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Monday, January 30, 2012

My First Public Speaking Experience

Today I'm going to tell you about my first 4H presentation.

My first 4H presentation was about the Florida Dung Beetle, also known as the Rainbow Scarab Beetle. We got the idea on doing the Florida Dung Beetle when we were doing bug class and remembered how mom loved watching them roll the dung all around the yard. She would literally sit out there for long periods of time watching them!

Anyway, when we went to 4H county events we had to wait till everyone was done to do our presentation, giving me plenty of time to edit my speech. And let me tell you, being up in front of a bunch of people (Like 12, plus judges and mom) and not publicly speaking in 6 years can really make your legs shake. Caitlin just sat there leaning on the table tricking the audience with her cuteness. DON'T BE FOOLED! Shes evil. But that's besides the matter right now. I was just happy when it was over! Even though there were less people then I expected...

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! Now I have to do it AGAIN in front of more people this May at District Events! I hope you don't have to change your speech....

But I should be fine. I SHOULD. Me and Caitlin each got a ribbon for our presentation, even though she just stood there, and she also got a ribbon on her dress and I got a blue ribbon on my Ladybug Picture. Not bad for a first time presentation-er.

That's what happened at the 2012 County Events! I got the pictures from my moms camera and the info from my own experience. The End.

See you in May!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Book Report: Dolphin Tale

Today I'm going to tell you about the book Dolphin Tale.

The book Dolphin Tale is by far one of the best books I have ever read, based on the true story. This book will capture your heart in its amazing sense of suspense, sadness, and humor! This book (in my opinion) is approved for everyone, especially for animal lovers.

This book is about the story of a boy named Sawyer Nelson who finds a young dolphin stranded on the beach. With the help of her friend Hazel, Dr.McCarthy,and the Clearwater Marine Rescue Station, the dolphin, now known as Winter, would become a strong, healthy dolphin. It wasn't till the end that I realized it was the junior novel...

This book will probably make you a little teary eyed at certain points. The movie probably will too, although we haven't seen it yet.

I liked this book because it wasn't all sad and boohoo like I thought it was going to be. Everyone likes a happy ending, right? Right.

That's my report on Dolphin Tale the book. I got the pic from and the video from youtube. The End.

Friday, January 20, 2012

I Have A Dream

Today I'm going to tell you about my dream. This is in honor of Martin Luther King .Jr day.

My dream is to one day become a Marine Biologist. I want to become one because my love for the ocean and its creatures is almost as strong as my love for my family. My goal is to find, study, and protect the worlds oceans and their many species. Fishy Friday was inspired by my dream. My knowledge for animals ( Both on and off of land) is extremely good for my age. Some people even say me and my sister know more about animals the anyone in our town. Although we do live in a small town...

Anyway, I someday plan on accomplishing my dream by getting a good scholarship and going to a good college. There I will study harder than I do now!

My main goal in all of this is to show the entire world the amazing world our oceans are and that we should protect them. Many species of animals like the blue whale are going endangered. Even the great white shark, even though you might not like them, need to be protected. We need them, and everything else. And I'm not talking about for food!

And I also have 2 backup dreams. If I can't manage to become a marine biologist, I either wanna become a video game designer (I love video games!) or a cryptozooologist. They study things like Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster. My friends Jacob and Luke also like cryptozoology.

That's my report on my dream. By the way, that's my sister when she was a baby and my dog sleeping sponsoring the I Have A Dream.

The End.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Book Report: The Great Brain Reforms

Today I'm going to tell you about my latest read book, The Great Brain Reforms.

This is one of the books from the Great Brain book series by John D. Fitzgerald, the brother of the Great Brain. These are all real stories by the way, although if you read it some things might seem unreal. The Great Brain many times try's to swindle children, and the occasional adult, out of many things. For example: In this book he used a boomerang (Never before seen in their town) to swindle a boy out of his Air Rifle by saying he magnetized wood. You can't magnetize wood!! And as a result the boy got a whooping by his pa. Really? Really. This book is mainly about the Great Brain reforming on his bad habit of performing constant swindel's. Believe it or not my mom head me read the 5th book. Ha!

I liked this book because it produced a good feeling to it. And the fact that its a true story really makes it neat! I recommend this book for people who enjoy adventure and suspenseful (not in a bad way) stories.

That's my report on the Great Brain Reforms. The End.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pictures, Pictures and More Pictures

This is DJ's mom adding some of his photos to his blog.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Homeschool is Better Than Public School!

DJ's assignment is to write an article for persuasive writing. He chose to write about homeschool vs public school. Remember he is 11 and these are his thoughts from his perspective.

Homeschool is better than public school.
By DJ.

For decades, kids have been tormented by bullies, bad lunches, and mean teachers. Not to mention papers far too small to do their work on! Well here's your solution! Introducing Home Schooling, the best way to teach your child! In Home Schooling, you'll be side by side to make sure your child gets the proper education AND doesn't get stuffed in lockers. Plus you'll know what your child is doing at all times! This is especially for you parents who don't want grand children when your child is 13. Plus you'll make sure your child is eating well, and eating well also goes as not eating drugs. And you can also make sure your classes are going well YOUR way. Take P.E for example. Instead of hardcore, practically hard labor exorcising, you can make sure your child is getting in shape at a nice, steady pace. Just listen to these people who love Homeschooling.

My friend *****: "Its nice because you don't have to worry about bullies."

Mrs.******: "I like it because I can make sure shes not getting in trouble."

Old lady who lives is my neighborhood: "Its the worst thing sense 99c stores. You don't learn enough!"

Well forget about her. These are all people I know and these are their honest opinions.

Home Schooling, enroll today!
Best part is, ITS FREE! Just pay for your school books, school supplies, and some online activities.

That's my report on Homeschooling!
The End.