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Monday, December 14, 2009

Gust the Little Wind

Once upon a time there was a little wind named Gust.He wanted to become a big wind like his friends and maybe become a tornado and go in the junior hall of wind(Sort of like the hall of fame except for wind.).Unfortunately the only reason his friends got big was because they moved to Texas where there was sun and winds can't become big winds if there is not any sun.Why is not Gust becoming big you might ask?Because he lives up in Washington where it rains all day and gets no sun.Gust is fifteen now and still is a ten mile per hour wind when one day he met a butterfly that said he would help get him to Texas because something bad was going to happen but before he could tell him he made him a deal.If Gust gave Reed the Butterfly a good wind so he could wake up he would take him to Texas.So he did and then they set out on there journey.Then Reed told Gust what was going to happen.A big snow storm named Blizzard was coming so they had to Texas and fast.He also said that Blizzard was not the only problem,to get to Texas they had to past the Icy River which is cold enough to shut down a little wind and turn a butterfly in too a buttercicle,they had to go past tornado gang central without bothering the big tornado's especially Larry,and last but not least go through a city without doing any damage and that's how they get to Texas.And also not long after they left Blizzard hit there home and completely froze it without even trying.Few hours later they reach the Icy River.While Gust and Reed are thinking of a way to get across Blizzard is sneaking up Behind them.In an attempt to finish gust off he tries to scare him into the cold water but they here him coming and jump across on two passing ice bergs.Although Blizzard did not get what he wanted when he crossed he did manage to make a new skating place for the people that live there.After that nerve cracking scene they continue on there journey and reach tornado gang central and manage to sneak across.I should say different for Blizzard somehow managing to wake every body up and gets the whoopin of a life time.Then they reach the city trying not to do any damage,all they do is knock some branches of the trees.Again I should say different for Blizzard destroying buildings,breaking windows,and snowing in homes.Though there is one good thing about it,Blizzard uses up all his power and is dying out.After watching what happened Gust and Reed reach Texas and Gust becomes a big wind.Though he does not become a tornado he will never forget his adventure from Seattle Washington to Houston Texas and Gust and Reed lived happily ever after.The End.

1 comment:

  1. Very creative and entertaining. You are still making minor grammatical errors. Watch, and check carefully. Remember your proofreading.