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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Baby Alligator Diary.

Hello once again people of the world! Today Chief Mother has assigned me with the order to do a post on an alligator. But not just any alligator post, I'm going to be telling you of an alligators point of view! Who's ever heard of Diary Of A Wimpy Kid? Yea well, this is kinda gonna be like that. Except shorter. And less funny. And without moldy horrifying cheese. Cheese...  Well without further ado , on with the post! [Mom's making mac 'n cheese for dinner. Cheese...]

I am a baby male alligator. I just hatched from my egg only 6 days ago. I was the third one to hatch out of 10. My mom is still taking care of me. She'll protect me in her jaws (literally) until I am 2 weeks old. Then I will venture off on myo own.

I'm still learning how to catch fish and other food. It's really hard when you're only 12 inches long. I rely on my mom for basically everything. I know how to swim, though, because alligators are born knowing how to swim.

Two weeks have passed, and I'm finally big enough to catch our own prey. Mom says it's time for us to move on though. It's going to be hard living by myself, because there are many predators out in the wild. Like hawks, large fish, pythons, and even other alligators. Without my moms help I might not survive.

-1 year later-

I am now a juvennile alligator. I can hunt medium sized prey and hold my own in a fight! I can also hold my breath underwater for almost 30 minutes and swim without anyone seeing me. I am a male allligator, and this was my story. The End.