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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

American Timeline analysis, section 1: 1513, Juan Ponce De Leon.

Hello once again people who read this blog! So I'm gonna be honest. I hate history. A lot. I think all the important things are neat, but my old history assignment has lots of little bits of info that I didn't even need to know and will probably never use. So mom decided to change my class. Instead, I will be posting American timeline analysis's on this blog. Starting way back in 1513 with the man who discovered the state I live in (Florida), Juan Ponce De Leon.

Juan Ponce De Leon discovered Florida in 1513 on March 27th.
The End.

...If only it were that easy.
So. As mentioned above, he discovered Florida at that time frame because I'm too lazy to repeat it. Now I shall tell you some interesting facts about J.P.D.L.

J.P.D.L actually has 2 people named directly after him, his grandson J.P.D.L II and his great-grandson, Juan Ponce De Leon y Loayza. Like J.P.D.L the First, they all became governors or Puerto Rico. Like father, like...grandson.

J.P.D.L first decided to venture towards Florida after hearing stories of a strange island(s) to the North. It's believed he arrived in St. Augustine, but we're not 100% sure.

Another reason he found Florida (however, this is merely a rumor) was because he was searching for the Fountain of Youth. When he heard about these mysterious islands, he must've thought they were so magical sounding that it MUST be there.
Then upon arrival a little boy kicked him off the ship, then an alligator ate him. That kids is where the story of Peter Pan originated from.
Kidding, however that would be awesome.

Well folks, that's all I have on J.P.D.L today. I hope you learned at least something new, I sure did. If you'd like to discover the whole timeline, you can visit
The End.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Documentary review and opinion: Plastic Paradise

Hello once again people who read this blog! So this has been an interesting week of nothing but me getting mad at peoples stupidity. I'm looking at you when I say that plastic making companies. If you couldn't tell by now, this post is going to be about plastic. A few days ago mom and I sat down to watch a 1 hour documentary (although it felt like 3) called Plastic Paradise, which you can find on Netflix instant streaming. The show was basically about a woman who went to this island in the Pacific known as Midway. I'll put the rest below. Midway is an island sitting smack spot in the, well, middle of the Pacific ocean. It's in the wake of a massive gyre (a sea current) that collects trash from the Pacific coast of both America and Japan. That garbage then either floats around the gyre circle infinitely, degrading and clouding the water, or it ends up at Midway. Can you guess what 90% of that garbage is? Plastic. Everything from bottles, to baskets, to nets (which are disasters all in themselves), and even computer monitors. You can find everything here on this one little island. This island is also home to the worlds largest population of Albatrosses, a type of sea bird. And sense these birds mistake the colorful plastic for fish, they eat it. Then one of two things happens. 1, they die because they can't digest it. Or 2, they give it to their chicks and then THEY die. So it's a lose-lose situation. But that's just the tip of the iceberg, or the tip of the oceanic landfill. Plastic alone is an evil product. Now I'm not saying you my precious reader are evil for using plastic, because it's basically in every single item we use nowadays. But some items are more catastrophic then others. 2 of the most common being plastic bottles and plastic bags. Plastic bottles can end up in the ocean and animals could eat them, or they'll shrink down into particles over time and fish will get them stuck in their gills. Or, the fish will eat the plastic, and then we eat the fish that absorbed the plastic into their flesh. Bon apetite, no? No. Then there's plastic bags, which also can do a number of things. They can get caught on coral to prevent them from growing. They can leech toxins into the water which can poison the fish. But probably worst of all, though opinions vary, is turtles will eat the bags because they look just like jelly fish. In fact, Sea Turtles of all kinds die every day from 2 things. Nets and plastic bags. Nets are an even worse problem. Not only do fishing nets carry in tons of by-catch every year, but if a net is lost it will simple drift through the ocean killing things like a web of death. If they find a coral reef, they will even roll up into bigger and bigger balls and as they go they'll rip off coral with them. What really irks me about all this is plastic companies. I'm not going to say any names because I don't feel like getting sued, but you know who you are. And despite what you say you know darn well what plastic does to the environment. In this documentary, the woman goes to the leading plastic producer and starts asking them a ton of questions. Now, this woman has seen this stuff. She has video and photographic evidence. But yet these people still say she's either wrong, lying, or crazy. To make things even better, they then ask her to leave the building or else they'll arrest her. Do you know why? Because she's "threatening" business by asking a few questions. Oh no, boo hoo, you might lose a few customers. God forbid you lose 2 of your 2 trillion dollars! Such a tragedy! But she's not the first person they've threatened. There was once a man who spread the word of how devastating plastic was. So what did this company do? They sued him. For doing something small and raising some awareness, they sued him. To me that sounds like abusing your power. But kudos to the man because he got right back up and continued doing it! Like a genuine boss. I'm not going to go into much more detail because I might put you all to sleep. My point is guys we need to take care of our plastic. Not because its a blessing, which it arguably is, but because it's dangerous. Plastic doesn't go away, it just breaks down into smaller and smaller particles. They bottle you just threw away on the side of the road has a 90% chance of one day reaching the ocean. Even if it doesn't, it's not just the oceans under attack by plastic. Forests, deserts, mountains, rivers, the sky. All of them are being threatened. So think about that the next time you do something dumb. I'm not saying you do, but just think about it. When I go places with my friends I more often than not find myself cleaning up off of plastic and bags they throw around. If only they knew.

