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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Fun Friday: Apple Trees

Today for yesterdays Fun Friday I'm going to be telling you about Apple Tree.

The Apple Tree is a kind of fruit tree usually found in the Northern States.The tree averages in size of up to 30 feet high,sometimes 40,and the apple its self is usually 6 inches wide.All of us have heard of world records right well here's a apple world record.Did you know that the largest apple grown was grown in Japan and weighed over 4 pounds that's more than my Aunt's dog!The Apple Tree is one of the most popular trees found up in the Northern States.The flowers are a member of the rose family but for some reason the flower looks more like a Magnolia Flower although the Apple Tree became so popular because of the man who made history by traveling through the Northern States and planting apple seeds along the way and his name is Johnny Appleseed.

That's my report on the Apple Tree.The End.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Fishy Monday: Majestic Angelfish

Today for Fishy Monday I'm going to tell you about the Majestic Angelfish.

This species of Angelfish is one of the most beautiful there is.The juvenile's look like lots of of young Angels which is blackish blue with white stripes but the adults,see picture at top,are just completely gorgeous.Most of the body is orange but the bottom and the face are a blue and what separates the blue from the orange is a bunch of very whitish blue stripes.They are Omnivores feeding on sponge and algae lots of it.They are shy and probably won't come out of there hiding spot very often.I do non know if they are nocturnal or go out in the day.This fish is related to another species of Angelfish that you will see later on in one of my Fishy Monday posts and that fish is the .... .... ......... .This fish is found the Indo-Pacific.In a store this fish is a rather expensive fish selling for up to 230 dollars.

That's my report on the Majestic Angelfish and if your wondering where I got the picture and the data from then heres' your answer.I got the data from Marine and the picture from Free Google Pictures.The End.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Fun Friday The Grapefruit Tree

Today for Yesterdays Fun Friday I'll be telling you about the Grape Fruit Tree.

This fruit is quite popular in the USA growing in Florida,Texas,California and so on.This tree is a medium sized tree measuring up to 49 feet tall and 3-4 feet wide.The fruit is yellow orange but the inside is scarlet red.Around the inside there are white lines that go through the red and around the red.It's tare but the Grape Fruit can turn into colors like pink,white,and red.The leaves are long thin,and greenish brown.

That's my report on the Grape Fruit.The End.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Fishy Monday: Blue Assessor Baslett

Today for Fishy Monday I'll be telling tou about the Blue Assessor Basslet.

The Blue Assesor is one of the smaller species of Basslet measuring in a length of up to 2 inches.It is a carnivore feeding on shrimp and crustaceans but it feeds mostly on zoo plankton.It can be found in the Atlantic Ocean by its self or in small pairs.The cousin of this fish the Yellow Assessor Basslet(See at top left corner.)lives the same way as a carnivorous,small,aggressive,hardy fish and like the Blue Assessor it is quite rare but back to the Blue Assessor.This fish loves to hang around in caves more than open water.It a nocturnal fish meaning it comes out at night.

That's my report on the Blue Assessor Basslet.The End.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Fun Friday: The Oak Tree

Today for Fun Friday I'm going to tell you about the Oak Tree.

The Oak tree is in the family of deciduous which means it loses It's leaves every Winter.It ranges in sizes up to the size of 105 feet tall and 32 feet wide!It can be found all over the U.S.A. from Florida,where I live now,to New York,where I lived when I was little and I mean little like 3 year old little,to even the wet lands of Louisiana.This is one tree which deserves the name "Old Man" because they can live from 400 to 1,000 years old!One time when me and my Mom were going to Walmart I saw this old Oak Tree with a branch that poked out the middle going straight at first then going down till it touched the ground which made the tree look like it was holding a cane ha,ha,ha.This tree is one of the trees that I know of that produces acorns.These particular acorns can get the size of two thumbs and if they land on your head it will feel like you have been hit with a piece of hale.

That's my report on the Oak Tree.The End.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Fishy Monday: Blue Box Fish

Today for Fishy Monday I'm going to tell you about the Blue Box fish.

The Blue Box Fish is one of the most beautiful box fish if you ask me.The males are blue with with a brown or black top and white spots while the females are all black with white spots.They are omnivores feeding mostly on shrimp and plants.They are found in the so called Indo-Pacific that includes Hawaii.It is one of the big species of box fish measuring up to 5 inches long.It can be a quite aggressive fish and will attack if approached or chased.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Fun Friday The Maple Tree

Today for a few days ago Fun Friday I'm going to tell you about the Maple Tree.

The Maple Tree is one of the most common trees in North America.

It is a huge tree usually growing to the average size of up to 50 feet but some can get up to 70ft.They are deciduous trees meaning they loose there leaves in the fall.When the leaves of this tree falls off the leaves spin like a helicopter while falling,where coming in for a landing.The leaves of this tree are all sorts colors throughout the year.In the Spring they are a nice shade of green,in the Summer they get a brighter shade of green,in the Fall they get the colors of red,yellow,and orange,in early Winter they start to fall of and the leaves are dark brown,and in mid and late Winter the trees are bare and the leaves at the bottom are brown.Then the cycle repeats over and over again!The flowers of this tree are thin and sit up right,most other tree flowers don't do that.

That's my report on the Maple Tree.The End.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fishy Monday:The Achilles Tang

Sorry I couldn't get to you yesterday my Mom forgot to remind me to do my post,but I'm here now and for yesterdays Fishy Monday I'm going to tell you about the Achilles Tang.

The Achilles Tang is a medium sized fish,averaging in about 8-10in long,and is a fish constantly on the move for food!It is a herbivore feeding on a variety of algae and plants.It is fed lettuce and zucchini in tanks at home!It is Chocolate brown,might look black from a certain angle,a black dorsal and pectoral fin,a white curvy line near by the face,which if you ask me looks like sideburns,a orange spot down by the tail,and a orange,white,and black tail.It doesn't live very long even if it is well taken care of and is probably because almost all of it's time swimming around burning off body fat and not hardly getting any food!It is found in the Western and Pacific Ocean and when it is not looking for food it is hiding in one of It's hiddy holes.This a quite rare fish.

That's my report on the Achilles Tang.The End.