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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Around The World!

This is DJ's mom. DJ, and I thought this was an awesome idea, and I am posting it for him. From today, until next Friday, Dec 11th, we are asking all our readers of DJ's blog, to share Christmas traditions, from their part of the world. Some of the questions he is most curious about are:

1- Do you have Santa? Is his name Santa?
2- Do you put up a tree?
3- Do you put out stockings?
4- What customs, or traditions does your country, or you personally have for Christmas?

I think this is a fun, and great way, to learn about other customs all over the world. I hope you will take a minute, and share some of your traditions, and customs with DJ.


  1. Well, I think this is a great idea and I will kick it off but it won't be that different since I live in Canada.

    We have the same traditions as the United States. Of course we have Santa and all the reindeer (especially, Rudolph). We have Christmas trees, which I just put up yesterday so it is great having the Christmas feel in the air. Christmas wouldn't be right without a stocking! That is probably my favourite part of the gift opening.

    As far as other customs or traditions. Not really a tradition or custom but just a time to get the entire family together. As you get older and people move away, it makes it nice for everyone to be able to come back. There is usually a big dinner involved and just good times. Unfortunately, I won't be going home this Christmas but through the power of webcams, I hope to still be apart of my family Christmas.

    This is a great website DJ. You should be proud of yourself. Enjoy the final days to Christmas. You must be pretty excited!!

  2. Hi,DJ and Melissa. I live in the Phil and we have a lot of Christmas traditions. We're tagged as the country with the longest Christmas celebration because we start decorating and playing Christmas carols as early as September.We have Simbang Gabi wherein we go to church daily at 4am from Dec. 16 till Christmas Day.Tradition tells us that when we attend Simbang Gabi daily,our wishes will be granted though it's not really the believed rewards that drive us to go to church.

    We feast on Noche Buena on Christmas eve.It's a big dinner-party in almost every home wherein families or clans gather.Usually,even those family members who are living abroad would come home for Christmas in time for the Noche Buena.

    There's gift-giving, games, raffle, singing, dancing, and anything that makes a party fun.We believe in Santa too so we have santa and reindeer decors.We have all sorts of Christmas Trees - from plastic to real pine trees to bamboo shoots and twigs.Lanterns are aplenty as well as firecrackers and of course, the many variety of native dishes we call kakanin.

  3. Hi DJ. I live over in the UK in a small town called Mansfield. Over here I think we have very similar traditions to Americans. Our trees tend to go up at the start of December, and go down early in the New Year. As I said we do have Santa and his Reindeer. It's a time for families too, and every year since I moved out of my mum and dads house, I've been round to theirs and the rest of my brothers and sisters come round and we spend the day together. p.s. This is Wiggy from Wiggy's world, altho my google account will divert you to a different page

  4. I've herd of Noche Buena and when I grow up I might come to were you live to check it out.