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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Legend of Orphan and The Riku: Part lll

Welcome back everyone! This is it, part three of the Legend of Orphan and The Riku! Hope you all enjoy it!

- 3 years later -

It's been 10 years now sense what happened at Magnolia, and Orphan and John Louis are drawing close to the leveled city. They both know what lies ahead of them. One way or another their adventure was about to end very soon. As they rode on Marigold towards Orphan's demolished house, they take great caution in their surroundings. They both know that the Riku's den is a small 5 miles away from the wreck. That's plenty close enough for the Riku to smell them coming. If they're not careful, and fast at the same time, they'll be killed before they even reach their destination. Coming out of the dense forest they spot a chilling sight: The destroyed city of Magnolia. There was no way around it, they had to ride through it. As they rode through the tragic scene that was once a great city they couldn't help but notice a few things. For example, there were people living there! Living in the destroyed, grey, ash filled homes were poor people as far as the eye can see. Some looked hungrry, some looked angry, but all of them looked sad. "Poor lads. Must be horrible living here, knowing that at anytime the Riku could come back and if they left it would pick them off." said John. That made them wonder. If the Riku won't let anyone leave, why did it let THEM in? Was it expecting them, or was it off somewhere? They'd find out soon enough. They rode through town on Marigold at full speed, jumped over the fence surrounding the city, and headed up the hill to Orphans house. When they made it to the house they were greeted by a pile huge pile of ash and wood. They wondered how the ashes had remained here all these years. John hopped off of Marigold and began looking through the rubble for Dragonsbane. As he was searching, Orphan just sat on Marigold staring blankly at the sight. Horrible memories were flooding back into his brain: The dragon blasting the roof off, his parents telling him to run, his parents obliteration... They were coming back so fast that they made his head hurt. He wanted to cry. But he couldn't. He couldn't grieve over old memories, not now. Now was the time for action. He hopped off of Marigold, wiped the tears from his eyes, and joined John in the search. Five minutes into looking though they heard screams coming from the destroyed town of Magnolia. Horrified screams. Orphan and John stopped to see what they were screaming about, even though they already knew. The Riku was flying over the decimated city, and they noticed two things. 1: It was coming in the opposite direction of its den. And 2: It was heading straight for them! They began to look faster, but the Riku was closing in. 4 miles away...3 miles away...2... Right before it reached them they found the sword, lying in a pile of ash with the bone remnants of a human hand. They ran back to Marigold, hopped on, and began riding. They turned around and rode towards the Riku. But they couldn't fight it, not while it was in midair. They rode towards the destroyed city of Magnolia. As they rode in John kept screaming "Run everyone! Into the safest places you can find, NOW!" The Riku was momentarily confused at where they had gone, but it shortly spotted them. The Riku flew at the city full speed, and Orphan and John hopped off of Marigold. "Go find a safe place girl. We'll be fine." Orphan said to Marigold. She obeyed, and trotted off into the grey buildings. Halfway at the city the Riku got smart. It flew down to the ground, and started to stalk them. It's silver, dagger like scales allowing it to blend in with the buildings. Orphan and John looked everywhere for it, but they couldn't find it. John pulled out his tiny dagger and Orphan uncapped Dragonsbane. Then it happened. The Riku barged through a building, thankfully with no people inside, and lunged at them at lightning speed. Orphan and John barely had enough time to dodge its huge mouth, but quickly recovered their footing. The Riku slammed into a building, dizzying itself, but quickly recovered. It turned around to face its makers. This was it, the battle that would settle it all. Orphan and Louis charged the beast, and the Riku charged at them. The Riku was strong, but they were quick. John rolled around it, quickly stabbing it in the feet and legs every chance it got. While John distracted it, Orphan stalked around it in a circle waiting for the perfect opportunity. John hit it in a weak spot, stumbling it. "NOW!" yelled John. Orphan ran in as fast as he could, Dragonsbane in hand, and stabbed right at the Rikus head! But something went horribly wrong. It bounced off of its hide! Stunned, confused, and horrified, Orphan and Louis had no idea what to do next. The Riku did though. It quickly swung its tail around at them and, sense they had no armor, sent them flying into a collapsed building. Orphan seemed fine, with only a huge bruise on his leg. John, not so lucky. He had a bump on his head, a piece of wood sticking out of his side, and he was holding his chest. His ribs were broken! The Riku got up and slowly walked towards them, triumphantly. The Riku leaned over them, and Orphan noticed something. It had a huge scar over its eye, made by Orphans father 10 years ago. Orphan began to cry. Why didn't Dragonsbane work? Why? It began to charge up a fireball in its throat, and they knew they had lost. They were going to be turned to dust just like Orphans parents. It was the end. The Riku fired, but out of nowhere Marigold came racing in. She took the hit for them! Marigold collapsed a few feet away from them, a huge burn mark in her side. She was still breathing, but barely. "MARIGOOOLD!" Orphan yelled. The Riku took its eyes off of them for a second and began to close in on the horse. Orphan was angry now. He was angry at himself for failing. He was angry at Marigold for disobeying. But most of all he was angry at the Riku for every horrible thing it had ever done. Orphan stood up, and he noticed something. Dragonsbane was now glowing in his hands! Similar to the way it did 10 years ago. The Riku was now leaning over Marigold now, charging up another fireball. Orphan had to act fast. He was desperate, so he did something any panicking person would do. He threw a rock at it. It hit the Riku in the eye, and caught its attention. The Riku, enraged, charged straight towards Orphan. But Orphan dodged, and grabbed onto the Rikus tail. He climbed up its tail, and onto its back. The Riku was shaking around furiously, and Orphan had to be careful not to thrown off or cut by one of the scales. He climbed up even farther, and sliced the Rikus wings off! They cut clean through like tissue paper. The Riku fell to the ground, and Orphan was thrown off. It got back up and walked towards Orphan. It attempted to step on him, but he rolled out of the way. He kept stomping at him, but Orphan kept rolling. The Riku tried one more time, but Orphan reacted and stuck Dragonsbane straight up. It disintegrated the Riku's foot on contact! The Riku fell to the ground, and Orphan walked up to it. He walked up to its one working eye, and stared into its soul. It looked angry, very angry. Orphan raised Dragonsbane and with one final swing jammed it straight into the Riku's eye! The Riku let out one last painful roar before exploding into silver dust. Orphan had done it. He killed the Riku! He looked around and saw people coming out of their hiding spots. They were smiling, crying, and everything in between. These people were free now! He turned around to find Marigold somehow back on her feet, and John Louis leaning on her. They shared a huge smile. For the next 20 years Orphan, John, and Marigold worked with the poor people of Old Magnolia to rebuild the fallen city, and it became even bigger and better then before. To this day you can still visit the city of New Magnolia, and you may even see the statue of Orphan and John on top of Marigold, Dragonsbane in hand.

