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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fun With Shadows

These are DJ's photos for his fun with shadows lesson, for 4H. We actually took another set too, that will be shared later when they have been downloaded. This was a fun activity. They were taken on Wednesday October 27th and the weather was warm and cloudy. One of his goals was to try to keep his shadow out of the picture while taking the shadow picture. He discovered this was not as easy as he thought. Also moving targets, such as the dog, were not very easy either.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Twas the Night Before Halloween

Today I'm going to tell you about a poem I made up.

Twas the night before Halloween,

Twas the night before Halloween and all through the town not a monster was lurking,or at least ones not yet found.People were sleeping,lying in bead dreaming of scary Monsters and kids that had fled.When all of a sudden there was a lightning flash and 100s of monsters rose from the ash,some were pore some with cash!They spread through the town,they could be seen all over,some were GIGANTIC,some the size of a clover.They're breaking windows by throwing eggs,and getting a mouse disease called the plague.They were destroying the town which was quit clear then a surer hero showed up who didn't believe in fear.He said "Leave this place now this is your only chance,for if you don't I'll do the chicken dance!"Monsters hate dancing this is quite true,it sticks to there mind like a bottle of glue.So the monsters left,never to be seen again,for they have been beat by Chicken Man!.

That's my poem,I can hear your laughter,and in case if your wondering the towns people lived happily ever after.

The End,and Happy Halloween.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Fishy Monday: Rhomboid Golden Fairy Wrasse

Today for Fishy Monday I'm going to tell you about the Rhomboid Golden Fairy Wrasse,geez try saying that 7 times really fast!

The Rhomboid Golden Fairy Wrasse is found on the coast of the Marshall Islands,Palau,and Yap and is one of the prettiest,and easiest to take care of,wrasses I know!It is normally found in dead corals in the wild.It is closely related to the Lined Fairy Wrasse.They are a quite rare species,or since they live so deep in the ocean maybe there just uncommonly caught by collectors.I don't know much about this fish,but I do know that they're very aggressive to fish of the same gender,like Beta Fish.That's my report on the Rhomboid Golden Fairy Wrasse.The End.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Swimming And Pool Safety

Today I'm going to tell you about swimming safety.

Many kids each year are drowned,hospitalized,and killed by not knowing pool safety. That's why for this blog post I'm going to tell you about pool safety.

1-When a in-ground pool in in access for little kids you should always have a pool fence.A pool fence should be at least 4-5 feet tall,just tall enough for kids under 7.

2-You should have alarms in and around the pool,so when a child try's to sneak out of the door to the pool or in the pool you'll know in an instant.

3-You should always watch your children while they're swimming.Ignore phone calls,texts,and E-mails until the children are done swimming.Another smart thing to do is have the kids pair up with a buddy.This is called "the buddy system".

4-If you don't have a pool fence or children sensors you should have a pool cover strong enough to hold a medium sized child,like me.

5-The most important thing to do at a public pool is always watch your child.Public pools are quite dangerous.If your child is seen on conscious in or out of the pool and there is no life guard on duty you should perform CPR.

That's my report on Pool Safety.The End.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Using Natural Light Indoors In Pictures

Pumpkins at 8 PM

Pumpkins at 6 PM

Pumpkins at 4 PM

Pumpkins at 2 PM

Pumpkins at 12 noon

This is part two of DJ's photo class on using natural lighting. The assignment was to take the same shot in front of a bright window at set times of day, then review how the lighting was different. Her are his pictures and times. As you can see the light gets more intense depending on the time of the day, and the position of the window in your home.

Pumpkins at 10 AM on 10/12/10

Friday, October 15, 2010

Bicycle Safety

Today I'm going to tell you what you can do to avoid and prevent biking accidents with this very special Through The Eyes of DJ blog post.

Biking accidents injure 100s of people a year and 1/4 of those people end up in a coffin,that's why for this post you'll be hearing my advice on bicycle safety.

1-The first thing you should always do is put on a helmet,knee and elbow pads,and make sure there on tight.Many people get injured because of not waring the proper equipment.Even if your driving by your house or drive way you should always ware your equipment.

2-Before you go biking there's one more thing you have to check,your bike!Always check for sticky gears,rusty peddles or brakes,and for flat tires.The last thing anyone wants is to get going then slam into a tree because your brakes don't work.

3-Once your on the rode things get more...complicated.You should always give a hand signal to let a car know which way your turning,that is unless if your bike has blinkers.Another thing to do is never go biking at night unless if your with an adult.Cars wont see your bike coming and that's how people get killed!

4-The last thing you should do is NEVER,EVER,EVER talk to strangers.Many kids get kidnapped by people and a bunch of then are never seen again.Not talking to strangers is probably the most important rule of bicycle safety.

That's my report on bicycle safety,and as bikey bear always says,"Only you can prevent biking accidents".The End.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Photo Class Using Natural Light

The assignment for this lesson was to place your camera and take a picture every two hours to compare natural lighting at different times of day. It was a bright sunny day, with very few light wispy clouds. The next assignment is to do the same thing in front of a bright window indoors. Those will be posted next week.
10/6/10 8 PM

10/6/10 6 PM

10/6/10 4 PM

10/6/10 2 PM

10/6/10 12 Noon

10/6/10 10 AM

10/6/10 8 AM

Friday, October 8, 2010

New Musical Sneakers Will Make You Ultra Cool!

Today I'm going to tell you about Musical Sneakers!

Flash!;Authorities are saying that new Musical or Boom box sneakers are sweeping the nation!They are said to change your life forever and bring your favorite songs with you where ever you go!Some people choose the classic Boom Box Sneaker which makes music constantly by the power of CD's,electricity,and your heartbeat!While most people choose the Musical Sneaker which makes a new sound for every step you take!(WARNING;These shoes are awesome but can result in disaster!Side effects might include,small shock of lightning,extremely loud rock and roll music,the urge to never stop,and other things that I can't think about right now!)And don't forget there catchy catch phrase,"If you dont where these sneakers,you'll feel alone in the foot ball bleachers"!

That is my report on the Boom Box and Musical Sneakers.I got these pictures from Google Images.The End.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Photography Class 2

Today was week two of DJ's 4H photography lessons. We are keeping an online photo journal on this blog. The goal of this lesson was learning to hold your camera still for clear crisp pictures. Plus to have an item centered and not centered. He also took a few extra shots just for fun. As you can see part of the lesson was taking shots at an angle to make the tree look as if it was tipping over. He needed one tall shot, and one wide shot as well. if you look you will see the squirrel in the tree, and fire ants on their mound. At the end of the year the pictures he needs for his lesson book will be printed, labeled and turned in.