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Monday, September 12, 2011

Melissa's Homeschool

Today I'm going to tell you about the one and only,Melissa's Homeschool!

WARNING: The following blog post may contain things that public school teachers disagree on and some humor. Thank you.

Welcome to Melissa's Homeschool! I will be your guide today and you may call me as Sir Sparky Migee. Come along.

Here at Melissa's Homeschool we take in children of all kinds (Except bullies.) whether you wear kitten coats or if you have jello teeth,you are always welcome here. So far we have a large class of two children and five class pets. I recommend this school for the shy,slow,unconfident,or in need of encouraging. Mrs. Melissa makes sure that every child is taken care of. Just don't make her mad :).

Also,here at Melissa's Homeschool we give tremendous lunches at least twice a week (Popcorn,pizza,cupcakes,etc.) And we always serve popsicles, even in the Winter. Note: Melissa's Homeschool is not responsible for brain freeze or frozen tongue while eating popsicles in the Winter.

And don't forget sports! For sport activities we have swimming,jogging,laps,going for walks,and a little game called Run Away From the Dog While Holding a Chew Toy. Please bring heavy clothes if you intend on playing that game.

Here is the school schedule:

Writing,math,post,and reading on Mondays.
Science,math,and reading on Tuesday.
Social studies,history,math,language arts,and writing on Wednesday.
Health,math (Why must there be so much math?!),some science,reading,writing,and language arts on Thursday.
And spelling,math,post,and celebrating the weekend on Friday.

That's my report on Melissa's Homeschool. The End.


  1. oh, you write it so well, Melissa.

  2. You are a great teacher Melissa, and admire your patience and sense of humor.

    Good luck to Melissa's Home School!

  3. Uhh. Darien here,i wrote this post. LOL