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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter 2011

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Friday, April 22, 2011

Comparing Two Objects:Percula and Maroon Clownfish

Today I am going to compare two fish, the Percula Clownfish, and the Maroon Clownfish. This is a writing assignment assigned by my mom, of course. I have to compare how they are alike and how they are different.

My first paragraph is about how they are alike.
The most alike thing about these fish is that they are both clownfish!All clownfish take residence in Anemones for shelter.In case you don't know,anemones are plant-like animals found on coral and rocks.However,the anemone won't just let any fish live in itself.So the fish and the anemone make a deal.The anemone gives the clownfish protection,the clownfish gives the anemone any food it doesn't eat.That's why clownfish are also known as Anemone Fish.They're both found in the same areas,too.They are found only in the Great Barrier Reef and parts of Indonesia.They even eat the same things!They both eat live,meaty or flaky foods.
That's my report on how they are alike.

My next paragraph is about how they are different.
There aren't very many different things about these fish except their shape,color,and host anemones.The Percula ranges in sizes of 5 to 6 inches,Maroons grow about 2x that size.Perculas are also more pale then Maroons,with a maccaroni and cheese like color,while the Maroon looks more like ketchup(ALL THIS TALK ABOUT FOOD IS MAKING ME HUNGRY!).And probably the biggest difference is that they live in different anemones.The Maroon lives in an anemone called the Bubble Tipped Anemone,while the Percula lives in the Magnificent,Giant,and Leathery Sea Anemone.
That's my report on comparing a Percula and Maroon Clownfish.I got the pictures from free google images and the info from End.

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Blazing Days of Summer

Today I'm going to right my poem on Summer.

O Summer,O summer,why must it be hot? It was suppose to be cooler,or at least so I thought.
Not a cloud in the sky,not a drop of rain,the only thing around is the stinging of sunburn pain.
We search for a place for where we can cool off,under a tree,under a dog,even under a cloth.
But there is no water for miles around,but wait! Hear that? What is that sound?
It is the sound of water,O joy what luck! Now we can cool off away from the muck.
But wait,oh no! This cannot be right. Wheres is the water coming from,its nowhere in sight!
We searched high and low,we searched North and South,we even searched in a dead turtles mouth.
We almost gave up,oh yes we did,but just then we saw a small,young kid.
He was wearing a swimsuit,with dark brown stripes,it almost looked like he was wearing sewer pipes.
He was heading to a sign,it said this of whom:Welcome to Ocean Blue,a nice cool place to escape the Suns hot doom.
We peered past the sign,and we heard a happy song,the water o yes it was here all along!
How could have I missed it,It's right by my house,but now I see that blocking my window was a big brown Grouse.
That stupid Grouse,It wouldn't let me see,just then the bird let out a loud "Tee hee hee."
Well I'll get him later,with a big wham pow,but till then lets enjoy the water with my friend Clarisse the Cow.
We played games,saw fish,and had lots of laughs,all except for Charley who was too busy doing math.
So Summer,bring your worst,come along and be hot,for I thought you'd be worse,or at least so I thought.

The End.

Friday, April 8, 2011

The Percula Clownfish and Blue Hippo Tang

Today for Fishy Friday,I'm going to tell you about the stars of Finding Nemo,the Blue Hippo Tang and Percula Clownfish.

First up is the Percula Clownfish.
The Percula Clownfish is the most recognizable of all clownfish.Ranging in size from 5 to 8 centimeters long.Sometimes people get them confused for the FALSE Percula Clownfish or Ocellaris Clownfish.They look a lot alike but the Ocellaris Clownfish looks more yellow then orange.Did anyone here know that Clownfish are actually a species of Damselfish?I know I didn't,but its true(How they are in the Damselfish family I have no idea.).They are found in the Great Barrier Reef of North Australia.They are Carnivores,meaning they eat meat,such as shrimp and krill.They are bright orange with white bands running all over their bodys.

That is my report on the Percula Clownfish.

Now the Blue Hippo Tang.
Probably the most famous of all tangs,this fish grows to sizes from 20 to 30 centimeters! That's a big fish!If they hadn't made Finding Nemo the way they did,Dorothy (The Blue Hippo Tang) would have looked huge compared to Marlin(The Percula Clownfish).They too are Carnivores,feeding mainly on Zooplankton(Shrimp,mysis,etc.).They are found all over the world,from Africa's coast,to the Bahamas,all the way to Fanning Island,which I doubt anyone knows about.They are bright blue with blue spines running up there back and belly.They have black swirly simbles on their sides and a bright yellow tail.

That is my report on the Blue Hippo Tang and the Percula Clownfish.I got the info from and the pictures from free google images and my own camera(Actually its my moms camera.).The End.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Fishy Friday: Flame Hawkfish

Today for Fishy Friday I'm going to tell you about the Flame Hawkfish.

The Flame Hawkfish is a small bottom feeder found in the Pacific Ocean.It has a bright red body with a yellow tail and black back.If you look close enough,you can see that the fins look like bony fingers!Because it is a bottom feeder,it lies and waits for food to come by.This is called "Ambush Hunting."Its skin,or scale,color helps it hide among the red rocks and coral it calls home.Even a Great White Shark would have trouble finding one.Unlike most fish,this fish doesn't catch diseases.Meaning,they can live a long,happy life.IF they don't get eaten that is!They are found over by the Philippines.They are carnivores,like I said earlier,and normally feed on shrimp,snails,crabs,and small fish.

That's my report on the Flame Hawkfish.I got the info from and and the pictures from free Google images.The End.