if the person that's it tags the runner he or she tickles them,and just plain old tag.But me no way I went in to the house and hanged out with Tony's big brother Steve.Steve is 15 I think and is a great drummer.Hes even been in a band before talk about rock stardom.Later me,Tony,and Steve went in to play my jaws game.Those Amity Island citizens never knew what hit them I mean ate them.After that we went out to eat dinner.There was turkey,mashed potatoes,and Macaroni and cheese and for some home made desert we had pumpkin pie,cherry pie,and a triffle.A little while later the Mires headed home and we rushed out back to play with our neighbor Braiden.Then we went in the house to watch some football and decorate the Christmas tree.Then me and Caitlin went to bed and fell asleep.That's what I did for my Thanksgiving.The End.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Fantastice Pictures.

These are some fantastic pictures my mom put in her picture gallery.I hope you like them.Enjoy.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Fun Friday On Monday The Letter H: Hares

Today (A few days after Fun Friday.)I'm going to tell you about the hare.
The hare is a pretty big rabbit being the second biggest and fastest Lepus on the planet next to the Jackrabbit.If your wondering what Lepus mean's it is there species name.Bunny's,Rabbits,Hares,and Jackrabbits are all in the family called Lepus.Like I said hares are very fast.The European brown hare can run up to 75mph now that's fast!The hare is a solitary animal but they can live in pairs.Hares love cold and medium in heat places.They can live from the poles,to China and Japan.From Canada and even to Texas.The reason the hare is so fast is because unlike its smaller cousin the bunny with tiny fat legs,the hare has long skinny legs not to get food,but to get away from predators like snakes and hawks and who would have a hard time chasing a carrot or ant not me!That's my report on the hare.The End.

Monday, November 16, 2009

In A Cave

The assignment is to write a story about being on a camping trip, in a cave, with friends. When an argument takes place about favorite TV shows. You can't use the words TV, television, or cave.

Once upon a time there where two boys on a camping trip.After breakfast the boys went up to a big opening in a rock.So they went in it and started talking about there favorite cable show."Hey Mike,have you noticed that Power Rangers is loosing its touch."said Zack."What are you talking about?"said Mike."The Zords (big robot machines.) and the monsters and the aliens are not as realistic anymore."said Zack.While they were talking the big hole echoed louder and louder every time they said something.It became so loud Mike thought his ear drums exploded."I don't think Power Rangers is loosing its touch Zack,what I think is that your crazy,like the time you said your teddy bear was loosing its fuzz totally crazy."said Mike chuckling."I'm telling you that bear was sneaking out at night to pull it's stuffing out."said Zack angrily."Sure,lets go with that."said Mike still chuckling.Mean while down at the camp Ma and Pa were getting smores ready."Hey Honey,lets improvise and make white chocolate smores since we don't have any brown chocolate."said Pa."Good idea."said Ma.Mean while up in the big hole Mike and Zack are still talking about Power Rangers."Its by fare the most ridiculous thing I've ever herd that your favorite power ranger is the pink ranger."said Mike laughing his guts out."Uh,well,you see,I,oh I know,it is ridiculous."said Zack confessing."Please Ive herd enough funny stuff for one day,lets go back to camp."said Mike.When they got to camp they were suprised that they got white chocolate smores and they lived happily ever after.The End.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Fun Friday Letter G: Gharial Crocodiles

Today I'm going to teach you about the gharial a crocodile with a very skiny and long mouth.
The gharial has a great,great,great history back in prehistoric times.For example back in the cretaceous there was a very gharial like crocodile called rhamphosuchus.There was also a even bigger crocodile called sarchosuchus.As you know like other crocodiles the gharial is a carnivore. The usual diet for the gharial is fish,however they have been known known to go search for dead food and scare the gharial that killed it away meaning there scavengers.The gharial has basically only three major threats.Number one,they share territory with the biggest crocodile in modern day times,the saltwater crocodile.Number two, they are being killed by humans for food,they stuff them,and I believe pocketbook's, that' right,they use there skin to make pocketbook's.The gharial is found in Asia and usually spends time in deep fast streams where they hunt and live.
The way you can recognize the gharial is it has a long skinny mouth with razor like teeth,a black body with a yellow belly,and a rather very long body.That's my report on the gharial crocodile.The End.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Sailing With Dad

DJ's writing assignment for today, is to write a story about a boy,playing video game, while sailing on the ocean, with his Dad.

One day off the coast of Florida,a boy was playing a video game with his Dad on a ship.The boy was being orange and the Dad was bring white."Hey Dad,lets go get Cortex."said the boy. "What ever floats your boat." said Dad kidding.While they were playing the ship rocked on the ocean making it hard to use the controller.Back and forth.back and forth,back and forth the ship rocked."Look out for that Ratsicle Dad" said the boy. "Whoa,that was a close one"said Dad.The ocean was loud, they could hear the dolphins squeaking and the hump back whales aoohing" Yeah, next level"shouted the boy."Oh no!" It's up to you now"said the Dad surprised he got killed."(Gulp)" said the boy.The boy was trying as hard as he could to destroy the evil Cortex and in with one life left the end Cortex got sent to a fiery grave."You did it" said the Dad."Can we go home now" asked the boy?"Yes lets go home"said the Dad. So they went home,had dinner,and lived happily ever after.The End.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Fun Friday Letter F: The Falcon

Today I'm going to teach you about the Falcon.
The falcon bird is among one of a trillion,I'm just kidding there's only sixty, birds of prey in the falconidae which includes eagles,hawks,and vultures.The body of the falcon is rather bullet shape which allows them to dive at up to 200 mph, that's as fast as my dodge viper in my need for speed game,available at Ebay and Game Stop.The falcon has a usual size of 6 to 25 inches,did I mention that that's a males size,the females are about 7 to 26 inches so the girls are bigger than boys that seems common for birds.The usual diet for a falcon is small mammals like rats,squirrels,and gophers.They also can eat reptiles and fish such as salmon and trout. Plus they like lizards, and small snakes. It is also one of the smallest birds of prey. That is my report on falcons.