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Friday, December 19, 2014

Why I Should Get A Ferret

 Hello once again people who read this blog! So I have an interesting subject today. For MONTHS I have been wanting to get a Ferret, for many reasons which would take me forever to describe. But my mother refuses to let me get one. I'm going to attempt to "persuade" her through this post, even though I know any and all efforts are pointless. But I'm gonna get an A for effort!

My love for Ferret's has been lingering around ever sense I held one around 10 months ago. A lady at my Church just so happened to be selling some, and I got to get in the pen and hold a few. There was this one absolutely adorable Ferret there by the name of Bear. I wanted to take him home and love him and squeeze him and hold him and kiss him and hug him and I might've just named him George. But alas, my mother said no. With tears in my eyes, I said farewell to Bear a few hours later, and I will most likely never see him again. Ever sense I have been politely nagging her to get me a ferret. I mean, they're the perfect pet! They're playful, very intelligent, friendly and not too big. They also don't require very much maintenance. According to the lady, the only downside to them is that they "smell weird". They sure smelled fine to me! However, there is also the fact that we own two dogs. Which I'm sure would gladly take any ferret, stuff it into a hotdog bun and have it for lunch. That wouldn't be good. But other then that, they're the perfect pet! Happy, playful, fun, caring. The whole package!

So my question is to you. Do you think Ferrets are good pets? Do you think they're bad pets? Do you think we should start a strike to convince mom to help me/let me get a Ferret? (The proper answer to that one is yes.) Opinions may vary.

Well, that's my post on why I should get a Ferret. I hope you agree with me and you might even get one too! And make sure to name him George.
The End.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Writing Assignment: My Thanksgiving trip to New York!

Hello once again people who read this blog! Man it's been awhile sense I've done one of these. Probably because I've been out of state for the last few weeks visiting New York for the first time sense I was, like, 4. 10 years ago. Imagine that. So naturally whenever something awesome happens mother dearest wants me to write a report on it. She told me to think of it as a diary of some sort. So that's exactly what I'm gonna do. Dear Diary.. kidding. So without further ado, here's my report on my adventure to New York! So at about this time 3 weeks ago I was sitting in an airport waiting for my flight which would take off 3 hours from now. And I had already been waiting 3 hours. That was fun. However, I did have my dad (who was going with me) to keep me company through 6 hours of remote boredom. Within those 6 hours Dad bought a T-Shirt, I read some books, we watched a live band, and looked at some fish. When it finally became time to board our flight, we scampered on (And I was certain that I was going to die on this flight) and took our seats. After a few minutes of silence, apart from the several people cramming their luggage into their compartments, we were finally greeted by the nice jolt of speed required to get up in the air. And there we sat for another 3 hours. YAY I JUST LOVE WAITING! Now I'm just gonna skip to landing because nothing special or exciting happened during this time. But I will say this: If you've never flown before, make sure to use the restroom BEFORE you get on. Because the Airplane restrooms will suck you and your soul into oblivion with them. No joke. Once we touched done, we were greeted by nice 15 degree weather. Welcome to New York. We towed our luggage off to the rental car, which I like to refer to as the Smurf Mobile. I don't even remember what kind of car it was, a Honda maybe, but I do remember it being a very vivid color of blue. I hated it. It couldn't have been Navy Blue? Or Sky Blue? Or black? Nope. Smurf Blue. So we drove our Smurfmobile away from the Airport and made our way for my Aunts house. When we arrived, I was greeted by a German Shepherd poking its head out the doggy door barking at me like I was lunch. When we managed to get past the beast known as Skylar, I got to see my Cousins and Aunt for the first time sense I was 4. It's so weird thinking about how the last time I saw my oldest cousin, Aimee, she was using a pacifier and her younger brother Jack wasn't even a thing yet. And as you could guess it was awesome to see my Aunt as well. We stayed the first night at their house, staying up till Midnight playing Mario Kart and Super Mario Bros. Wii. Fun times. When we woke up we said our goodbyes (for now) and headed off for my Grandpa and Grandma's house. It was an awesome ride, and I got so see something rare and very majestic. HILLS. You don't see such landscape in Florida where everything is just flat. And it was awesome because my grandparents live on a mountain. When we reached their house, I was amazed by how open it was. It was like their own little plateau, kinda. They had a farm, ponies, chickens, goats, a wood workshop, the whole nine. Ok so I need to speed this up because I'm putting WAY too much thought into this. At this rate, it'll take me 80 hours writing about a 2 and 1/2 week long trip. When we went inside I was greeted by my awesome Grandpa Ed and Grandma Regina, and their 3 amazing dogs Buddy, Toby and JoJo. Buddy and Jojo were Sheltys, and Toby was a Collie puppy. My Grandpa and Grandma are just amazing people, and hilarious at that. One of the amazing things about my Grandma is she said I can help myself to anything and if I need anything to just ask. Just as a joke I said "Hmm, some brownies would be nice. Just kidding I'm fine." 10 minutes later, BOOM! Brownies fresh from the oven. It was beautiful. Now I feel like I'm gonna cut this all up into a slop, but for the next week and a half we pretty much ran around all over Northern New York. We went to a trampoline park where my Dad nearly killed himself (hilariously), I met more relatives then I even knew about, went up to a massive mountain and looked all over New York, had an awesome Thanksgiving, watched cartoons with my other Aunt, visited my old house, played ball with Buddy for hours, SAW SNOW FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 11 YEARS, failed terribly at making a snowman, and so, so much more. Sorry if that's not very descriptive but I need to go do other school. All in all, my trip to New York was absolutely amazing and I wouldn't trade it for the world. The End.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Persuasive Post: Don't put up Christmas lights for the holiday season!

