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Friday, November 14, 2014

Persuasive Post: Don't put up Christmas lights for the holiday season!

Hello once again people who read this blog! So it's almost Christmas time already. Man, how the year has flown by. It's right around the time where people will start hanging up the Christmas decorations and lighting up their front yards. Well I'm here today to explain to all of you why you SHOULDN'T decorate your house with or yard with Christmas lights this holiday season!

I'm going to give you 3 simple reasons why you shouldn't hang up lights for Christmas.

Reason #1: Your electric bill is going to soar! Just think about it. For a whole month, every night, you're going to have hundreds of lights on outside that will be serving no purpose other then looking pretty and absorbing electricity. You're really going to be giving more of a Christmas present with that massive bill to your electric company then your eyes.

Reason #2: All those colors can't be healthy for your eyes. Nowadays, people sell several kinds of Christmas lights for your delight. The more normal ones are plain lights that just light up and sit there. That's it. Nothing fancy shmansy. However, even those can hurt your eyes if they're the really bright ones that look like a miniature sun on every cord. But some of these lights can be set to flash at up to 1,000,000 miles an hour. These lights are very seizure inducing, and can cause a person to get a seizure which could be fatal. Around 1 out of, what, 7 billion people a year get a seizure from such lights. That's one more person then there needs to be! Also, you could go blind. Then you won't get to see the lights at all, now will you?

Reason #3: They're SO stressful! Quite a few people get injured every year from Christmas decorations. Whether its from the lights exploding, falling off of buildings to land on you, or YOU falling off a building to land on the ground, there's often one decorating accident for every town in every state in every country of the world. It's a pretty big deal. All I'm trying to do is warn people of such a thing.

So now that I've given my speech, I hope I have convinced atleast someone to avoid the death (and debt) traps that are Christmas lights. Together, we can stop these monstrosities from taking over our cities and take back our electric bills!!

The End


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