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Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas To All My Readers

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Friday, December 18, 2009

Merry Christmas From Dj, and Caitlin

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year from Darien and Caitlin.

Fun Friday the Letter K: Komodo Dragon

Today I'm going to teach you about the king of all lizards,the Komodo Dragon.The komodo dragon is the king of all lizards growing at 6.6 feet to 9.6 feet in length and weighing up to 150 pounds.It is a carnivore,normally feeding on dead meat or carrion but have been known to be an ambush predator and hunt its own food.But wait a minute,the komodo might be a ambush predator but it can only run up to 15mph whats its trick?,I'll tell ya its trick.In its mouth are razor sharp teeth for holding on and ripping flesh at the first bite but if it lets go it has a secret weapon,because it eats dead meat and rotting meat its mouth is full of life thretening bacteria that goes into your blood stream and causes internal bleeding,rotting of the flesh,and finally death.There food that they normally hunt is birds,amphibians,the king cobra, and big mammals like wildebeest and buffalo.That's my report on the komodo dragon.The End

Monday, December 14, 2009

Gust the Little Wind

Once upon a time there was a little wind named Gust.He wanted to become a big wind like his friends and maybe become a tornado and go in the junior hall of wind(Sort of like the hall of fame except for wind.).Unfortunately the only reason his friends got big was because they moved to Texas where there was sun and winds can't become big winds if there is not any sun.Why is not Gust becoming big you might ask?Because he lives up in Washington where it rains all day and gets no sun.Gust is fifteen now and still is a ten mile per hour wind when one day he met a butterfly that said he would help get him to Texas because something bad was going to happen but before he could tell him he made him a deal.If Gust gave Reed the Butterfly a good wind so he could wake up he would take him to Texas.So he did and then they set out on there journey.Then Reed told Gust what was going to happen.A big snow storm named Blizzard was coming so they had to Texas and fast.He also said that Blizzard was not the only problem,to get to Texas they had to past the Icy River which is cold enough to shut down a little wind and turn a butterfly in too a buttercicle,they had to go past tornado gang central without bothering the big tornado's especially Larry,and last but not least go through a city without doing any damage and that's how they get to Texas.And also not long after they left Blizzard hit there home and completely froze it without even trying.Few hours later they reach the Icy River.While Gust and Reed are thinking of a way to get across Blizzard is sneaking up Behind them.In an attempt to finish gust off he tries to scare him into the cold water but they here him coming and jump across on two passing ice bergs.Although Blizzard did not get what he wanted when he crossed he did manage to make a new skating place for the people that live there.After that nerve cracking scene they continue on there journey and reach tornado gang central and manage to sneak across.I should say different for Blizzard somehow managing to wake every body up and gets the whoopin of a life time.Then they reach the city trying not to do any damage,all they do is knock some branches of the trees.Again I should say different for Blizzard destroying buildings,breaking windows,and snowing in homes.Though there is one good thing about it,Blizzard uses up all his power and is dying out.After watching what happened Gust and Reed reach Texas and Gust becomes a big wind.Though he does not become a tornado he will never forget his adventure from Seattle Washington to Houston Texas and Gust and Reed lived happily ever after.The End.

Friday, December 11, 2009

fun Friday The Letter J: Jaguars

Today I'm going to tell you about the jaguar.
The jaguar is one of the biggest cats in the world coming in third after the lion and the real king of the cats the tiger.If you have ever asked somebody if the jaguar is found in South America then your answer is yes,if you asked if there only found in South America then your answer is no.They have been found in the south western states of North America as well such as south California,Arizona,New Mexico,some of Louisiana,and even most of Texas and I've herd the only reason they are in Arizona is because I think that's there breeding ground.The jaguar is a great hunter choosing which kind of predator it can be.It can either be a stalk-and-ambush predator or it can be a apex predator.Its diet is a not very picky diet eating things large and small such as frogs,deer,tapirs,dogs,foxes,birds,fish big prey like anacondas and caimans and even mice like there domestic cat cousins.As I said earlier the jaguar is found in South America,as a matter a fact it is found 98% more in South America then North America.Places such as Argentina,Belize,Bolivia,Brazil,Columbia,Costa Rica,Guatemala,Guyana, and Honduras.That's my report on the jaguar.P.S. if your wondering where I get this information try watching Animal Planet and go on Wikipedia and type what animal you want to learn about.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Around The World!