Hello once again people who read this blog! So it's almost Christmas time already. Man, how the year has flown by. It's right around the time where people will start hanging up the Christmas decorations and lighting up their front yards. Well I'm here today to explain to all of you why you SHOULDN'T decorate your house with or yard with Christmas lights this holiday season!

I'm going to give you 3 simple reasons why you shouldn't hang up lights for Christmas.

Reason #1: Your electric bill is going to soar! Just think about it. For a whole month, every night, you're going to have hundreds of lights on outside that will be serving no purpose other then looking pretty and absorbing electricity. You're really going to be giving more of a Christmas present with that massive bill to your electric company then your eyes.

Reason #2: All those colors can't be healthy for your eyes. Nowadays, people sell several kinds of Christmas lights for your delight. The more normal ones are plain lights that just light up and sit there. That's it. Nothing fancy shmansy. However, even those can hurt your eyes if they're the really bright ones that look like a miniature sun on every cord. But some of these lights can be set to flash at up to 1,000,000 miles an hour. These lights are very seizure inducing, and can cause a person to get a seizure which could be fatal. Around 1 out of, what, 7 billion people a year get a seizure from such lights. That's one more person then there needs to be! Also, you could go blind. Then you won't get to see the lights at all, now will you?

Reason #3: They're SO stressful! Quite a few people get injured every year from Christmas decorations. Whether its from the lights exploding, falling off of buildings to land on you, or YOU falling off a building to land on the ground, there's often one decorating accident for every town in every state in every country of the world. It's a pretty big deal. All I'm trying to do is warn people of such a thing.

So now that I've given my speech, I hope I have convinced atleast someone to avoid the death (and debt) traps that are Christmas lights. Together, we can stop these monstrosities from taking over our cities and take back our electric bills!!

The End


Friday, October 31, 2014

Haunted House Persuasive Writing Be The Realtor

Hello once again people who read this blog! I have decided to take a change in my career, and today I'm going to be selling a house. Now I know the looks of this house are a little.. discouraging, but I assure you it's OK! Hang on, let me go into detail.

The house was originally built in 1852, and has a lot of history attached to it. You see, an elderly woman used to live in the house. She used to report strange noises and even floating objects during her time of living there. Then again, she was around 90 years old. Who knows what else she might've seen. So I'm sure there's nothing to worry about!

Wanna buy it? No? Umm but hang on there's more! The house has 3 stories, complete with an attic and basement, along with a wine cellar inside the basement. It has a built in piano which is attached to the wall, incase you might know how to play. Don't worry, it's not one of those creepy pianos that play themselves. I think.

The backyard is fairly nice as well. The grass is all dead for some reason, but I'm sure with the right plant food it'll grow nice and beautifully! There's also a large strip of wilderness in the backyard, good for hunting during deer season! I hear there's a creepy old cottage somewhere in there. Be cool to go exploring, eh?

