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Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year 2011

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Monday, December 20, 2010

Fishy Monday: Saddleback Butterfly Fish

Today for Fishy Monday I'm going to tell you about the Saddleback Butterfly Fish.

The Saddleback Butterfly Fish gets its name from the big black saddle on its back.It has a large amount of yellow on the bottom part of body and mouth.The black saddle is surrounded by a white line and a orange and blue stripe.The Dorsal Fin also keeps the saddle at bay.The bottom fins have very little yellow and are mostly covered in white.The side of the fish has many blue green stripes.The eye is covered by a black stripe.This fish is an Omnivore,meaning it eats meat and plants.It eats corals,small fish,invertebrate,and possibly plankton.This fish is found in the more tropical parts of the oceans,including Hawaii,Fiji,and Tonga.It is one of the larger Butterfly Fish,measuring at 12in at mature size.

That's my report on the Saddleback Butterfly Fish.I got the info from,,and also got the picture from End.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Wolves On the Brink of Extinction

Today I'm going to tell you about wolves and their fight for survival.

I'm writing this post on wolves because I learned about wolves this week
and their near end.

Back in the 1600s when the settlers were moving to the west,wolves became a problem for the settlers.They ate cattle,ate chickens,and sometimes attacked the settlers themselves.The settlers and farmers really didn't enjoy the wolves company too much.So they started to hunt and kill the wolves.the wolves made their way onto the endangered species list very quickly.Once there were many wolves in North America,over 3,000!But after about 5-7 years there were less than 5oo. But,in the 1900s the Yellowstone Wolf Product.The project was to keep 16 wolves in captive to have them form a pack.Once the wolves made a pack and there was an alpha male,the keepers let them go into Yellowstone National Park.Today,wolves have made an amazing comeback.There use to be under 5oo,now there are 3,500+! If it weren't for the people that started the Y.W.P,wolves would probably be extinct in the U.S.A.

That's my report on wolves.The End.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Fishy Monday: The Sunshine Chromis

Today for Fishy Monday I'm going to tell you about the Sunshine Chromis.

The Sunshine Chromis is found in the Indo-Pacific and ranges in size of 1-3 inches.Their description is a light pink body with a white belly and a yellow top.The dorsal fin is also bright yellow.The tail,back dorsal fin,pectoral fin,and mouth are a clear white,like the belly.They also come in colors like a blueish purple body,blue face,yellow back,black & yellow tail,and blue fins.(I prefer the blue version in my tank.If i only had one...) They are omnivores feeding on a large supply of foods.Shrimp,plankton,algae,even younger fish.Rare though.they are one of the more peaceful,yet hardy,members of the Chromis family.Chromises are also known as Damsel Fish.Groups can be found from sizes of 5-9.

That's my report on the Sunshine Chromis.I gought the pictures from and and the info from,,and The End. (P.S,sorry about the little info,this is a rare fish and I couldn't find much info.)

Friday, December 3, 2010

My Trip To The Tampa Aquarium

Today I'm going to tell you about my trip to the Tampa Aquarium.My trip to the Tampa Aquarium was one to remember.It was a long ride from our house to Tampa but it was 100% worth it! When we got there the first thing I saw was a big tank of Stingrays!We were able to pet them because they were tamed.They had no barbs,or stingers,on there tail.They felt slimy.The stingrays were the size of a small plate to the size of a German Shephard!We moved higher up into the Aquarium and we saw something unexpected.We saw animals that weren't fish!We saw alligators,crocodiles,partriges,owls,ducks,and a stange bird that I took a picture of (see top.)
After we went to look at those creatures we went into the best part of the Aquarium.I saw soooooooooo many fish!!! Even some that I did for Fishy Monday!Royal Grammas,Basslets,Butter Fly Fish,Sharks,Tangs,Damsel Fish,end a turtle or 2.My favorite fish was probably the Goliath Grouper.It was so big that it could fit 3 of me inside it! And I'm a big kid!Caitlin's favorite part was probably the sea horses.They had yellow seahorses,black seahorses,even little baby seahorses as big as a finger nail.My moms favorite part was probably the sea turtles.I don't know what was my dads favorite.The food there was good.I had grilled cheese,chips,spicy french fries,and a soda.After we saw all the tanks and exhibits we left for home.

That's what I did when I went to the Florida Aquarium.The End.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pictures In The Dark

DJ had to learn to take pictures outside in the dark. This was a challenge because I didn't know how to make the camera function properly to take nice pictures. After much playing with the camera, I figured it out. These are just fun and goofy pictures but they fulfill that chapter of the curriculum. Can you take pictures of yourself? DJ can, and he is quite good at it. When I do it, I only get half or part of my face, he even has his face centered. As you can see the dog, and his sister are is main subjects in these pictures. Enjoy! Oh these were taken the first week of October.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Fishy Monday: Princess Damsel Fish

Today for Fishy Monday I'm going to tell you about the Princess Damsel Fish. (Sorry for such a short post,not much info.)