This is DJ's mom. DJ, and I thought this was an awesome idea, and I am posting it for him. From today, until next Friday, Dec 11th, we are asking all our readers of DJ's blog, to share Christmas traditions, from their part of the world. Some of the questions he is most curious about are:

1- Do you have Santa? Is his name Santa?
2- Do you put up a tree?
3- Do you put out stockings?
4- What customs, or traditions does your country, or you personally have for Christmas?

I think this is a fun, and great way, to learn about other customs all over the world. I hope you will take a minute, and share some of your traditions, and customs with DJ.
Dear blogging friends I've got some bad news, I'm not going to be using the letters Q,U,and X for my Fun Friday posts because I can't think of anything for them and why am I telling you know,I just like to plan ahead.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Fun Friday The Letter I: Iguana's

Today for Fun Friday I'm going to tell you about the iguana a really big lizard.If you watch wrestling then this is a fact that would make even the Big Show jealous.The iguana is the biggest lizard in the Americas growing up to 6.5 ft but in the wild can grow up to 8.1ft long and weighing up to 11 pounds but that's nothing compared to the lizard I'm doing for the letter k it's a real beast.The iguana is also the most popular reptile pet in the United States.But sadly most captive iguanas die in the first year or greatly they go to reptile rescue groups yeah.The iguana is a big territory hog.They live in places such as the Caribbeans,Brazil,the Mexico rain forests,and central America and will scare others away from there tree even if they just touch the root they will will attack, they are very territorial.The iguanas,next to the monkeys,are the daredevils of the rain forest.They are normally spending most of there day eating leaves and and napping but when threatened they can jump from tree to tree at extraordinary heights and if that doesn't work they jump off the tree at up to 42 feet and either land in the water(iguanas are excellent swimmers) or land on the ground unharmed because of there tough feet and if that doesn't work they to something there great,great,great,great,great grandparents did,roll in bigger herbivore dung and that usually gets rid of the predators and beside who would want to eat a dung covered iguana scaly souffle yuck not me.Though sometimes the iguana can just scare off predators with a variety of such weapons and threats.There teeth are razor sharp and and have a very strong jaw and can flick there tails like wipes to scare away predators.Don't feel bad iguana eaters yesterday i was taunted by a squirrel.Now that's pathetic.But the iguana and the squirrel are no match for the lizard I'm doing for l hes practically a walking tank.That's my report on the iguana.

Monday, November 30, 2009

A Thanksgiving To Remember

Today I'm going to tell you what I did for my Thanksgiving.Last Thursday the Mires and my grandmother came over for Thanksgiving with us.Though my grandmother always comes over for Thanksgiving this is the first time the Mires have came over for Thanksgiving.I was sure it was going to be a holiday.Once they got here I was surprised because I didn't here them come in.As usual I rushed right out to the living room to greet them.Also as usual the worst part of Thanksgiving,or at least in my world,football just has to start.Me and Caitlin spent most of our time playing with the Mires 15 year old daughter Tony.Poor Tony,Caitlin is tiring her out doing crazy things like dancing,playing tickle monster tag,its a game when if the person that's it tags the runner he or she tickles them,and just plain old tag.But me no way I went in to the house and hanged out with Tony's big brother Steve.Steve is 15 I think and is a great drummer.Hes even been in a band before talk about rock stardom.Later me,Tony,and Steve went in to play my jaws game.Those Amity Island citizens never knew what hit them I mean ate them.After that we went out to eat dinner.There was turkey,mashed potatoes,and Macaroni and cheese and for some home made desert we had pumpkin pie,cherry pie,and a triffle.A little while later the Mires headed home and we rushed out back to play with our neighbor Braiden.Then we went in the house to watch some football and decorate the Christmas tree.Then me and Caitlin went to bed and fell asleep.That's what I did for my Thanksgiving.The End.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Fantastice Pictures.