The house itself comes with 8 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 kitchens and 1 dining hall. As well as 2 living rooms. There's also large windows everywhere to let natural light in, but you'll need to clean away the several inches thick cobwebs and repair the broken glass first.. No big deal.

 Well that's a basic rundown of the house. I could go through the rest, but what's the point of buying a new house if you can't explore right? Right? RIGHT?
Overall the house costs 50,000 dollars. I'll leave you to discuss whether or not you're interested, while I go investigate an odd noise I heard.
Yeah the house can be pretty rickety at times because it's, you know, kinda old. Also- Wait is that a person? Hello? Oh hi friend! Is.. Is that a knife you're holding? Sir, sir what are you doing? SIR?-

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

George Washington

Hello once again people who read this blog! So I've been reading a lot of American History lately, and I've been assigned with writing a moderately sized report on my favorite historic person. Now, this only qualifies for this time period. So I chose George Washington. I chose Washington for 3 main reasons. He's moderately easy to remember information about, he's one of our Founding Fathers, and he lived a pretty interesting life. So with that said, onto the report!

Washington was born in 1732 Westmorelerd County, Virginia and has 6 siblings. Two of his siblings managed to reach maturity. The other 4.. weren't so lucky. His father also died when he was 11, and his half-brother became his "father/role model". At the age of 15 he wanted to join the Royal Navy, but his mother objected. As we all know, he went to join the military later on and got his first taste of battle in the French Indian War. He described it as bloody and disturbing, yet invigorating and beautiful at the same time. At least 2 bullets grazed his head during this fight, and they ended up having to retreat. But Washington had gotten his taste of war. He liked it. He wasn't going anywhere.

As we all know, Washington later on became a very high rank in the military and served a great role in the Revolutionary War. But after the war, George Washington went on to become the first president of the United States! Many years later however, Washington died peacefully in his sleep. I forget what age he was.
Want some more interesting facts about George? Try these on for size.
Washington was the only Founding Father to actually free his slaves. I actually find this quite admirable, especially for a man of his time.
He was also the only President to NOT live in Washington D.C. Perhaps because it was named after him.
Infact, around 32 countries and 17 cities were also named in his honor! Give or take a few.
He also introduced the mule to America. Hooray for donkeys!

Well, that's my report on George Washington. I hope you learned something new, because I learned a little too much. Until the next post, goodbye!

The End

Monday, October 13, 2014

Book Review for The Hunger Games book one

Hello once again people who read this blog! So for the last few weeks I've been reading one of the more, um, "popular" books. Can you guess it? Yup, it's the Hunger Games. I'm assuming you know where I'm going with this, the whole "mom wanted me to do a book report on said book" thing. And you'd be correct! So, lets get on with the show. So the book is based sometime in the near future where America is no longer America, it's Panem. And also all the other countries apparently don't exist. The states have now been jumbled up and divided into things called "Districts", 12 each. There used to be 13, but we won't go into that. Every year the leaders/dictators of the country, which don't live in a District, organize an event known as the Hunger Games. They will choose 2 children, ages ranging from 12 to 18, from each District and they will be sent to a massive arena to fight eachother to the death. For the 74th annual Hunger Games, the main character (Katniss Everdeen) gets her younger sister Prim, who's only 12, voted into the Hunger Games. Devastated, Katniss offers to take Prim's place in the Hunger Games. She then steps up onto the stage, and her fellow male tribute Peeta Malarkey steps up to join her. Peeta actually saved Katniss's life years before when they were close to starving and he threw her some bread. For the next few days they spend their time fighting and grieving as they make their way to the Capitol. Once they reach it, they train for several more days to prepare for the Games. Oh yeah, and Katniss shoots an arrow at the judges pig. Good job! However, she surprisingly got a score of 11 despite her aggression. The day of the Games comes along, but if you haven't read the book I'll leave what happens next for you. I personally think it was a great book, however my mother begs to differ. It does have a dark and somewhat disgusting story line, but it's a good read none the less. If I had to pick a favorite character it would probably have to be Peeta, because he's smart and witty. I also felt a lot of pity for him. Poor guy. But all around it's a great book and I highly recommend it. The movie however, don't even bother. Well that's my report on the Hunger Games book 1. If you haven't read it then you really should, you might get a good kick out of it. Either that or you'll hate it. Opinions vary. I will see you all in the next blog post, so goodbye! End