The Princess Damsel fish is one of,if not the,most peaceful of the Damsel Fish family.It grows to sizes of 4-5 inches and has blue spots all along its body when fully mature.When mature its tail and dorsal fin is a bright yellow.The tail has a black and blue spot on it.Like I said earlier.its boddy is covered in 100s of tiny,little,blue spots.The tip of its head is mostly covered in spots,making a blue patch on its head.The main scales are purple,covering the main body.It is found in the Central Pacific and Fiji.It is an omnivore,meaning it eats plants,like algae,and meat,like other fish.

That's my report on the Princess Damsel Fish.The End.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Buzz,Buzz,Buzzy Bee

Buzz Buzz Buzzy Bee,he starts his adventure up in a tree.

Buzz Buzz,what does he see?

Buzz Buzz,he sees flowers up in the tree.

Buzz Buzz,what do ya know,Buzz Buzz he found some snow.

How he found snow,I don't know.

He doesn't either,he has no clue.

He started flying,looking for the culprit.

All he found was a big square pulpit.

Behind the pulpit,was a man.

He was very tall with a nice golden tan.

He was saying stuff about Jesus and God.

Stuff that the bee thought was very odd.

He kept on flying,all over town.

He saw a strange dog,known as a Blood Hound.

He didn't know what made the snow.

But he did know something was stuck in his toe.

It was a piece of yellow pollen.

And from the flower above him it had fallen.

He kept on searching,he really didn't know.

He still didn't know what made the snow.

But then he saw lots of snow,

It came from an ice rink and the people were putting on a show.

He still didn't know though,how it got in the tree.

But then he shouted "Yipeee"!

He figured out it was from a snow ball.

He saw some kid had thrown it all the way from the mall!

So he went home,so you see.

And that's the end of my little bee story.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Fire Prevention and What To Do In A Fire

Today for Fire Safety Day I'm going to tell you how to avoid and escape house fires.

There are many ways to avoid house fires.I;m going to make a list of some of the best ways to avoid and escape house fires.

List #1,how to avoid fires.

1-Most of the fires in the US are caused by kitchen fires.You should always keep an eye on the stove or oven you're using.If a TV show you like is on,you should just pause or record the show on your DVR,if you don't have a DVR listen to it on a radio.If you don't have a radio,heh yer on yer own!

2-You should always keep matches and lighters up in a locked cabinet where little children can't reach them.Children could do lot's of strange things with matches.They could start a fire,put them in their mouth,even stick them into a plug.They could also severely burn themselves.

3-You should always keep anything that will burn away from the heat source.This could include newspaper on a heater,curtain on a lamp,and plastic on a oven.Anything burnable should always be kept away from hot stuff.

4-Plugs can cause fires too,you should always keep things out of plugs,unless if it is a cord.NEVER,EVER,stick your finger in a plug!You could end up with a fried fingercabob!Plus,keep an eye on children if they're playing near plugs.You should also keep cords up high,don't want a baby chewing on an electric cord.

5-The last thing you should do to avoid fires is never goof of with fire and electric materials.If you have a fernace or oven problem you should call a professional.If you don't you could end up with an exploding oven!

List #2,escaping a fire.

1-If there is a fire in your house and you don't know where it is,you should always put the back of your hand to see if the fires behind your door.You should never run out of your room if you don't know if the fires rite behind your door.

2-If you do get caught on fire you should always do 3 simple steps.STOP,DROP & ROLL.Its easy to do and kinda fun.Just stop what your doing,drop onto the ground,and roll around till you put the fire on yer body out.NOTE,this will not work on jumping into a fire and trying to put it out.

3-You should always have at least 2 escape route in a room.So,if a fires blocking 1 room,you can get away from the other exit.

4-You should have your smoke detectors functioning and working at all times.That way if you don't know that there's a fire,a smoke detector will let you know there is one.

5-The last thing you should do is always have a meeting place.That way,If everybody gets out you can find an easy place to regroup.

That's my report on Fire Prevention.The End.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

More 4H Pictures

Just a couple more fun shadow pictures, and DJ's next lesson which was to take the same shot from different lengths away, until the subject fills the frame. The subject was his sister's face. Then to evaluate the results of taking pictures closer and farther away.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Fishy Monday: Coral Grouper Fish

Today for Fishy Monday I'm going to tell you about the Coral Grouper Fish.

The Coral Grouper Fish is one of the more pretty species of grouper.Its mature size is 18 inches,1 3/4 of 2 feet,and can weigh up to around 12 pounds,I think.It is bright to orangish red with blue spots all over its body.The tail and dorsal fins are bright purple and are also covered in spots.Like most groupers,they are very aggressive feeding on almost anything that will fit in their chompers.The juveniles are yellow with white or black spots and are slightly smaller than the adults.They have tiny plates in their throats to crush up hard food,like clams and crustaceans.They are ambush predators,meaning they lie and wait for food.When food gets close enough the grouper can use a small burst of speed to get the fast little fish.they will also eat shrimp,squids,and mussels.

That's my report on the Coral Grouper Fish.I also got the info from and and the picture from google images.The End. P.S. Whats a mussel???

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pictures With Friends At The Park

This is DJ's mom posting pictures for him from yesterday at the park. Every two weeks, or so, we have a playdate with our play group. Now that nicer weather is here we go to the park. DJ took these shots of his friends.