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Monday, September 26, 2011

Vote George Dorkington for mayor.

Vote George Dorkington for mayor! Forget about his opponent,vote for Dorkington for amazing results! He'll allow all animals to have full rights and won't be spat on,which the opponent agrees on! And all children and women will be payed $50 a week for being good citizens! Men will earn a ticket to the Super Bowl for doing their job's and community service! And all prisoners will be well fed and taken cared of (unless they try to kill you).
Make the right choice! Vote for Dorkington Today!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Fishy Friday: Bottlenose Dolphin.

Today for a special Fishy Friday,I'm going to tell you about the Bottlenose

OK,first of all,a Dolphin is NOT a fish,they are aquatic mammals (Meaning they have hair,produce live young,and give milk like land mammals and humans.).

The Bottlenose Dolphin is a member of the toothed whale family,along with killer whales and the sperm whale,which is the largest of the species.There are currently 3 species of Bottlenose Dolphin: The Common Bottlenose Dolphin,the Indo-Pacific Bottlenose Dolphin,and the Burrunan Dolphin.All species live in large groups,from 10-25 individuals,which help fend off predators. They're dark to light gray,depending on the species,and males usually get longer and heavier than females. The only way to tell that a dolphin is a mammal (other than it giving live birth and being warm blooded) is when they're born they have a little strip of hair above their lip,otherwise there would be a constant vote on weather its a mammal or a fish! Like all dolphins,the Bottlenose uses Echolocation,a type of communication which results in clicking sounds and sending mind waves to another individual.Their main diet is squid,fish,and clams. My mom would not make a good dolphin.

That's my report on the Bottlenose Dolphin. Id like to thank my little sister for giving me this idea and I got the info and pics from and Google. The End

Friday, September 16, 2011

Sharks coming to Fishy Friday!!

Darien here with a big announcement! The baddest fishys in the sea,sharks are moving on in to Fishy Friday! Know what they say: If you can't take the fish,get off of the post!

Fishy Friday: Catalina Goby

Today for the school years first Fishy Friday,I'm going to tell you about the Catalina Goby.

The Catalina Goby,so named by the island its found at, is a small fish like most gobys.The Catalina Goby is also a king natured fish,meaning it can be seen with other fish. However it is shy like most gobys and intends on hiding in caves or behind rocks.If you plan on seeing this fish,head off to Catalina Island off the coast of California! You might just get lucky.The Catalina Goby only reaches a lenght of 1 inch. They are also omnivores,eating things from sea weed to mysid shrimp.

That's my report on the Catalina Goby. I got the picture from Google and the info from The End.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Melissa's Homeschool

Today I'm going to tell you about the one and only,Melissa's Homeschool!

WARNING: The following blog post may contain things that public school teachers disagree on and some humor. Thank you.

Welcome to Melissa's Homeschool! I will be your guide today and you may call me as Sir Sparky Migee. Come along.

Here at Melissa's Homeschool we take in children of all kinds (Except bullies.) whether you wear kitten coats or if you have jello teeth,you are always welcome here. So far we have a large class of two children and five class pets. I recommend this school for the shy,slow,unconfident,or in need of encouraging. Mrs. Melissa makes sure that every child is taken care of. Just don't make her mad :).

Also,here at Melissa's Homeschool we give tremendous lunches at least twice a week (Popcorn,pizza,cupcakes,etc.) And we always serve popsicles, even in the Winter. Note: Melissa's Homeschool is not responsible for brain freeze or frozen tongue while eating popsicles in the Winter.

And don't forget sports! For sport activities we have swimming,jogging,laps,going for walks,and a little game called Run Away From the Dog While Holding a Chew Toy. Please bring heavy clothes if you intend on playing that game.

Here is the school schedule:

Writing,math,post,and reading on Mondays.
Science,math,and reading on Tuesday.
Social studies,history,math,language arts,and writing on Wednesday.
Health,math (Why must there be so much math?!),some science,reading,writing,and language arts on Thursday.
And spelling,math,post,and celebrating the weekend on Friday.

That's my report on Melissa's Homeschool. The End.

Friday, September 9, 2011

My Summer Vacation

Today I'm going to tell you about my Summer vacation.

This years Summer vacation was an even better one than last year!
I couldn't wait to get out of school,it was killing me! And when I finally got done mom made me do school over the summer till I
passed my evaluation. But before that came my birthday,and it was one to remember! We went to go see Cars 2,and I got the new game Need for Speed Nitro! Its really fun. Then with my own money I bought Lego Pirates of The Caribbean. Its pretty hard and loaded with puzzles,so,unlike most games,its taking me awhile.And I found this cool new game on Facebook called Miscrits: World of Adventure. Its like Pokemon!

That's my report on my Summer vacation. The End

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Day Of School, Rain and Depth In Pictures

Today was DJ's first day of sixth grade. He will have his first writing assignment Friday. He has already chosen the title, and main idea, for his childrens short story. Next he will work on the characters and their roles.

We have begun working on more photos for his 4H photography book two lessons. If you look at the first two pictures, you will notice one is crisper and has more depth, while the other is just slightly blurry with less depth.

The second set of pictures are obviously of rain. It is not easy to take clear pictures of rain. It was actually the middle of the day, but it was really gloomy looking like night time. I think he did a good job.