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Friday, January 29, 2010

Fun Friday The Letter O: Orcas

Today I'm going to tell you about the orca for Fun Friday.Orcas are the stars of the sea. Not only have they been presented in water parks all over the world(Such as Sea Worlds famous Shamu.) but they have proven there stardom in all of the worlds oceans from the poles to the tropics where I live and as a matter of fact when I was going to Cedar Key a famous beach in north Florida I saw a fin in the water.It could have been a orca or a shark but all my mom says is "You didn't see a fin" but what does she know but enough of story time on with the post.The orca is the biggest of the dolphin family with the males growing up from 19 to 26 feet and weighing up to 6 tonnes while the girls grow up from 16 to 23 feet and weigh up to only 5 tonnes and the baby's are up to 397 pounds and grow to about 8 feet.Now you know why there the biggest in the dolphin family.The killer whale is a carnivore with a big appetite eating almost every thing that swims from salmon to seals and penguins and even dangerous prey such as elephant seals,walruses,and even other whales.The orcas description is black and white and a rather large fin that grows up to 6 feet long.Mommy orcas are great at nursing their young having at least 1 offspring every year.That's my report on orcas.The End.


  1. Awesome facts about the Orcas! I really enjoyed watching the videos too. We learn so much from your blog DJ.

  2. thanks for sharing the video DJ, I sure enjoyed watching it, one of my dream is to see orca in the wild, as of now, I just see it at Sea World :( and thank you for sharing information about the Orca.

    and you are funny, I love the humor in your writing, you made me laugh when you said you saw a fin and your mom did not think you saw a fin :)

  3. Thanks Mrs.Kristy and Betchai.