Friday, September 19, 2014

My Summer Vacation

Hello once again people who read this blog! It sure has been awhile sense I've done one of these, and today I'm gonna go over something very amazing and fun: my Summer Vacation!
So my Summer Vacation started in May. School had just "ended", but I was shortly greeted by the bitter fact that I still have to do school over the Summer. If Math weren't involved, it wouldn't have been so bad. For most of June we pretty much just hung out around the house, did school, and occasionally went to Church on Sundays. Mostly on Wednesdays. At the end of June, however, I left from June 31st through July 4th to go to a Christian Camp known as Camp Anderson. At this camp not only did I get launched in the air by a big balloon called "The Blob", but I also made some new friends and I got Saved. When I got back from Camp it was my 14th birthday, and I enjoyed a nice evening with my family. We went to Applebees, I drank mango tea, and then we went to watch fireworks. Mango tea though. It's so good. For the rest of July we did everyday things. Luckily though, we didn't have any school in July. Or August. It was beautiful. Once August came along we went to the Springs every Wednesday. We went to Poe Springs, Blue Springs and Fanning Springs twice. Blue Springs was my personal favorite though. The water was so clear and the boil was really deep. That picture is of me jumping off the dock at Blue Springs. Look at those ultra manly pink goggles. And for the last week, my Grandpa has been here and we've gone all over the place. We went to Saint Augustine, Blue Springs, Dairy Queen, Hobo's, and hung out at the house. I also got a really cool new game called Destiny, which is better then anything I have ever played. Now I'm back in school, and this is my first writing assignment.
Well, that pretty much sums up my Summer Vacation. I hope everyone else had a great one as well, and I will see you all in the next post!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

New School Year Days 2, 3 and 4

Yesterday, day 2, we went to the Springs for PE, lots of swimming.  We also got to see several water snakes relaxing in the shallow waters on the bank of the spring.  It rained at 12:45 so we had to leave an hour earlier than we wanted.  We had church in the evening.  Us teens are studying Ephesians.

Today my schedule was more normal.

9-10  Marine Biology 60 min

10- 1030  Japanese 30 min

1030-11  Music 30 min

11-1130  Reading, Book one The Hunger Games

1130-1230 Lunch

1230-130 Algebra 1 60 min

130-2  AP American History 30 min

2-3  Nutrition and Cooking 60 min

Tomorrow will be chore day, and paper assignments decided by my mom. 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

New School Year Day 1

I will be keeping track of all my credit hours, here on this blog.  Then my mom will just fill in the transcript paper at the end of the school year.  Today was our first day of school, and it wasn't too bad.  Here is how my day went.

9 AM- 10 AM-  Marine Biology 45 min.  Last 15 min of the hour we set up our Earth Kids project. 

10 AM- 10:30 AM  Foreign Language Japanese 30 min

10:30 AM-  11 AM  Music  30 min

11 AM-  11:30 AM  Read chapter one of The Hunger Games n 30 min

11:30- 12:30 PM Lunch

12:30- 1:30 PM  Algebra One 60 min

1:30- 2 PM AP American History 30 min

2 PM- 3 PM  Nutrition and cooking 60 min plus since I prepped dinner, cleaned up after dinner, and got dinner prepped for tomorrow

Thursday, July 31, 2014

My Volunteer Hours For 2014/2015

This is DJ's mom again.  He, or I, will be posting his volunteer hours to this post, and updating as necessary.  This is the easiest and neatest way to keep records.

July 13-17 2014 6:30-8 PM VBS at Fanning Springs Community Church, game assistant
August 1 2014 set up for tax free days with Tri County Outreach 1 hour

Tuesday November 11, 2014  Volunteered for 2 hours at Tri County Outreach in Chiefland, FL for there Thanksgiving food drive.

Thursday December 18, 2014 Volunteered for three hours for Gilchrist County Food Pantry in Trenton, FL for their Christmas food drive.

Friday February 20, 2015 Volunteered for three hours at FSCC couples trivia night.  I led young kids in games, tv, snacks etc, while the adults had adult time.

Saturday August 8, 2015 Volunteered for 90 minutes at Tri County Outreach in Chiefland, FL to help set up for their yard sale.

Friday August 21, 2015 Volunteered at Chiefland High School in the concession stand for the football game, with FSCC, from 5:30 PM, until 9:30 PM.  

