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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Stars, Mega Stars, and stars so big you'll wet your pants.

Hello once again people of the world who read my blog and all that happy stuff! So this week me, my mom, my sis, and a few friends decided to go on a little field trip to learn about stars. As a result, my mom got the happy idear of making me do a blog post on stars. She gave me the privelage of choosing what I want to write about stars. So I chose stars, big stars, and really really big stars. So on with the post. Now we all know what stars are - they're those really famous people who play in movies. BUT there is another kind of star, the kind that is really famous and is in video games! Then there are the stars found up in space. No I'm not talking about Lady Gaga singing Extraterrestrial. I mean the big glowing balls of gas that are found throughout the universe. Stars are born when dust in the universe gets really dense (usually the dust of dead stars) and joins together making a star. Not a big one, but still a star. Ove a very long period of time the star gets bigger and bigger. Young stars, like our Sun, are big but still not huge enough to be truly amazing. Fast-forward another 100,000 years and our sun will become a giant. Giant stars are completely different from our Sun in appearence, size, and heat. They can be golden colored, dark red colored, even bright blue! Their heat is 100x as great as our Suns, and each one is big enough to hold 500 of our Sun inside of it! If our Sun was that big, it would be so close to the Earth there would either be nothing left of the Earth or it would be completely ridden of all life. Then there are the super giant stars. These things are so huge that if one was in our solar system Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars would be completely disintegrated from its size and overwhelming heat. And last but most certainly not least are the Red Giants. These stars of gigantic proportions are SO GIGANTIC you could fit over 1 million of our Suns inside of just one of them! Whats even better? When a Red Giant reaches the end of its life it begins to become extremely unstable. Its molecules begin to fry and its gasses begin to compress. Then, BOOM! Supernova. Everything within 100 light years is little more then completely obliterated. Scientists believe that one day our Sun will become a Red Giant and eventually explode into a supernova, destroying our Solar System completely. But, even if it does happen (which won't be for another billion years) we won't be around to witness it. Because like I said earlier by the time our Sun reaches even a super star Earth will be completely ridden of life. At that happy thought, that is my report on stars. The End.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Ripley's Museum in Saint Augustine

Hello people who read my blog! I'm back from spring break (unfortunately :( ) and today mom gave me 2 choices on what blog post I want to do. My choices were: Our trip to The Ripleys Museum in Saint Augustine. Or a report on Henry Flagglor (I don't know if I spelled his name right...) Well considering I don't know or remember anything about Henry Flagglor (I was too busy staring at a pretty bird :D ) today I'm going to be writing about my adventure to The Ripleys Museum! By the way my mom didn't give me the "pleasure" so she calls it on writing about EVERYTHING in the museum. How cruel would that be? Nope instead I only need to write about the 10 photo's below (which just so you know are my personal favorites). So first off we have The Worlds Biggest Fake, The Mermaid. Apparently some years ago that I don't know (sorry for the lack of information on, well, all of these subjects.) a man "discovered" a mermaid off the coast of .............. and brought it back to the city. He became a millionaire by charging people a fortune to see it! Then many years later on his death bed he announced something that completely shocked the world: He said it was a fake and that it was nothing more than a monkeys head and arms glued onto the body of a fish. Can you believe what some people will do for money? Next up is another fake (as far as I could read from the description in the photo its a fake) the fur beared trout. A man off the coast of Scotland supposedly found this creature off the coast of well, Scotland and named it a Official Scotland Rare Species. He then began selling the hair of the trout strand by strand for quite a bit of money. Later on, after all the fur was sold, he announced that it was a fake and that it was really... I think he said dog fur? I'm not sure. Then there's the worlds smallest screws... whats to say? They're little screws (DUH!) that are .0379 of an inch in length. My sister is almost short enough to ride on one of them! Next is the world famous Man Who Swallowed His Nose! Not much is too say except he can put his lip over his nose. Either he has a very small nose or his lip is uncanningly long. Either way he resembles my dad quite a bit. Up next is my sisters personal favorite: The Metal Horse Made Entirely Out Of Bumper Plates! She would've gladly got on and played pretty horsey with it except the only things holding her back was the Stay off! Horse is sharp and Pointy! sign and the fact that if she even tried my mom would smack her so hard she'd look like an exhibit in the museum. So instead she just stood next to it. The fallowing is NOT a true exhibit but something we saw outside the museum. We were walking up to the entrance to the building when my dad saw something of his pea-sized brain's interest.Step right up for the Footsie Tootsie Machine! 50 cents for the best massage of your life! He couldn't resist. So to moms shock and my hysterical laughing he sat for 3 minutes on a kid sized vibrating chair. He said it was the best part of the entire museum. Then I met a statue of my brother from another father, The Lizard Man! I even got a picture with his statue. Don't you see the huge family resemblance? This one was probably my moms personal favorite, the Blue-Faced Man! The true story goes he was born in China with a blue face, hence his name, but the rest of his body was regular color. Not satisfied with that information mom later went on the internet and looked him and his family up. If you'd like to know more contact her on Facebook, I'm sure she'd love to share the info. This next one might be my all time favorite, the Chinese Mansion Made Entirely Out Of Gemstones! I just thought it was so amazing! Some people have WAY too much time on their hands if they're able to make something like THAT! And last but not least is the painted potato chips. I personally had no true interest in them but I figured to upload them for fun. Mom however fell in love with them I don't know if it's because she loved how unique they were painted or because she was wondering how painted potato chips tasted. Either way, she was talking about them the rest of the way out the museum. Well that's my report on The Ripleys Museum. If you'd like to see the 790 other exhibits in the museum head right on down to Saint Augustine Florida! The End.