These are some fantastic pictures my mom put in her picture gallery.I hope you like them.Enjoy.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Fun Friday On Monday The Letter H: Hares

Today (A few days after Fun Friday.)I'm going to tell you about the hare.
The hare is a pretty big rabbit being the second biggest and fastest Lepus on the planet next to the Jackrabbit.If your wondering what Lepus mean's it is there species name.Bunny's,Rabbits,Hares,and Jackrabbits are all in the family called Lepus.Like I said hares are very fast.The European brown hare can run up to 75mph now that's fast!The hare is a solitary animal but they can live in pairs.Hares love cold and medium in heat places.They can live from the poles,to China and Japan.From Canada and even to Texas.The reason the hare is so fast is because unlike its smaller cousin the bunny with tiny fat legs,the hare has long skinny legs not to get food,but to get away from predators like snakes and hawks and who would have a hard time chasing a carrot or ant not me!That's my report on the hare.The End.

Monday, November 16, 2009

In A Cave

The assignment is to write a story about being on a camping trip, in a cave, with friends. When an argument takes place about favorite TV shows. You can't use the words TV, television, or cave.

Once upon a time there where two boys on a camping trip.After breakfast the boys went up to a big opening in a rock.So they went in it and started talking about there favorite cable show."Hey Mike,have you noticed that Power Rangers is loosing its touch."said Zack."What are you talking about?"said Mike."The Zords (big robot machines.) and the monsters and the aliens are not as realistic anymore."said Zack.While they were talking the big hole echoed louder and louder every time they said something.It became so loud Mike thought his ear drums exploded."I don't think Power Rangers is loosing its touch Zack,what I think is that your crazy,like the time you said your teddy bear was loosing its fuzz totally crazy."said Mike chuckling."I'm telling you that bear was sneaking out at night to pull it's stuffing out."said Zack angrily."Sure,lets go with that."said Mike still chuckling.Mean while down at the camp Ma and Pa were getting smores ready."Hey Honey,lets improvise and make white chocolate smores since we don't have any brown chocolate."said Pa."Good idea."said Ma.Mean while up in the big hole Mike and Zack are still talking about Power Rangers."Its by fare the most ridiculous thing I've ever herd that your favorite power ranger is the pink ranger."said Mike laughing his guts out."Uh,well,you see,I,oh I know,it is ridiculous."said Zack confessing."Please Ive herd enough funny stuff for one day,lets go back to camp."said Mike.When they got to camp they were suprised that they got white chocolate smores and they lived happily ever after.The End.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Fun Friday Letter G: Gharial Crocodiles

Today I'm going to teach you about the gharial a crocodile with a very skiny and long mouth.
The gharial has a great,great,great history back in prehistoric times.For example back in the cretaceous there was a very gharial like crocodile called rhamphosuchus.There was also a even bigger crocodile called sarchosuchus.As you know like other crocodiles the gharial is a carnivore. The usual diet for the gharial is fish,however they have been known known to go search for dead food and scare the gharial that killed it away meaning there scavengers.The gharial has basically only three major threats.Number one,they share territory with the biggest crocodile in modern day times,the saltwater crocodile.Number two, they are being killed by humans for food,they stuff them,and I believe pocketbook's, that' right,they use there skin to make pocketbook's.The gharial is found in Asia and usually spends time in deep fast streams where they hunt and live.
The way you can recognize the gharial is it has a long skinny mouth with razor like teeth,a black body with a yellow belly,and a rather very long body.That's my report on the gharial crocodile.The End.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Sailing With Dad

DJ's writing assignment for today, is to write a story about a boy,playing video game, while sailing on the ocean, with his Dad.

