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Friday, January 29, 2010

Fun Friday The Letter O: Orcas

Today I'm going to tell you about the orca for Fun Friday.Orcas are the stars of the sea. Not only have they been presented in water parks all over the world(Such as Sea Worlds famous Shamu.) but they have proven there stardom in all of the worlds oceans from the poles to the tropics where I live and as a matter of fact when I was going to Cedar Key a famous beach in north Florida I saw a fin in the water.It could have been a orca or a shark but all my mom says is "You didn't see a fin" but what does she know but enough of story time on with the post.The orca is the biggest of the dolphin family with the males growing up from 19 to 26 feet and weighing up to 6 tonnes while the girls grow up from 16 to 23 feet and weigh up to only 5 tonnes and the baby's are up to 397 pounds and grow to about 8 feet.Now you know why there the biggest in the dolphin family.The killer whale is a carnivore with a big appetite eating almost every thing that swims from salmon to seals and penguins and even dangerous prey such as elephant seals,walruses,and even other whales.The orcas description is black and white and a rather large fin that grows up to 6 feet long.Mommy orcas are great at nursing their young having at least 1 offspring every year.That's my report on orcas.The End.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Invisible For A Day

Today I'm going to tell you about the six thing's I would do if I could be invisible for a day.

1.For number one I would sneak out of my house this Sunday,go to a little place called Atlanta Georgia and sneak into the WWE Royal Rumble stadiam and watch the first WWE pay per view event of 2010 woo hoo.

2.For number two I would play pranks on my Mom for most of the day and make sure she gets the scaring of a life time,boo.

3.For number three I would invite my friends over to my house and use my super invisible powers to turn them invisible and play a super game of hide and go seek when all the person who's it can only find us by hearing our foot steps and looking for our shadows.Now that's a game of hide and go seek.

4.For number four I would walk around the house and make stomping noises and move stuff around and scare everybody in the house.

5.For number five I would sneek around at night and take some of my Dads super chewy and so chocolatey chocolate chip cookies from the cookie jar and go back to bed.

6.For number six my last one I would sneak into Walmart ,take some of the newest hotwheel cars and leave the money on the counter and a note saying"Here's the money for the hotwheel cars I bought.Sincerely Invisible Boy. That's what I would do If I were invisible for a day.The End.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Fun Friday The Letter N: Narwhals

Today I'm going to tell you about the Narwhal.The narwhal is one of the medium sized whales of the Arctic Ocean and the Canadian Arctic next to the Beluga Whale.Unlike any other whale or fish the narwhal has a unicorn like horn on its face and that's what narwhal means, unicorn whale. But actually it's not a horn,it's a tooth!That's right,a big long tooth sticking out of the upper lip.Plus this tooth is no puny feller,when I said big I meant big not 3 feet long but up to 9 feet long now that would make a woolly mammoths tusk feel a little jealous.And if you thought the
tooth was big the body is even bigger!Up to 16 feet in length.The narwhal is a carnivore feeding on lots of items like wolfish,and gonatus squid.The narwhal is a whale that usually is in small groups from 10 to sometimes 15 narwhals.That's my report on the narwhal.The End.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Fun Friday The Letter M: Moose

Today I'm going to tell you about the Moose.The moose is the largest deer on the planet standing 6 to 7 feet at the shoulder and weighing 850 to 1580 pounds.The moose's description is brownish black to a rich caramel brown to a rare completely white body called an albino moose.Albino means white.In order to stay alive and remain the worlds largest dear it must eat a lot of plants which means they are indeed a herbivore and how many calories of plants a day do they need to eat you might ask?About 9,770 per day now that's a lot of plants.The moose is a very big animal so it does not have many predators except the cougar,a pack of wolves,a brown bear,and a Siberian Tiger.That's my report on the moose.The End.

Monday, January 11, 2010

My Christmas

Today I'm going to tell you about my Christmas.My Christmas was a Christmas to remember.It started out at 2 o,clock Christmas morning in other words and I thought I'd start things out (Kids who may be reading this post what I'm about to say is something that you should never try I am a trained professional at this and if you get caught you will get in a boat load of trouble.)with a little present snooping seeing where my presents were and seeing which were mine.Although like every movie there's a downside,my Dad was sleeping on the couch next to the other presents.So I had to put my skills to the test and try not to get caught.Although I'm very aware of him waking up I know all the signs of a waking Dad such as loud short snoring,deep yawns, and scratching of the nose.Though I was quick about getting to my bed when he woke up I later out what gave me away. It was him seeing my feet diving into the bed and me breathing fast.Few hours later when my Grandma was there we started opening presents.Some of my favorite gifts were 25 new hot wheels cars,A Jurassic park game,At least 5 Wii games plus the Super Mario I bought with my money,A hug from my Grandma,and to top it all off ,a trip to Tampa Florida to see WWE Monday night Raw and sleep in a hotel for one night.After Christmas I enjoyed the last week of Winter vacation by playing my games,enjoying my hotwheel cars,and thinking about school and before I knew it I was back in school.That's how I spent my Christmas.The End.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Fun Friday the Letter L: Lions

Today for Fun Friday I'm going to tell you about the lion roar.The lion is one of the biggest cats known to man coming in second place compared to the tiger it can weigh up to 550 pounds and grow up to 8ft long and 4ft high.The lion can live up to 10 to 14 years in the wild but can live up 20 years in captivity and why do they live longer in captivity you may ask.......Because in the wild they're always fighting ruining there chances of living long while in captivity they learn to mind each other instead of killing each other.The lion is a carnivore and even so the lion does not do any of the hunting the lioness does.They hunt in packs to take down the big prey like buffalo,water buffalo,baby giraffes,and even baby and full grown elephants and in return for working there fur off getting food for the males the males always eat first.The lion is not just found in Africa you know, it is also found in western Asia, southern Europe,plus southern Asia.Thats my report on the lion.The End.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Report Card

My Second Semester Report Card:

Reading: Excellent
Math: 86
Language Arts: 85
Spelling/Vocab: 85
Cursive Writing: Satisfactory
Writing: Very Good
Art: Satisfactory
Science: 80
Social Studies: 88
Health: 96
Reading Comprehension: Much Improved

Total Average: 89

Saturday, January 2, 2010

DJ's Top Entrecard Droppers

This is DJ's mom, and I am posting his top droppers for him. I must thank all of you who read, and are supportive to his expanding writing skills. He is already up to a PR of 2, and that is so exciting for him.

Dropper # of drops
comatised 31
Business Sphere 31
The Way I See It 31 31
Melissas Homeschool 30
Just My Two Cents 28
Melissas Jewelry and Gem Blog 27
Warcraft Blog 27
Mother by Design 27
Goal For The Green

DJ's top advertiser for the month of December, was, with 18 clicks from that blog to this one.

Thank you, to all of you.