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

My Homeschool Schedule For 9th Grade

This is DJ's Mom, and I am writing out the options and classes that DJ will be taking in the 9th grade.  This is for record keeping purposes only, but can also give you some ideas should you need them.  He did 9th grade Language Arts in 8th grade, and received credit, so he will be doing no Language Arts in 9th grade.  However, I will occasionally be giving him creative writing and research assignments to be shared on this blog.

9th Grade:

1-  Algebra1  Math U See

2-  History  AP American History on website  left off on lesson 7

3-  Science Apologia Marine Science with Labs plus Marine Ecology with 4H

4-  Foreign Language Japanese at and

5-  Music Music Theory, Ocarina, and Guitar with 4H and Youtube

6-  Nutrition and Cooking Class after school for dinner

7-  Art on Mondays only

8-  Run Club and Weight Lifting for PE

Monday, June 30, 2014

To Kill A Mockingbird Book Review

Hello once again people that read this blog! So today, after months of reading, I am finally going to write down my book report for the novel To Kill A Mockingbird. So on with the post. To Kill A Mockingbird is an older book, and most of you have already read it. Most likely. The book is about a young girl, names Louise "Scout" Finch, and her adventures with her brother Jeremy "Jem" Finch, her widowed father Atticus Finch, and their Summer time neighbor Dill. Can't remember his last name. The story starts off with Scout as the narrator, and she remains the narrator throughout the entire book. The first half of the book, in my opinion, is deathly slow. Basically all Scout and the crew does is obsess over their neighbor Boo Radley, who they think of as some kind of ghost or phantom. Its not until the later half that the real part of the book, in my opinion, is set into motion. Sure in the first half there's some hint towards the main storyline, but in the second half is when it got slightly less boring. So the Finch's live in Maycomb County, Alabama during the Great Depression. Maycomb county was full of racists, and a black man named Tom Robinson was being put on trial for raping a white girl. Even though he didn't. The white girl had seduced him into doing things, and when the white girls dad found out, he flew into a rage and tried to attack Tom. Tom escaped, but the father, Bob Ewell, put him on trial. Atticus Finch had to defend Tom, and as a result the Finch's got a lot of angry comments from the racist society of Maycomb County. In the end Tom Robinson lost, then he went to prison, tried to escape, and was shot to death. What a way to go. Then Bob Ewell, humiliated by Atticus, swore revenge. So one night, after a Halloween party, Bob Ewell attacked Scout and Jem. He ended up breaking Jem's arm, and tried to cut Scout with a knife, but Boo Radley came out of the shadows and stabbed Bob in the lower ribs with a knife, killing him. Boo Radley then carried Jem home, and he sat on his front porch with Scout for about an hour. Boo then went up to Jems room to say goodbye, and Scout walked him home. Scout then realized the reason why Boo never comes out of his house, and that's because Boo is one of the novels "Mockingbirds", a good person ruined by the evil of mankind. The morals I got from this book: Raping is bad, attempt of murder is bad, racism is bad, and mankind can be evil. There's probably another moral like "If you give man time, they will eventually mold into great beings of friendship and happiness.", but those are the ones I understood mostly. My favorite character was probably either Scout, because she's hyper and always looking for a new adventure, or Boo Radley because he's so mysterious. Thats my report on To Kill A Mockingbird. The End.

Friday, June 13, 2014

We Will Bark At You- 8th Grade Final Exam in Writing

Hello once again everyone! Today I'm going to be posting my final exam, and its a song parody called "We Will Bark at You". If you couldn't tell, its a parody of the hit song "We Will Rock You". And it stars my dog Biscuit! It also somewhat stars Beaner. Anyways, on with the show! We Will Bark at you. By Darien. Biscuit you're a small lab, playing in the front lawn, enjoying life you'll be a big dog one day! You've got a small chubby face! You're not a disgrace! Chasing little birds all over the place!

 Singin, We will, we will, bark at you! We will, we will, bark at you!

 Biscuit you're a dog now, sleeping in the courtyard, dreaming that you'll be the house guard one day! You've got fur on your face! You'll sleep anyplace! Resting just incase you need to race! Singin, We will, we will, bark at you! Again! We will, we will, bark at you! Biscuit you're the guard now, sitting at the table, getting fed you'll be a fat dog one day! You've got crumbs on your face! You're in love with this place! Eating food you get all over the place!