One day off the coast of Florida,a boy was playing a video game with his Dad on a ship.The boy was being orange and the Dad was bring white."Hey Dad,lets go get Cortex."said the boy. "What ever floats your boat." said Dad kidding.While they were playing the ship rocked on the ocean making it hard to use the controller.Back and forth.back and forth,back and forth the ship rocked."Look out for that Ratsicle Dad" said the boy. "Whoa,that was a close one"said Dad.The ocean was loud, they could hear the dolphins squeaking and the hump back whales aoohing" Yeah, next level"shouted the boy."Oh no!" It's up to you now"said the Dad surprised he got killed."(Gulp)" said the boy.The boy was trying as hard as he could to destroy the evil Cortex and in with one life left the end Cortex got sent to a fiery grave."You did it" said the Dad."Can we go home now" asked the boy?"Yes lets go home"said the Dad. So they went home,had dinner,and lived happily ever after.The End.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Fun Friday Letter F: The Falcon

Today I'm going to teach you about the Falcon.
The falcon bird is among one of a trillion,I'm just kidding there's only sixty, birds of prey in the falconidae which includes eagles,hawks,and vultures.The body of the falcon is rather bullet shape which allows them to dive at up to 200 mph, that's as fast as my dodge viper in my need for speed game,available at Ebay and Game Stop.The falcon has a usual size of 6 to 25 inches,did I mention that that's a males size,the females are about 7 to 26 inches so the girls are bigger than boys that seems common for birds.The usual diet for a falcon is small mammals like rats,squirrels,and gophers.They also can eat reptiles and fish such as salmon and trout. Plus they like lizards, and small snakes. It is also one of the smallest birds of prey. That is my report on falcons.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Fun Friday The Letter E: The Bald Eagle

Today I'm going to tell you about the bald eagle.
The Bald Eagle is the symbol of our nation along with the flag of the united states of America.
The Bald Eagle is one of the biggest,strongest, and if you ask me one of the most beautiful birds in North America.The Bald Eagle is one of many species of eagle found in North America, along with the harpy eagle,white tailed eagle,and golden eagle in fact the golden eagle is actually a juvenile Bald Eagle shocking isn't it.The bald eagles color is usually brown at the lower body and white at the head with a yellow beak and yellow talons.The female Bald Eagle has a big wingspan of 2.44 m (96in) and since girls are bigger then boys a males wingspan is only 1.68 m (661n) and a body length of 70-102 centimeters (28-40in).The age of a Bold Eagle in the wild is usually 30 years of age but in captivity they can live to 50 years of age.The Bold Eagle is a carnivore and omnivores meaning it eats meat and plants.There main prey is fish but have been known to eat rabbits hares and even the great blue heron oh and crabs.A female Bald Eagle usually lays a nest of 3 eggs and usually 2 of them only learn to fly.I don't know why only 2 learn to fly.I'm flummoxed.That's my report on the Bald Eagle.The End.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Duck, A Cat, and A Mouse

For this assignment, DJ had to write a conversation between a duck, cat, and mouse, without using those words. Here is his story.

Today I'm going to tell you a story about a cat,mouse,and duck.Enjoy.
Once upon a time in Animal Land Ms.Squeek is just out looking for cheese when out of nowhere Mr.Quack falls out of the sky like a shooting star."Hey Ms.Squeek what are you doing out here?" asked Mr.Quack."I'm looking for cheese,American cheese you have any?"asked Ms.Squeek."Hmm,let me check, nope that's a tuba,nope that's a jumbo jet,Nope that's my spare underpants,aha!I found some.Here you go."said Mr Quack."Oh thank you,thank you,thank you,thank you.This is the nicest thing someone hos ever done for me."said Ms.Squeek.Then at that very moment Sir Meow came out of nowhere."Hey guys whats up?" he asks."Mr.Quack was just giving me me some cheese."she said backing away from Sir Meow."Cheese huh,hmm do have any fish Mr.Quack."asked sir meow"Let me check. No that's a chocolate bar,no that's a ticket to Goosebumps Monster blood,here we go,one fresh can of tuna,yuck." Groan all you want to me it is very tasty."After they ate they went to the movies to watch Goosebumps Monster Blood,got scared out of there pants,and lived happily ever after.The End. P.S. if you have kids try reading this story to them because I guarantee the will like it.Sincerely DJ.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fun Friday The Letter D: African Wild Dogs

