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Friday, December 11, 2009

fun Friday The Letter J: Jaguars

Today I'm going to tell you about the jaguar.
The jaguar is one of the biggest cats in the world coming in third after the lion and the real king of the cats the tiger.If you have ever asked somebody if the jaguar is found in South America then your answer is yes,if you asked if there only found in South America then your answer is no.They have been found in the south western states of North America as well such as south California,Arizona,New Mexico,some of Louisiana,and even most of Texas and I've herd the only reason they are in Arizona is because I think that's there breeding ground.The jaguar is a great hunter choosing which kind of predator it can be.It can either be a stalk-and-ambush predator or it can be a apex predator.Its diet is a not very picky diet eating things large and small such as frogs,deer,tapirs,dogs,foxes,birds,fish big prey like anacondas and caimans and even mice like there domestic cat cousins.As I said earlier the jaguar is found in South America,as a matter a fact it is found 98% more in South America then North America.Places such as Argentina,Belize,Bolivia,Brazil,Columbia,Costa Rica,Guatemala,Guyana, and Honduras.That's my report on the jaguar.P.S. if your wondering where I get this information try watching Animal Planet and go on Wikipedia and type what animal you want to learn about.


  1. Great info DJ! Its been a while since I visited the zoo, I am going to check out our local zoo.

  2. Very good job. Watch your run on sentences. If you can make another whole sentence, then do so.

  3. Good idea Ebie I would too if I had enough money.