 Singin, We will, we will, bark at you! Again! We will, we will, bark at you! Once more! We will, we will, bark at you!

 Biscuit you are an old dog now, there's a new dog now, gotta raise her to be a big dog one day! You've got slobber on your face! This little dog's a disgrace! You're kicking Beaner all over the place!

 Singin, She will, she will, bark at you! Again! We will, we will, bark at you! Last time! She will, we will, bark at you! (End)

Friday, May 2, 2014

I Wonder: How Is Paint Made

Hello once again people who read this blog! I'm back for another "I Wonder" blog post, and today the subject is "How Is Paint Made". I've actually been wondering this for awhile, but I never bothered to look it up. Apparently its made by mixing a lot of different chemicals, such as Potassium, Water, Latex, Calcium Carbonate, and other things. Dye or tint is then added to turn the plane white paint into whatever color it is supposed to be. Like red, blue, etc. But I'll leave the rest for you to watch in the video. This is my "I wonder" post on how paint is made, and I'll see you next time.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I wonder post: How many children are born everyday?

Hello once again people who read this blog! So I asked my mom if there was anything I could do besides grammar right now (I hate grammar)and she told me to do another "I wonder" post. So i sat here for 10 minutes thinking for something about something that I've always wondered. Its funny, because any other time I can come up with something instantly. After 10 minutes of thinking, I finally remembered something. How many children are born everyday? "That's perfect!" I thought to myself. So today I'm going to be talking about the amount of children that are born everyday.

Apparently no one in the world has made a video on how many children are born in a day, so there won't be a video. I did, however, find a pretty good answer on Bing. It doesn't say precisely how many children are born in a day. It does say though that one child in born every 8 seconds somewhere in the world. So in under a minute 5 children are being born. That's amazing! It also says that while 8 children are born every 8 seconds, someone dies every 12 seconds. So yeah, there's also that... Besides that, there's really not much info here. Am I the only person who's ever wondered such a question? Geez people. It does say though that when you count those 8/12 seconds, you don't restart at 8. You keep counting. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 someones born, 9, 10, 11, 12 someone dies. I just wanted to clear that up.

So yeah that's my I wonder report on how many children are born in a day. Sorry if its not a lot of information. I got the info from The End

Monday, March 24, 2014

Romeo and Juliet Book Report

Hello once again people who read this blog! So for the past month, I think, I've been reading a very specific book. In all honesty it is probably one of my least favorite books of all time. Me least favorite probably being A Christmas Carol. Oh that was brutal trying to understand the English "accent-like typing". But this book is a close second. Today I'm going to be doing a book report on Romeo and Juliet.

Now, my understanding of this book may not be the same as yours. I have a hard time reading poetry in the form of a story. But here's what I understood. So Romeo and Juliet's families don't exactly like eachother. I never understood why. Rome and Juliet however are in love with eachother, so EVERYONE just jump into the drama circle now! Apparently Romeo is married to another woman who never even says anything in the entire book (I forget her name) so even more drama. Then Romeo decides that he's going to go for Juliet so he begins to sneak to her house every night. After about 5 chapters (Or "Acts") Juliet finally says something and once again I get confused. I can't read poetry man. So Juliet loves him back, but their families still won't let them be together. Juliet is also going to be forcibly married soon to some Paris guy. Just throw that out there sure why not? Romeo still wants to be with Juliet though. Not happy with this, Juliets cousin Tybalt decides to attack Romeo. Thinking he's better he engages him in a sword fight, only to be killed by Romeo. NAILED IT! So now Juliets family (Why can't I remember their family name?) is after Romeo to kill him. All because he was forced to defend himself. That's fair. Hearing of her cousins death, Juliet drinks some potion or poison or something making her fall into a deep sleep. Now everyone thinks Juliets dead! God forbid you lean your fancy rich pants down and check for a heart beat. So Juliet is now to be buried. Paris hears about this and goes to her chamber, where Romeo soon arrives. The two fight for some reason, and Romeo kills Paris. So now he's dead. Then Romeo finds out that Juliet is "dead" and decides to commit suicide (Because that ALWAYS solves your life problems) by drinking poison. Now the main character is dead. Then Juliet wakes up to find Romeo dead on the floor. She then decides to go with him into the great beyond by first licking some of the poison off of his lips, THEN stabbing herself! So now the second main character is dead! Then the rest of the book is the families moaning about their losses when none of this would've happened if they had just let them be together. Good job people. Good job. So there, that is my report on Romeo and Juliet. Probably one of my least favorite books of all time. The End.

