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Friday, December 3, 2010

My Trip To The Tampa Aquarium

Today I'm going to tell you about my trip to the Tampa Aquarium.My trip to the Tampa Aquarium was one to remember.It was a long ride from our house to Tampa but it was 100% worth it! When we got there the first thing I saw was a big tank of Stingrays!We were able to pet them because they were tamed.They had no barbs,or stingers,on there tail.They felt slimy.The stingrays were the size of a small plate to the size of a German Shephard!We moved higher up into the Aquarium and we saw something unexpected.We saw animals that weren't fish!We saw alligators,crocodiles,partriges,owls,ducks,and a stange bird that I took a picture of (see top.)
After we went to look at those creatures we went into the best part of the Aquarium.I saw soooooooooo many fish!!! Even some that I did for Fishy Monday!Royal Grammas,Basslets,Butter Fly Fish,Sharks,Tangs,Damsel Fish,end a turtle or 2.My favorite fish was probably the Goliath Grouper.It was so big that it could fit 3 of me inside it! And I'm a big kid!Caitlin's favorite part was probably the sea horses.They had yellow seahorses,black seahorses,even little baby seahorses as big as a finger nail.My moms favorite part was probably the sea turtles.I don't know what was my dads favorite.The food there was good.I had grilled cheese,chips,spicy french fries,and a soda.After we saw all the tanks and exhibits we left for home.

That's what I did when I went to the Florida Aquarium.The End.

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