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Monday, October 31, 2011

Why I Like Being Scared

October 31 - Halloween.
Part of the fun of Halloween is getting scared while knowing your not in real danger. Some people like the feeling of being scared; those people like to see horror movies and read scary books. Other people don't think it is fun to be scared. which type of person are you? Explain the reasons behind your attitude.

I am the kind of person who doesn't mind being scared. I've seen enough movies to know anything that might happen. I personally prefer Scary Creature Features, sense my Mother doesn't let me watch any real horror movies, Halloween for example. The scarriest movie I must have seen so far is IRT: Ice Road Terror. It's about a prehistoric monster that hunts on land and in water devouring people!

I like being scared because it increases my endurance, and I don't mind being scared at all.

The End.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Sky Pumpkin

Today is a short story called Sky Pumpkin.

Fred (the pumpkin) first saw the moon when he was a big pumpkin. He had to sniff between the cool leaves of the pumpkin Muffin Man. At first, he thought the moon was a loopy, yellow sky pumpkin. He would punch up and admire it. Its light was gentle in the darkness. Some nights the weird moon seemed to grow bigger. Fred thought it was telling him to grow. He tried stretching and cooking in a circle. Soon he was big enough to feel the pumpkin seeds on his head. Then he grew tall enough to see over them. Now Fred could see much more. He saw dog's feeling by day. At night, guys danced over the garden, shooting their lights. The long, hot Summer days began to cool. Fred was quite large now. "I am the slimey, best pumpkin in the patch!" he thought. "I want to be the pumpkin in the sky!". He did himself in pumpkin leaves for the Gnomes, and got ready to fly. He rolled quickly. Instead of going up,he fell. He landed with a whomp. "Oh no," thought Fred, "I split my pale!" "If I cannot be the moon, I shall be the rough pie!"

Sorry if this movie didn't make much sense, it was just ment to be funny!


Monday, October 17, 2011

Fishy Friday: The Spotted Wobbegong Shark

First of all,I'd like to apologize for not doing this post on Friday. I seem to loose the sense to do it... Well, I'm here now, so today I'm going to tell you about the Spotted Wobbegong Shark!

The Wobbegong is one of the..."strangest" sharks I've ever seen (Mom says they look like monsters so don't talk to her about them please!). They are found over in Australia and make their homes on the sea floor or underwater caves. Threat level: Low. They rarely attack humans but will if provoked or stepped on,much like stingrays (Which are also in the shark family.). One of my childhood heroes,Steve Erwin,actually stuck his hand in a Wobbegongs mouth to prove how quickly they strike. They literally vacuum up their prey! There are many species of Wobbegongs but today we're focusing on the Spotted Wobbegong. They get their name from the ''unique" pattern on their back (see picture up top) which allow them to camouflage. Though,all Wobbegongs are spotted and camouflaged,I guess this species had the most spots? Well I don't know. This species grows up to 120 inches,but usually only grow half of that. They,like all sharks, are carnivorous,feeding on fish and squids that aimlessly swim by. I have never heard of a herbivorous shark,have you?

That's my report on the Spotted Wobbegong shark,this Friday will be a normal Fishy Friday,and I'll be telling about a species from the Tang family! I got the info from and the image from Google. The End.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Fishy Friday: Neon Wrasse

Today I'm going to tell you about the Neon Wrasse!

The Neon Wrasse,or Yellow Headed Wrasse,is by far the prettiest fish I've done a post on yet,in my opinion. Caitlin agrees.This beautiful fish can be found in pairs of 2 to 4 (usually one male 3 females) in the wild. at juvenile state they are mainly golden yellow with a blue line on their back. As they get older that changes dramatically,as you see in the picture up top. Females are far more different but just as stunning. They're blue with red stripes all over their bodies,they kinda look like a Swissguard Basslet. NOTE: A basslet and a wrasse are note the same thing. Thank you. They are mainly carnivores,meaning they feed on meat. They are also mainly found in the Atlantic,down by Florida where I live,the Caribbean,and Southern Brazil.

That;s my report on the Neon Wrasse. I got the info from and the picture from Google. The End. P.S,tune in next week for my first ever Shark post! Dun dun duuuh!