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Friday, January 13, 2012

Book Report: The Great Brain Reforms

Today I'm going to tell you about my latest read book, The Great Brain Reforms.

This is one of the books from the Great Brain book series by John D. Fitzgerald, the brother of the Great Brain. These are all real stories by the way, although if you read it some things might seem unreal. The Great Brain many times try's to swindle children, and the occasional adult, out of many things. For example: In this book he used a boomerang (Never before seen in their town) to swindle a boy out of his Air Rifle by saying he magnetized wood. You can't magnetize wood!! And as a result the boy got a whooping by his pa. Really? Really. This book is mainly about the Great Brain reforming on his bad habit of performing constant swindel's. Believe it or not my mom head me read the 5th book. Ha!

I liked this book because it produced a good feeling to it. And the fact that its a true story really makes it neat! I recommend this book for people who enjoy adventure and suspenseful (not in a bad way) stories.

That's my report on the Great Brain Reforms. The End.

1 comment:

  1. Buddy watch the use of your apostrophes. I see at least two that were not proper use. Good book report.