 Before I go, I would like to present you all with some links showing neat and crafty ways you can reuse plastic. That's basically all I have to say. It's up to us to keep our planet clean and green, because if we push it too far it won't be able to strike back. If you agree with me, spread the word and tell your friends. Hopefully they'll listen, like I hope you listened to me. That's all for today guys, and have a great Earth Day tomorrow.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Blog Post: The Trail of Tears by Charles River Editors.

Hello once again people who read this blog! So lately I've been reading a, ah, interesting book.. That book would be The Trail of Tears. If you don't know, this book is about the persecution of five different Indian tribes, but we're gonna focus on the Cherokee. So, on with the post!

One word to describe this book: Sad. That's actually a great word to describe it. I don't really have much to say about this book, mostly because it disgusts me, but I will say this.
As I hope most of you agree with, what we did to the Native Americans was little more then wrong and disgusting. We were limited to taking their land before the American Revolution, but when the Revolution ended and the war was won we went on a complete rampage over America, destroying, killing, and "moving" and Native American settlements in our path. The moving part would be okay, if half of the Natives hadn't died in the process. Why did they die? Because the soldiers escorting them didn't care at all about their safety. They completely ignored their symptoms of sickness, injury, and depression. It was horrible. These people called themselves Americans, yet they freely did this to people who already lived there because they didn't want to give up their ancestors land. It just disgusts me.

Like I said before, I really don't have much to say about this book. It disappoints me to see how our ancestors acted about such a thing, but then again. They did own slaves. Don't even get me started on that.
Well, that's basically my book report on The Trail of Tears. If you haven't read it, don't read it. It's plain out sad.
I'll see you all in the next blog post.
The End

Monday, March 16, 2015

"I have a dream"; in honor of Martin Luther King. Jr; How and why we should stop international bullying.

Hello once again people who read this blog. As all (or most, or maybe some) of you know, I submitted an outline a few weeks ago about one thing I want to happen in the world. That would be to stop international bullying. Well this is the actual post now so, on with the post.

I'm going to open up real quick with four little words: I. Hate. Public school.
I know it serves a purpose and not everyone can/will homeschool, but the outrageous amounts of bullying at schools is just disgusting and sad. Before I get too far into this, let me tell you a story. Right here in my own town of (Address blurred) there has been a recent terrible bullying case. I literally read about it this morning in the newspaper, kinda hard to miss it sense it made the front page. A mom had gone to my local Elementary school and complained about her daughter being bullied severely. Interested, I read on a little. The victim, a 5th grader, had been bullied by a student harshly. I didn't read anything about physical abuse, but it said the verbal abuse was severe. She couldn't be in the same room as the bully without getting insane anxiety issues, she had to be put on medication to even go into the school, and her grades had dropped from A's to F's because all she can think about is the bully. How terrible is that? To make matters worse, the bully is a teachers child. So either the teacher doesn't know, or is just as big of a jerk and doesn't care. I think we all know what can happen to children, or anyone, when treated this badly. It's a terrible thought isn't it? Now zoom out of my little town of 2000 people on your Google Earth and look at the rest of the country. This is happening in every city, every county, every town, everyWHERE. Then move out of the country and see the world. It's happening all over the entire world. And our efforts to stop it are somewhat pathetic. To the mom who's the mother of the child I mentioned above, if you manage to find this while looking through the internet about bullying, I just want you to know that I and my family are thinking of you all. I hope things get better for your daughter, because I was a victim of bullying myself. However my torment was never that severe and disgusting. I hope things get better with all my heart.

