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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Invisible For A Day

Today I'm going to tell you about the six thing's I would do if I could be invisible for a day.

1.For number one I would sneak out of my house this Sunday,go to a little place called Atlanta Georgia and sneak into the WWE Royal Rumble stadiam and watch the first WWE pay per view event of 2010 woo hoo.

2.For number two I would play pranks on my Mom for most of the day and make sure she gets the scaring of a life time,boo.

3.For number three I would invite my friends over to my house and use my super invisible powers to turn them invisible and play a super game of hide and go seek when all the person who's it can only find us by hearing our foot steps and looking for our shadows.Now that's a game of hide and go seek.

4.For number four I would walk around the house and make stomping noises and move stuff around and scare everybody in the house.

5.For number five I would sneek around at night and take some of my Dads super chewy and so chocolatey chocolate chip cookies from the cookie jar and go back to bed.

6.For number six my last one I would sneak into Walmart ,take some of the newest hotwheel cars and leave the money on the counter and a note saying"Here's the money for the hotwheel cars I bought.Sincerely Invisible Boy. That's what I would do If I were invisible for a day.The End.


  1. Don't use quotation marks if you aren't going to use them on both ends. Same thing for contractions, there was one that shouldn't have been, and one misspelled word. Very creative, and funny, over all very good.

  2. are hilarious! This post was so funny and I enjoyed it very much. Keep up the good work!