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Monday, June 30, 2014

To Kill A Mockingbird Book Review

Hello once again people that read this blog! So today, after months of reading, I am finally going to write down my book report for the novel To Kill A Mockingbird. So on with the post. To Kill A Mockingbird is an older book, and most of you have already read it. Most likely. The book is about a young girl, names Louise "Scout" Finch, and her adventures with her brother Jeremy "Jem" Finch, her widowed father Atticus Finch, and their Summer time neighbor Dill. Can't remember his last name. The story starts off with Scout as the narrator, and she remains the narrator throughout the entire book. The first half of the book, in my opinion, is deathly slow. Basically all Scout and the crew does is obsess over their neighbor Boo Radley, who they think of as some kind of ghost or phantom. Its not until the later half that the real part of the book, in my opinion, is set into motion. Sure in the first half there's some hint towards the main storyline, but in the second half is when it got slightly less boring. So the Finch's live in Maycomb County, Alabama during the Great Depression. Maycomb county was full of racists, and a black man named Tom Robinson was being put on trial for raping a white girl. Even though he didn't. The white girl had seduced him into doing things, and when the white girls dad found out, he flew into a rage and tried to attack Tom. Tom escaped, but the father, Bob Ewell, put him on trial. Atticus Finch had to defend Tom, and as a result the Finch's got a lot of angry comments from the racist society of Maycomb County. In the end Tom Robinson lost, then he went to prison, tried to escape, and was shot to death. What a way to go. Then Bob Ewell, humiliated by Atticus, swore revenge. So one night, after a Halloween party, Bob Ewell attacked Scout and Jem. He ended up breaking Jem's arm, and tried to cut Scout with a knife, but Boo Radley came out of the shadows and stabbed Bob in the lower ribs with a knife, killing him. Boo Radley then carried Jem home, and he sat on his front porch with Scout for about an hour. Boo then went up to Jems room to say goodbye, and Scout walked him home. Scout then realized the reason why Boo never comes out of his house, and that's because Boo is one of the novels "Mockingbirds", a good person ruined by the evil of mankind. The morals I got from this book: Raping is bad, attempt of murder is bad, racism is bad, and mankind can be evil. There's probably another moral like "If you give man time, they will eventually mold into great beings of friendship and happiness.", but those are the ones I understood mostly. My favorite character was probably either Scout, because she's hyper and always looking for a new adventure, or Boo Radley because he's so mysterious. Thats my report on To Kill A Mockingbird. The End.

Friday, June 13, 2014

We Will Bark At You- 8th Grade Final Exam in Writing

Hello once again everyone! Today I'm going to be posting my final exam, and its a song parody called "We Will Bark at You". If you couldn't tell, its a parody of the hit song "We Will Rock You". And it stars my dog Biscuit! It also somewhat stars Beaner. Anyways, on with the show! We Will Bark at you. By Darien. Biscuit you're a small lab, playing in the front lawn, enjoying life you'll be a big dog one day! You've got a small chubby face! You're not a disgrace! Chasing little birds all over the place!

 Singin, We will, we will, bark at you! We will, we will, bark at you!

 Biscuit you're a dog now, sleeping in the courtyard, dreaming that you'll be the house guard one day! You've got fur on your face! You'll sleep anyplace! Resting just incase you need to race! Singin, We will, we will, bark at you! Again! We will, we will, bark at you! Biscuit you're the guard now, sitting at the table, getting fed you'll be a fat dog one day! You've got crumbs on your face! You're in love with this place! Eating food you get all over the place!

 Singin, We will, we will, bark at you! Again! We will, we will, bark at you! Once more! We will, we will, bark at you!

 Biscuit you are an old dog now, there's a new dog now, gotta raise her to be a big dog one day! You've got slobber on your face! This little dog's a disgrace! You're kicking Beaner all over the place!

 Singin, She will, she will, bark at you! Again! We will, we will, bark at you! Last time! She will, we will, bark at you! (End)