In my outline I mentioned 3 ways to possibly stop, or reduce, bullying. However after my recent studies I see that often they don't mean diddly squat. I'm not saying they all do, but it would appear many schools don't care about the bullying going on within them. The kids might, I've seen situations with teens working together to stand up to bullying. But the teachers don't seem to care too much.... comforting, isn't it? However my original point still stands true. If you're feeling threatened by a bully, don't take their.....stuff. Get an adult. A parent, a teacher, the principal, heck if you're feeling bold and giggly you could write the President a letter. Or you could do what I do, aka the stupid thing in most situations, and simply knock the bully into next weeks math test. Because no one wants to wake up in the middle of a math test. Again, this is a stupid idea. Never throw the first punch otherwise you'll be blamed and the bully will get away with it. But if he/she attacks you first.. you get the idea. I personally don't think schools have enough security to watch for bullying. Have people monitoring specific security cams solely for bullying. If they see some aggressive activity, they can respond immediately. Or, have security walking the halls or standing guard to keep a close eye on everyone. Bullies rarely attack their targets in the open, and when being watched that becomes even more uncommon. Or have a database of reported bullies and keep a trained eye on them. The things we could do to help stop this, but don't, are endless.

In the process of making this post, I decided to watch a video on bullying on Facebook. I learned some things sad, some shocking, and some sadly not surprising. Bullying is the cause of 50% of all teenage deaths. That's sad, isn't it? What's even more sad is the bullies either don't care, or are caught and not given any charges. Nothing happened. Just a human life, right? This is a major problem. Every day AT LEAST one teenager dies from bullying related suicide. If we all put our heads together I believe we can stop this, and start a new generation of peace among teenagers. Well, probably not full peace. But at least reduce the death rate and toll. Come on guys. Together we can make a difference.

My name is DJ, and that is my dream

Friday, February 27, 2015

How To Make A Basic Outline for Writing Class

I am trying to learn to make an outline.  I do not enjoy this part of the Writing Process.  Below, is a very easy to use, and simple outline.  I will be filling in the outline, for my, I Have A Dream, writing assignment.


I. Introduction

     1. Sentence to get the attention of your readers: "I have a dream"; in honor of Martin Luther King. Jr.
     2. One-sentence thesis statement: How and why we should stop international bullying.

II. Body

     1. First main idea: Have a clear definition of bullying.
          a. Supporting evidence for the first idea: If you don't have a clear idea as to what bullying is, then how can you fully stop it? How can you tell the difference between teasing, joking and being hateful towards others?
          b. Supporting evidence for the first idea: Do your research. Look into on what locations are more prone for bullying, just so you know where to keep an eye on. And understand exactly what bullying is. There's a difference between joking around and bullying.
          c. Supporting evidence for the first idea: Teach students and young adults about bullying so they can watch for it as well. If a student sees someone being bullied, they should report it to an adult immediately. Most don't do this though. They just continue on with their day like nothing ever happened. This is what we need to teach the younger generation. SPEAK UP and play a part in preventing bullying.
     2. Second main idea: Look for warning signs.
          a. Supporting evidence for second main idea: Signs of bullying can be everywhere and anywhere, but often bullies try to hide their crimes. Ask teens and adults if they've seen any activity going on that may point you in the direction of a culprit.
          b. Supporting evidence for second main idea: Adding surveillance cameras to keep an eye out for activity. Bullies generally either like to attack in large crowds where there's less a chance of being seen, or in the shadows where no one would look. Adding cameras to keep an eye out for bullying could help find a culprit.
          c. Supporting evidence for third main idea: Ask students. Many students won't speak up about bully activity out of either fear or being bribed. Convince them you're on their side, trying to prevent bullying. If they know anything, they'll eventually tell you.
     3. Third main idea: Engage parents.
          a. Supporting evidence for third main idea: Parents deserve the right to know what's going on in the lives of their children. If you find out who a bully is, be sure to contact their parents. Then leave the rest to them.
          b. Supporting evidence for third main idea: More often then not, one of the few things a bully is scared of is their parents. Once a parent finds out, the child is merely at their mercy of what happens next.
          c. Supporting evidence for third main idea: There's really not much left to say about the parents. If the parent knows what their child is doing then it's up to them to decide what happens next. They may do nothing, or they may discipline the child. You never know.

III. Conclusion

     1. Restatement of your thesis: The point is, we need to put an end to international bullying.
     2. Insightful sentence to end your essay: Every year, every day, millions of kids get tormented and beaten on by other kids. Many of these kids end up doing...bad things. We won't go into detail on that. All this kids, gone. Because a bunch of other kids have to be jerks. It needs to stop. And we're the only ones who can do it. I have a dream of a day when bullying will stop completely. It's up to us to stop it.