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Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas To All My Readers

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Friday, December 18, 2009

Merry Christmas From Dj, and Caitlin

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year from Darien and Caitlin.

Fun Friday the Letter K: Komodo Dragon

Today I'm going to teach you about the king of all lizards,the Komodo Dragon.The komodo dragon is the king of all lizards growing at 6.6 feet to 9.6 feet in length and weighing up to 150 pounds.It is a carnivore,normally feeding on dead meat or carrion but have been known to be an ambush predator and hunt its own food.But wait a minute,the komodo might be a ambush predator but it can only run up to 15mph whats its trick?,I'll tell ya its trick.In its mouth are razor sharp teeth for holding on and ripping flesh at the first bite but if it lets go it has a secret weapon,because it eats dead meat and rotting meat its mouth is full of life thretening bacteria that goes into your blood stream and causes internal bleeding,rotting of the flesh,and finally death.There food that they normally hunt is birds,amphibians,the king cobra, and big mammals like wildebeest and buffalo.That's my report on the komodo dragon.The End

Monday, December 14, 2009

Gust the Little Wind

Once upon a time there was a little wind named Gust.He wanted to become a big wind like his friends and maybe become a tornado and go in the junior hall of wind(Sort of like the hall of fame except for wind.).Unfortunately the only reason his friends got big was because they moved to Texas where there was sun and winds can't become big winds if there is not any sun.Why is not Gust becoming big you might ask?Because he lives up in Washington where it rains all day and gets no sun.Gust is fifteen now and still is a ten mile per hour wind when one day he met a butterfly that said he would help get him to Texas because something bad was going to happen but before he could tell him he made him a deal.If Gust gave Reed the Butterfly a good wind so he could wake up he would take him to Texas.So he did and then they set out on there journey.Then Reed told Gust what was going to happen.A big snow storm named Blizzard was coming so they had to Texas and fast.He also said that Blizzard was not the only problem,to get to Texas they had to past the Icy River which is cold enough to shut down a little wind and turn a butterfly in too a buttercicle,they had to go past tornado gang central without bothering the big tornado's especially Larry,and last but not least go through a city without doing any damage and that's how they get to Texas.And also not long after they left Blizzard hit there home and completely froze it without even trying.Few hours later they reach the Icy River.While Gust and Reed are thinking of a way to get across Blizzard is sneaking up Behind them.In an attempt to finish gust off he tries to scare him into the cold water but they here him coming and jump across on two passing ice bergs.Although Blizzard did not get what he wanted when he crossed he did manage to make a new skating place for the people that live there.After that nerve cracking scene they continue on there journey and reach tornado gang central and manage to sneak across.I should say different for Blizzard somehow managing to wake every body up and gets the whoopin of a life time.Then they reach the city trying not to do any damage,all they do is knock some branches of the trees.Again I should say different for Blizzard destroying buildings,breaking windows,and snowing in homes.Though there is one good thing about it,Blizzard uses up all his power and is dying out.After watching what happened Gust and Reed reach Texas and Gust becomes a big wind.Though he does not become a tornado he will never forget his adventure from Seattle Washington to Houston Texas and Gust and Reed lived happily ever after.The End.

Friday, December 11, 2009

fun Friday The Letter J: Jaguars

Today I'm going to tell you about the jaguar.
The jaguar is one of the biggest cats in the world coming in third after the lion and the real king of the cats the tiger.If you have ever asked somebody if the jaguar is found in South America then your answer is yes,if you asked if there only found in South America then your answer is no.They have been found in the south western states of North America as well such as south California,Arizona,New Mexico,some of Louisiana,and even most of Texas and I've herd the only reason they are in Arizona is because I think that's there breeding ground.The jaguar is a great hunter choosing which kind of predator it can be.It can either be a stalk-and-ambush predator or it can be a apex predator.Its diet is a not very picky diet eating things large and small such as frogs,deer,tapirs,dogs,foxes,birds,fish big prey like anacondas and caimans and even mice like there domestic cat cousins.As I said earlier the jaguar is found in South America,as a matter a fact it is found 98% more in South America then North America.Places such as Argentina,Belize,Bolivia,Brazil,Columbia,Costa Rica,Guatemala,Guyana, and Honduras.That's my report on the jaguar.P.S. if your wondering where I get this information try watching Animal Planet and go on Wikipedia and type what animal you want to learn about.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Around The World!

This is DJ's mom. DJ, and I thought this was an awesome idea, and I am posting it for him. From today, until next Friday, Dec 11th, we are asking all our readers of DJ's blog, to share Christmas traditions, from their part of the world. Some of the questions he is most curious about are:

1- Do you have Santa? Is his name Santa?
2- Do you put up a tree?
3- Do you put out stockings?
4- What customs, or traditions does your country, or you personally have for Christmas?

I think this is a fun, and great way, to learn about other customs all over the world. I hope you will take a minute, and share some of your traditions, and customs with DJ.
Dear blogging friends I've got some bad news, I'm not going to be using the letters Q,U,and X for my Fun Friday posts because I can't think of anything for them and why am I telling you know,I just like to plan ahead.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Fun Friday The Letter I: Iguana's

Today for Fun Friday I'm going to tell you about the iguana a really big lizard.If you watch wrestling then this is a fact that would make even the Big Show jealous.The iguana is the biggest lizard in the Americas growing up to 6.5 ft but in the wild can grow up to 8.1ft long and weighing up to 11 pounds but that's nothing compared to the lizard I'm doing for the letter k it's a real beast.The iguana is also the most popular reptile pet in the United States.But sadly most captive iguanas die in the first year or greatly they go to reptile rescue groups yeah.The iguana is a big territory hog.They live in places such as the Caribbeans,Brazil,the Mexico rain forests,and central America and will scare others away from there tree even if they just touch the root they will will attack, they are very territorial.The iguanas,next to the monkeys,are the daredevils of the rain forest.They are normally spending most of there day eating leaves and and napping but when threatened they can jump from tree to tree at extraordinary heights and if that doesn't work they jump off the tree at up to 42 feet and either land in the water(iguanas are excellent swimmers) or land on the ground unharmed because of there tough feet and if that doesn't work they to something there great,great,great,great,great grandparents did,roll in bigger herbivore dung and that usually gets rid of the predators and beside who would want to eat a dung covered iguana scaly souffle yuck not me.Though sometimes the iguana can just scare off predators with a variety of such weapons and threats.There teeth are razor sharp and and have a very strong jaw and can flick there tails like wipes to scare away predators.Don't feel bad iguana eaters yesterday i was taunted by a squirrel.Now that's pathetic.But the iguana and the squirrel are no match for the lizard I'm doing for l hes practically a walking tank.That's my report on the iguana.