Today for the letter D I'm going to tell you about the African Wild Dog.
The African Wild Dog has many names besides African Wild Dog such as painted dog,painted wolf,and the painted hunting dog.
The African Wild Dog is found in different parts of Africa,such as Tanzania,Botswana,Namibia,Zimbabwe,Ruaha,and Kenya.If you look at it on a map of Africa,it sort of looks like a back words G.
African wild dogs are carnivores which means they eat meat and because they live in packs they hunt in packs too.They've been known to kill impala but they've also been known to kill dangerous prey such as giraffe calves,warthog,African buffalo,large antelope and even the one ton Eland.
African Wild Dogs are endangered in the wild because of human population and bigger predators. There use to be 500,000 left in the wild and there are now only about 5,000 left in the wild ,how sad.That's my report on the African Wild Dog.The End.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Simple Saturday My Sister Sleeping In A Basket

This is DJ's mom, and I am posting these cute pictures of DJ's sister sleeping in a laundry basket. She actually slept that all night long, can you believe it?

Friday, October 16, 2009

Fun Friday The Letter C

Today I'm going to tell you about the Nile Crocodile.
The Nile Crocodile is known to inhabit Somalia,Ethiopia,Kenya,and Zambia.
Male Nile Crocodile's can grow to 16 feet,but the largest male recorded was in Mwanza,Tanzania and was 21 feet long and the females grow to only about 13 feet.
Nile Crocodiles are carnivores and only carnivores.They eat wildebeest,zebra,giselle,bats,cape buffalo,warthog, and goats.Although the rare food chain is lions,hyenas,giraffes,leopards,and even black rhinos.
That's my report on the Nile Crocodile.The End.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Caitlin And I In Colonial Days

Today I'm going to tell you what it would be like if me and Caitlin lived in pilgrim times.
1.When it was cold out and me and my sister had to go to the bathroom we would have had a thing called a chamber pot and we would have had to take it out from under our bed and go to the bathroom in it.
2.We wouldn't have had TV or many toys so we would have spent most of our time doing chores or playing apple games (no kidding .)
3.There was a out house where we would have had gone out to it and gone to the bathroom.
4.We wouldn't have a big house,our house would have been all crunched up.Our dining room,kitchen,living room,and bedroom would be all one room.
Last but not least we would have to go to bed at six o clock and wake up at three o clock in the morning to do our chores.(not me I'd rather be whipped.)That's what it would have been like if me and Caitlin lived in pilgrim times.The End.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Fun Friday Letter B: Grizzly Bears

Today I'm going to tell you about the grizzly bear. Did you know that the word grizzly means grizzled or gray hairs in they're fur. Grizzly bears stand about 3ft to the shoulders on all fours and on they're hind legs,6ft to the shoulders and weighing to about 300lbs but have been known to way 500-750lbs that's heavy.Grizzly bears like to live in medium heat states such as Idaho,Montana,Alaska,Canada,Washington,and Wyoming.Grizzly bears are known as carnivores and only carnivores in some states but they're actually omnivores meaning they eat plants and fruit to.They've been known to eat moose,elk,bison,caribou,humans,and even black bears.Grizzly bears are considered endangered and there are only 2,000 left. There used to be 10,000 left in the wild.But thanks to judges through out the U.S.A the bears are considered protected. That's my report on Grizzly Bears.The End.

Monday, October 5, 2009

About Cougars

Today I'm going to tell you about the cougar.First I'm going to tell you about their height and stuff. Cougars are the fourth largest cat in the world.Adults stand to about 60 to 76 cm tall to the shoulders.The length of adult males is around 2.4 meters ( 8ft) long from nose to tail and They've been known to grow 2.75 meters (9ft) that's bigger than my car.Now I'm going to tell you what they eat.Cougars like to eat mule deer,elk,white tailed deer, and even moose if they can.Plus they've been known to eat porcupines and even skunks ( Yuck,talk about bad breath.)! Cougars have been Known to inhabit the western states such as California,Arizona,Wyoming, and Montana.The hottest place a cougar could live is California.The coldest place a cougar could live is Canada.That's my report on Cougars.The End.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

My Story of Florida

Be sure to check out the cool videos below, from Ponce De Leon, FL at the Morrison Springs.