The End.

Monday, December 16, 2013

The Legend of Orphan and The Riku: Part ll

Welcome back! This is part two of the Legend of Orphan and The Riku. Hope you enjoy it!

-  5 Years Later -

Years have now passed, and Orphan has spent every one of them trying to find a lead on the Rikus whereabouts. He's traveled nearly everywhere on the continent on Pangolia, but all he's found is rumors, literature, and legends. He did find one eye-witness, an old man with a name no one knows. He told Orphan how many years before the attack on Magnolia there was one even worse. He told him of an old, legendary city called Dynamellow. It was the largest city on Pangolia, and was famous for its ore mines and fish-filled waters. Everyone loved the city of Dynamellow, until the Riku came. The old man said it was a horrible sight. Buildings were being leveled, the sky filled with smoke, and you could hear the sound of people screaming left and right. Screaming in pain. In under an hour the entire city was decimated, and just like Orphan was in the Magnolia incident, the old man was the only survivor. The old man seemed very sad telling this story, so Orphan told him he didn't have to go on. The old man smiled at him. He told him about an ancient library in the city of Kelpa, a huge city on the East coast of Pangolia. He told him if there was any place where he could find out how to fell the Riku, it was there. Orphan gladly accepted the info. So he hopped back on top of Marigold, said goodbye to the old man, and made his way towards Kelpa. That was two years ago. Now, Orphan has found his way to Kelpa. Not only that, but he's also managed to get right in the middle of a very busy fish market! Everywhere he looked he could see people hurrying to chop up fish, freeze fish, sell fish, buy fish, cook fish, bring in fresh fish, gut fish, and so on. He tried to ask a few people if they knew about an ancient library, but they either ignored him and kept doing what they were doing or gave him a look of annoyance. He rode around on Marigold for hours looking for someone who might help him. He would've gone looking for the library by himself if Kelpa wasn't so huge. He'd get lost before he came close to finding it. After 4 hours of riding around the market he found a fellow adventurer. His name was John Louis, and he was a weapons merchant. About the same age as Orphan, but with short blonde hair, wild blue eyes, and an excited look on his face. When Orphan walked up to him, he was trying to sell a sword to a young man. A sword that was being sold for WAY more than it was worth. John saw Orphan heading his way, and instantly "shoo'd" away the young man. Orphan sat down on a chair next to him. Instantly, John began trying to convince him to buy lousy swords. Orphan wasn't even slightly interested. He asked him if he knew about the Riku. Johns excited look instantly went away, and his eyes got sad. He said he does know of the Riku, but his story is so grim he doesn't want to speak about it. Instead, Orphan told him his story. John felt so bad for him that he decided to join him on his journey. He told him the ancient library was all the way on the other side of town. So they both hopped on top of Marigold and rode as fast as they could. Without running over any fisherman that is. When they finally made their way to the library, they ran inside and asked the very old librarian if he had a book on the Riku. The old man got up and, very slowly, led them to the forest of bookshelves. After searching for an hour, the old man handed them the book they were looking for. "The Legendary Riku". Orphan and John found a table, sat down, and began reading. They found out everything they needed to know: Where the Riku lives, its strengths, what to bring, but most importantly it's one weakness. The one sword and only that can harm it: Dragonsbane. Orphan looked at the picture of the blade, and at first didn't recognize it. Then it hit him. The only sword that could kill the Riku was his fathers family sword! He had to go back to his house, dig through all the rubble, and get the blade if there was any hope in killing the Riku. But there was one problem. The Riku's den was only 5 miles away from his old house.