Friday, March 7, 2014

I Wonder: How Are Crayons Made

Hello once again people who read this blog! Mom came up with a new idea the other day, and for once, its one I actually look forward to doing. She wants us (I believe every Friday) to write a report on something that we've always wondered. Now there's a lot that I've always wondered. A LOT. But if I were to write a paper on such a thing you'd be able to stretch it around the Earth 10 times. I also don't think anyone wants to read a blog post that long. So I had to choose one (BOOO!). So today I chose something that I've wondered for a while: How are crayons made? The reason I've always wondered that is because when you're a little kid, you watch a lot of little kid TV shows. A lot of those TV shows show little kids using crayons, markers, chalk, etc. Sometimes there will be episodes on how crayons are made. Like dipping them in juice, stuff like that. But I always wondered what the true way to make crayons was. Now I know, and its actually pretty interesting. Video should be down below here, unless Blogspot is being stupid again. Thats all I got today, I'll see you next time I post something.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Hello once again people who read this blog! So on Wednesday we decided to try our 3rd attempt to go to Poe Springs, but we yet again couldn't. Why not? BECAUSE ITS CLOSED ON WEDNESDAYS. Seems legit. So we asked our friend if there was anything else we could go to. She recommended a spring known as Rum Island. I'll be honest, when she said rum the very first thing I thought of was Pirates. Haha I play too much Assassins Creed... Anyways, so after we went (and had an awesome time) my mom got the idea that I should do a report on Rum Island. I kinda saw that coming. So today I'm going to be telling you about our trip to Rum Island.

So when we found out that Poe Springs is closed on Wednesday we decided to go to Rum Island. On the way we passed through a LITERALLY inky dinky little town known as High Springs. I'm guessing its an old city (Even older then Trenton) because the roads are tiny, the buildings look very old, and the churches/homes have a 1930-1940 look to them. Mom got a huge kick out of it, and if we weren't going to Rum Island, probably would've stayed there all day. We drove for a little longer, and then we saw a big bright yellow building. I believe it was called the Rum Island Pub. Hint hint? We took the turn and headed for Rum Island. When we got there we were greeted by some pretty dirty water. Only in the river though, in the part of the spring that was for swimming it was insanely clear. So naturally, my sister and our two friends decide to get in the water. I had no intentions of getting in (at the time) because I was wearing jeans and didn't bring a spare set of clothes. So I sat on the dock, daydreaming (what else is new?) and talking to my friend Lexi. She was looking for Sea Shells (there was a lot of them in there) and I was trying to take a nap. I haven't been getting much sleep lately. STUPID TEENAGE YEARS! Anyways, I decided to go walk around and I found a stick. It looked like a spear, so I picked it up and held it over my shoulder. I have the strange need to do that with a stick. Makes me feel like I'm holding a sword or something. I don't know. I walked around with my stick for a little while, then saw some fish in the spring. Caitlin and our friend Skyler were trying to catch one bear style. Then I got an idea. I sharpened my stick a little, got in the water, and decided to do some spear fishing. With a stick. Hey, no one ever said I was normal. After like 20 tries I gave up. The fish kept seeing (or hearing) me coming and I wasn't patient enough to just sit there and wait. The sad part is I came about 5 centimeters from hitting one. RIP-OFF! So I took my stick and got out. We went down the trail a little, and we found a turtle. I can't remember what kind though. There were a lot of turtles in the area, but this one was just sitting here. He even allowed us to walk right up to him. Then he got nervous and pulled his arms and head back into his shell. He looked like he had been attacked too, because part of his shell was peeling off. We decided to leave him and head farther down the trail. This is where I nearly killed myself. So there was a turtle at the end of this one log, and I wanted to go say hi. So I got on the log and headed for it. Halfway there it jumped into the river. I felt rejected. But I kept getting closer. Then I made the huge mistake of stepping on the algae-coated part of the log. I slipped, caught myself, then landed on the log with one leg 5 feet deep in the muck. If I had known that was muck and not mud, I never would've gone on the log.. So now my leg was stuck. Yaaaay. I actually could've easily gotten my leg out, but I didn't want to lose my shoe. THAT was more stuck then anything. So I pulled and pulled and pulled for about 5 minutes, my one friend asking to help me and my other going "Hey look! DJ's going to die!" with a smile on her face. The sad thing is I actually WOULD'VE died if both of my legs had landed in the muck. I would've gone right under. But at the last second I put one leg on the right side of the log, the other on the left side. The landing wasn't too comfortable, but it beats going underground. Or undermuck. Whatever you want to call it. So after 5 minutes of pulling I had gotten nowhere. Then I got the idea. I used my stick to get my shoe out! I put my stick under my foot, pried my foot out, got back on the log, and walked back to shore. I was now covered in muck and algae. All in a days work, eh? But my reign of being an idiot wasn't done yet. 5 minutes later I noticed an uprooted tree hanging over the river. I just yelled out "Oh look, another stupid thing that could get me killed!" and ran for the tree. I started to climb, then my friend said something very comforting. "Ok, I just want to verify that whatever you are about to do is Caitlins responsibility, not mine. I would also like to say that if you do kill yourself, under the court of law, I was never here." Thanks Lexi. Then our parents saw us and made us get down. Bummer. Then they had us get back on it again for a picture. After that we had to leave. I rinsed off a little bit in the water, said goodbye to my friends, and got in the car and left. I give this fieldtrip 9.5 stars. It would be 10, but I didn't really enjoy nearly killing myself. So that is my report on Rum Island. The End.