One time,back when Florida wasn't a state yet,Indian tribes ruled Florida.They're was the Apalachee,Seminole,Timicuan,Tocabaga,Ais,Mayaimi,Jeaga,Calusa,and Tequesta.Then one day the Spaniards came ashore and wanted to take Florida from the Indians.Ponce De Leon was the first to come ashore and he wasn't trying to take Florida from the Indians,(not yet at least) He was looking for the Fountain of Youth which is said that if you drink its water you'll live forever when he discovered Florida. Then he died when he drowned when he was in the ocean.Then the Spaniards came to not yet Florida and the Spaniards and the Indians had the Seminole wars.Then less then 20 tears later,after the American Civil War Florida became a state.The End.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fun Facts About Insects

Today I'm going to tell you some cool and fun facts about insects.I hope you like the facts the facts and be sure to check out the video,thank you.
Did you know that insects have three body.There's the head,thorax,and the abdomen.
Did you know that spiders aren't insects,they're arachnids and here's why.Spiders have eight legs,insects have six,and spiders don't have antennae(ant-enn-ae) or feelers insects do.
Did you know that butterflies are insects,not flies.
Do you know why they're called butterflies,if you don't well here's why.The anglo saxons used the word butterfloege because they're most common butterfly was the yellow brimstone butterfly.This English influence was brought to the new world.
Thats my report on fun facts about insects.The End.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

About Coral Snakes

Today I'm going to tell you about Coral Snakes.
Did you know there's a rhyme to tell the difference between Coral Snakes and other snakes like the harmless King Snake,it goes something like this.Red touch yellow,kill a fellow.Red touch black,be a friend with Jack.You might think that boas and anacondas are the only big snakes in the world but you will be surprised when I tell you that smaller snakes like Coral Snakes can reach pretty big, up to five feet long.Now it's time for another ''That's odd'' presentation.Did you know there's a species of Coral Snakes that is almost all aquatic.It is called the Micrurus Surinamensis.That's your ''That's odd''presentation.Did you know that the Coral Snake is one of the most venomous snakes in the world.That's my report on Coral Snakes.The End.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Darien's Four Seasons

Today im going to tell you about the four seasons.First im going to tell you about Autumn.Autumn is a time of year when the leaves fall off of the trees.Here the leaves aeren't as beautiful as they are up in New York,theyre usualy brown.Autumn is a wonderful time of year.The leaves change,the holidays are getting close,the monkeys come out wha wait, monkeys uugh well you get the point,onto Winter.Aagh winter,my favorite time of the year,why you might ask,becaus it snows,to bad where I live it doesent snow.Winter is also my favorite time of the not just because the holidays,but families getting together.Every body loves a good family reunion.Good,onto Spring.Spring is here and you know what that means,no not the fact that its to cold ice cream anymore,the animals are done hibernating and the leaves and flowers are blooming.I can finaly sit out side and watch the animals get ready for another Winter and I can finally take this sweater off. Get your sun glasses on because here comes Summer. Summer is a time when lots of plants grow, the days get longer, and it is hot very hot.Thats my report on the four seasons.The End.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Favorite Animal

This was DJ's writing assignment, for 09/18/09, we just didn't get time to post it. The assignment was to write about your favorite animal. Be sure to check out the cute panda bear video, below.