To be continued...

Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Legend Of Orphan and The Riku

So I've been studying middle ages lately (for the last week mostly King Arthur) and my mom found an assignment for me. I have to write a Medieval Legend! So I decided to make it about a boy who grows up to be a pony salesman. No just kidding. It's about a young boy, who loses everything to a legendary dragon knows as Riku and spends 10 long years plotting revenge. This is going to be a 3 part legend by the way, with a beginning middle and end. The beginning is just the prologue. Each part is going to be about as long as part one. So, on with the Legend!

Once upon a time, in a quiet little town knows as Magnolia, there lived a young boy on a hill just outside of town. The boy was about 12 years old. He had long brown hair, olive skin, and deep green eyes. He wasn't too short either. He lived on a small hill, but high enough so he could see for miles around. He was a farm boy, and he liked it that way. The boy lived the average life of any farm boy; He milked the cows, fed the chickens and took their eggs, sheared the sheep, helped his mother with chores around the house, went into town to buy farming and cooking supplies, and every once and a while took his best friend out for a ride. His best friend was a horse, and her name was Marigold. The boys life was perfect. But that all changed on one day. He was out tending to the chickens when he heard them. The alarm horns. The Dragon alarm horns. The boy and his parents ran to the edge of their hill to see what was going on. What they saw sent shivers down their spines. Magnolia was being town apart by the legendary silver dragon, known only as the Riku. It's destruction left a long line of blue fire, broken buildings, and lifeless bodies. The boy and his parents hid in their house for shelter. But it was no use, for after the dragon was done with Magnolia it caught whiff of the boys farm animals. It flew over to his house using its powerful black wings. Up close, the boy noticed something. It was 30 feet tall and it's scales were like daggers. Blue fire leaked out of its mouth like drool. The boy just sat there, watching from the houses window, as the Riku slaughtered all of the farm animals. Except Marigold, which was for some reason spared. The boy and his parents hoped that if it ate their livestock, it would be full and leave their land. But they were wrong. For after the dragon was done with the crops, it got the whiff of something else. Something human. There was a moment of silence, and then the Riku tore the roof off of the boys house. He thought they were about to die then and there. But his father, heroically, pulled the family sword down from the wall and faced the dragon. His wife was next to him, frying pan in hand. "Run! Get out of here!" they screamed at the boy. He refused, but his mother was determined. She leaned down and put her hand on his cheek. "Go, live your life. We'll do what we can to bring this beast to the ground. Take Marigold and ride as far away as you can. Do you understand me?" The boy cried, but he did what his mother asked. He ran out of their house, past the dragon, jumped on marigolds back, yelled "Hyah!" and rode off with Marigold. After riding for about half a mile he looked back at his house on the hill. He saw his father fighting the Riku with the family sword, and he appeared to be winning. If the Riku bit at him, he dodged. If it breathed fire at him, he'd also dodge. When the dragon lowered it's head down enough, he made a lunge at its head and gouged one of it's eyes out. In pure rage and pain, the dragon sent a huge blue fireball straight at his parents. All the boy could hear was his parents screaming out in agonizing pain. Then the screaming stopped, the fire died down, and the Riku flew away. All the boy could do was sit there, on Marigolds back, and cry. He was homeless, traumatized, and alone (except for Marigold). He wasn't really sure of anything now. But he was sure of one thing. He wanted revenge. He wanted the Riku dead. For the next ten years he'd spend his life trying to learn how to destroy the Riku. His name is Orphan, and this is his story

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Writing a Formal Letter to the President of The United States.

Dear Mr. President,

My name is Darien ********. You most likely don't know about me, I'm only a 13 year old boy living in the small town of *******. I'm writing this letter because I have a question for you. Do you know about all the environmental damage that's going on in this country? Animal habitats are being destroyed, large amounts of Carbon Dioxide, Methane, and Chlorofluorocarbons (chlorine) are being released into the atmosphere causing a major greenhouse effect, and lumberjacks and tree cutting companies keep chopping down our trees. Not only does that mean less home for the animals, but it also means less Oxygen for us to breath! Now, if you ask some of the people who are running these operations they'd probably say "But we need the wood for paper! The animals can live somewhere else!" or "We need the land to fit the growing human population. Animals can adapt or leave." and probably some of them would say "Well if the atmosphere gets too bad we can all just wear gas masks." Those may be some of the dumbest things I've ever heard. Number one I don't think anyone wants to go to Yosemite National Park and see all it's trees cut down and have to wear a gas mask while watching Ol' Faithful. Number two "animals adapt"? They don't adapt. They get confused with all the humans and houses appearing on THEIR land and try to move in. Then the people chase them out with cars, horns, stunguns, and even rifles. Does that seem fair? How would you like to get chased out of your home? I didn't think you would. I know we got all the stuff going on in Iraq and Afghanistan that you have to worry about. Good job at getting Usama by the way. But if you ever get the chance, take a look at all the environmental mayhem that's going on.