Monday, February 3, 2014

My Field Trip to the Gainseville Medieval Fair

Hello once again people who read this blog! Mom has decided to have me do a report on our trip to the Medieval Fair, and I must say I enjoyed it a little more then I probably should have.
In case not many of you know, I am a HUGE fan of Medieval Times stuff. Swords, compasses, armor, ships, houses, clothing, food, writings, lore, and especially legends. When I was young(er) I actually wanted to be a blacksmith when I grew up due to my love of weapons and medieval arts. Then I discovered Marine Biology, and that all changed. Now Medieval Culture is more like a hobby to me. So, as you could probably guess, I had a hey day at the Medieval Fair. Well. It was more like a Medieval Shopping Market then a fair, but it was still awesome. We watched a magic show, and I believe the magicians name was Jacob The Unbelievable. Mom didn't seem to get a big kick out of him, and Caitlin only wanted to pet the rabbit, but I thought he was flipping hilarious! I wanted to stay after we left and see his other show, but SOMEONE didn't want to. Then we went around the fair grounds, looking at the booths and watching some performers. This one guy had brought a dragon swing with him, and I swear the man was part monkey. As he swung the people back and forward in his dragon boat swing he'd jump up on the boat and do front, back, and side flips off of it and land perfectly fine. It was amazing! Then we found the sword room. Ohhhh the sword room. That thing was full of swords daggers and, guess what? More swords! Not just Medieval English swords either. They had Nordic, Japanese, and Chinese swords too. Also cosplay. And yes, by Japanese swords, I mean katana's. The best part is that they were genuine and the best ones were ONLY ABOUT 60 BUCKS! It was the best sales tent I had ever seen in my life. Actually it was the only sales tent I had ever seen in my life. See that dagger down there at the bottom (or top, the blog is being screwy) of this post? That's MY dagger. Well, it's "technically" mine, but it's in my moms "custody" (aka her room) till I'm 18. But I don't care. It has an awesome design on the blade, the sheathe and handle are made of ivory, there's an amazing wolf design on the sheathe (not seen in the picture), and the wolf head at the end of the handle is real metal. No plastic was involved in the design of this knife. You know what the best part is? It was only, wait for it, TWELVE STINKIN DOLLARS! It was brand new too. That is a deal so good it should be illegal. Then we saw the rock man. I forget his name, but he was one of the kindest people I ever met in my life. He gave us (well no we bought them) some geods and he popped them open for us. I also got some fools gold, a red tiger eye, and a stone in the shape of a diamond. Not the diamonds you put in a ring, but an actual diamond. Then we ate food, and I enjoyed the french fries and coke. We looked at a lot of other booths, bought some other stuff, then we went home. I honestly didn't want to leave. But I'm very happy with how it went. That's my report on my trip to the Gainseville Medieval Fair. The End.