My favorite animal is the panda bear.I like them because they are cute, cudly,and playfull.Here are some things you probably did not know about pandas.You may know that pandas love to eat bamboo which means they're herbivores which means they eat plants right,but theyre actualy ombnivores which means they eat plants and meat because theyve been known in the wild to eat rats and musk deer fawns. Ding,dind,ding,ding,ding,animal fact.Giant pandas can reach four to six feet long.Thats your animal fact of the day.Did you know male pandas are bigger than female pandas,which means boys way more than girls by 50 pounds and their usual weight is 250 pounds,thats more than my Dad.Panda bears have very short life spans in the wild.In the wild they live to about 28 years.While in captivity they live to about 35 years old,hope my dogs live that long.Did you know that pandas are endangered .Theyre are only about 1,600 left in the wild how sad.Do you not like rainy days well try telling that to the pandas.Where theyy live it rains almost every day of the year,thats worst than Oregon and Washington put together.Thats my report on why I like pandas and I think you should to.The End.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Our Funny Yet Scary Faces

Here you go my bloging friends,here are my funny and scary faces and my sisters cute faces.P.S. check out the one with my sister sticking out her tongue.

Monday, September 14, 2009

The Five Food Groups Menu Plan

The assignment is to use the five food groups to make a menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, for a day for Caitlin, and me.

Today im going to tell you about a healthy way to make breakfist lunch and dinner using the five food groups.
Breakfist.I would have cereal with milk, some V8 juice, one orange, and eggs and bacon.
Lunch.I would have a balony and cheese sandwich, a banana, a carrot, and some milk.
Dinner.I would have some Macaroni and cheese, chicken nuggits,apple juice,and some green beans.
So thats my healthy Breakfist,Lunch,and Dinner. The End.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ten Things About Me

This is DJ's mom, Melissa. DJ's post is below. I must take quick minute to thank Tes, for including DJ in some of the fun blogging activities. I have used to opportunity to make this his first writing assignment. Due to DJ not actually reading others blogs, he will not be passing the award on.

I was given a blog reward by Tes,Ten Things about me.So here are ten things about me.1.I like Dinosaurs.2.I love cars most boys do.I think I should open my own car business when I grow up.3. My favorite school subject is science.4.I live in North Florida.5.I have a pesky sister named Caitlin.6.I have two dogs.8 week old Biscuit and two year old Kripto.7.Im good at making funny yet scary facies.8.I have over 20 friends.9.I absolutely love snow.10.I have an awesome family.Those are ten things. The End

Monday, August 31, 2009

DJ's First Top Ten Entrecard Droppers

This is DJ's mom. I drop his card on others blogs for him, so he can get some views. He has eight followers already. Can you believe it? He of course thinks that is very cool. These are DJ's top ten Entrecard droppers for the month of August. He asks that anyone who reads this, takes just a moment to check each blog out.\

The blog that DJ got the most clicks from, after having his widget placed on their blog is with an awesome 27 clicks from her blog, to this blog.

Thank you to all of you.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cute, Cute, Kitties

You might have heard about Smokey,Bandit,and Sandunes from my moms blog.Well maybe not Sandunes .They're such cute cute Kitties and so I am going to tell you the story on how we found them.It all started one afternoon when we were getting ready to go swimming.I told my mom that they're were kittens at our neighbors house.They're were 4 kittens and a mom.Then we wandered over to our neighbors house and gave them a hot dog and some water couple days later we found the playing in our bushes.We cought one of them but the other one got away.Then a couple days later we found them living on our pourch.The End. Tune in next week to find out how theyre names and how one of them learned to like people.Stay tuned.

Friday, August 14, 2009

My Hotwheels!

This is my Porsche Carerra GT.Its one of my best cars and I like to call him Shining Star.The best thing hes good at is ramps,you should see him fly!Every week I am going to show you a different car and I am sure that you will like all of them.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Favorite Online Game

Today I am going to tell you about a good site for kids ages 5 to 18. Its called You can explore lots of challenging locations like,well I cant name them all but my favorite is Time Tangled Island.Check out the places in the islands to spend time with friends and play games them. My characters name is Striped Banana But their are other ones like Monkey Strips,Cookie Dog,and Stuffy Shirt.I like all the sites I visit but Poptropica is my favorite. The End.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My Favorite Pictures

These are some of my favorite pictures, I have taken with my own digital camera.