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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Indian In the Cupboard: Book Report

Today I'm going to tell you about the book, The Indian In the Cupboard by Lynne Reid Banks. The Indian In the Cupboard is one of the greatest books I have ever read. It's a story about a young boy named Omri who gets a magic cupboard and a key for his birthday. One day he puts a plastic toy Indian in the cupboard and locks it, a few minutes later he hears a bumping inside the cupboard. He opens it only to find an Indian- a living Indian. From that day on his life would never be the same. I recommend this book for people who love to think, to imagine, to dream. It will definetly send your mind racing. That's my report on The Indian In the Cupboard. The End.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Love Bugs do I put this? Meh... Today I'm going to be talking about one of the most annoying bugs I have ever met: The Love Bug. Love Bugs are one of the most annoying (non poisonous) bugs in North America. Don't get me wrong! I love bugs, just not LOVE BUGS. I mean, they only come out for a few months of the year but when they do its not very fun. They get everywhere. A few days ago I went to a waterpark known as Water Works and it was just nasty. The rides where good, but the food stands.. They were completely infested by love bugs. No one was even there it was so bad! Love Bug season is one of the only things I don't like about living down south (that, blackbirds and hurricane season). Even the rides where covered in them! You couldn't even stand in line without being covered. And whatever you do, do NOT go out in the country during love bug season. Between them and walnut sized horse flies, you'll be having your hands full...with bugs. Ok, now that I'm done giving my opinion, time to get on with the scientific info. Love bugs are a member of the march fly family. A large rumor is that the University of Florida made love bugs to get rid of some of the mosquito. If that's true that is just messed up. Making a new species in my opinion is like playing God. And besides, even if their goal was to get rid of mosquito's it didn't work. They feed on pollen instead, which isn't a bad thing. They also have this acid in their body that, if splattered by a car, corrodes the paint of your car! We might have that problem because our car is tan, but trust me. I haven't yet seen a car with more love bugs on it then ours. On the good side, there are some insects who actually feed on them. Spiders (which isn't actually an insect), centipedes, beetle larvae, and earwigs all are predators of the love bug. Me and my dad are predators too! Except we don't eat em (bleh) we just swat em. That's my report on the love bug. I got the info from and the photo from Thanks for reading. The End.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Owls and Owl Pellets Yaaaay!

OK. So today instead of Freaky Friday (sorry haven't been doing it) I'm going to tell you about owls and..owl pellets. Owl's are members of the Raptor family (Hawks, eagles, etc.) and are found everywhere except Antarctica. There are more then 200 species worldwide and have been a part of culture for generations. Owls are nocturnal, only coming out in the day if they absolutely have to. The largest owl's can reach up to 3 ft long and weigh 20 pounds. The largest owl known to man is the Great Grey Owl, which can reach lengths of 3 1/2 ft long. The tiniest owl is the Elf Owl, only reaching 5 INCHES! Sounds like my sister. Owls feed on many different animals. They are usually the top predator in their ecosystem. They feed on rats, mice, small birds, other owls (CANNIBAAAALS!),cats and pet dogs if they get the chance, and they've even been known to eat snakes. What they can't digest however is coughed up into owl pellets. Mmmmmm owl hair balls. Last Monday we dissected owl pellets and found a ton of stuff. First you put the owl pellet in a bowl of hot water (Soups up!) to get all the hair off, then you take it out of the bowl and begin picking at it with your forks. As you pick it apart (It has a strange earthy smell.) you begin to notice bones. Each pellet had leg bones, spinal cord, and a skull. Though me and my friend Jacobs pellets got 2 skulls in them. Yaaay us? The scariest natural thing you can possibly see outside your house at night is a big owl looking at you with those big yellow eyes. Owls are highly known for their eye shine. They have huge eyes that allow them to see perfectly in the dark of night. So,if you live out in the country, go outside one night and shine a flashlight into the trees and see what you find. You might just find a owl looking at you. Remember, THEY'RE WATCHING YOUUUU! The main things that makes an owl so dangerous is its talons and its beak. Talons are basically huge claws at the end of the owls feet. They help hold down or scoop up the prey while the owl begins gnawing at it with its beak. So, if your a mouse living out in an open field and an owl sees you, guess what! Your dinner! :) That's my report on owls and owl pellets. I got the info from and from my own memory. The End.