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Monday, September 24, 2012

Freaky Monday: Dragons.

Hello once again people of THIS world. You people from an other world can just sit down and read... Anyway, today I am going to be going over the letter D, which can be nothing other then... Dragons! Mom and I wanted to be funny and do a post on Dad, and Caitlin wanted to do a post about Darien (I can hear Caitlin laughing in the background) but neither of them seemed to fit. So instead I'm going to be doing a post on dragons.

So, dragons. What is there really to say? They're big, mean (usually), and practically everyone in the world knows about them. Their name literally means "Big Snake" or "Giant Sea Creature". And if you DON'T know what a dragon is there's something wrong with you. But just in case I'm going to sum it up.

Dragon details:
 Come in any color,
 Come in any size,
 Have 4 legs and wings (unless its a Wyvern, see picture up top),
 Are said to be found practically anywhere the world,
 Can breathe any element from their mouth, preferably fire,
 And just love to ruin peoples day.

Dragons are a popular form of culture in many parts of the"Old World", mostly in China from what I've seen, and have also played a huge part over in the "New World" from TV shows to video games! Dragons are everywhere.

There are several story's about dragons. Some are about dragons that warn of bad things to come ("Omens"). Some are about evil dragons that burn random people to a crisp. Some EAT the people they burn to a crisp. Some kidnap women and cause knights in shining armor to go slay and rescue them. And some are about friendly dragons who serve as guardians/bring good wealth. Me? Meh, the most I see of dragons is in my Monster Hunter game.

Rumors of dragons have been around as long as anyone can remember. The Chinese Dragons are probably the most famous. Dragons are so popular over there that during the Chine New Year (or any Chinese Holiday) they have a huge dragon costume that everyone sits inside, holds up a stick, and sways it around like its the real thing! If I remember correctly, the legend is if you do that you'll have another year without dragons (Someone correct me in comment box if I'm wrong?).

Sea dragons. Whats not to love? Over 100 feet long, giant snake like body, and love to sink ships. They're probably exactly what you do not want to see on your luxury cruise vacation. Sea Dragons are probably most common up by Europe.. or used to be. The vikings actually thought that whirlpools out in the ocean were caused by dragons, swirling around in circles for some delusional random reason. One viking actually wrote "I had never seen anything like it. A huge, swirling hole in the middle of the ocean. You could almost feel the ground shaking below the ocean. One of our crew mates says he saw a giant snake swimming inside, then again he did just come out from below after drinking 3 jugs of rum." or something like that.

You know I could go on and on and on with this post because there's also sky, desert, forest, lave, infinite element dragons, but I feel that would be too much. Just a little. So that basically wraps up my post on Dragons. I got the info from and my own memory, and the picture from Next week I'll be doing the letter E! If you have an idea, please leave a comment in the comment box. The End.


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Me and Jack the Pumpkin.

Hello once again people of the world. My mom had a genius idear the other day. When I was 8 I wrote a hilarious poem about a hot dog. So my mom came up with the idea for me to do a poem about...wait for it... a pumpkin! So, today I am going to tell you a poem about a pumpkin. Once I had a pumpkin, his name was Mr. Jack. We found him at the farm, he was alone and had a crack. I snuck him right home, without mom knowing at all. Though it wasn't very easy, because hes 6 feet tall! When I got home, I gave myself a pat. Then I put him in a coat, pants, and a hat. I named him Mr. Jack, it was a nice name. If I just named him Pumpkin he would just seem the same. We went everywhere, from the movies to the mall. Mr. Jack fell on someone who was making a phone call. We went to the part, and Jack went ice skating. He cracked all the ice and we all fell in, shaking. After getting out, we went back home. My room was nice and warm, like a pizza oven dome. He wanted to go swimming, but it was too cold. When dad tried to go swimming he turned white and looked old! Then he went skydiving, the first pumpkin to fly! He did a triple flip, a summer sault, and a 360 oh my! Then we went home, again to relax. Mom was inside with her machine that made fax. But I noticed something different, Jack had turned green! He looked like an ugly whoopie cushion, not to be mean. I made a decision, and it broke my little heart. I put him in a musher and made a Pumpkin Pop Tart. I put him in my mouth, and swallowed him whole. It was vile! It tasted like a big fat mole! Now we were together, and nothing could spoil it. That is until I had to go to the toilet... And that is my poem on me and Jack the Pumpkin. The End.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

New Freaky Monday instead on Tuesday for a change! Letter C, Chupacabra. Yea big title.

Hello once again. It's the return of Freaky Friday! Except now its called Freaky Monday. And its being done on a Tuesday because we were too busy yesterday. Yea... Anyway, not sure if all of you remember but I left off at B. Summer Vacation made me completely forget about my blog. So today I'm going to be studying C, and C stands for.. Chupacabra! Yup everyone's favorite hairless vampire dog. Mom has posters of it on her wall :D. Now then, on with the post! The Chupacabra is a legendary creature found in several places in the Americas.I don't know very much about the chupacabra, but I'll post what I can. It has several descriptions from a hairless dog, a creature resembling Bigfoot (see Scooby-Doo and the wrath of the Chupacabra for more details)and even a weird alien in a flying saucer. What do they all have in common? For one its their name, which means Chupa = to suck and cabra = goat. Goat sucker. Lovely name. And the thing is all of the descriptions have been seen stealing/drinking the blood of livestock, especially goats. I'm personally more familiar with the hairless dog form. Now, there is some debate on whether the hairless dog form in in fact a disease spreading from coyote to coyote, parent to child. That does kinda make sense - except for the fact that its 2 feet tall, has weird back legs, blueish eyes and no hair. Oh, and it runs like a deranged jack rabbit. Could be a coyote. (sarcasme) There is actually a lady in Texas who has seen the creature on her property several times and has even found a dead one and has it mantled on her wall! She claims it looks just like it did when it was alive, except it looks so much alive it could bite your hand off. It has crystal blue eyes, brownish red fur and a body of a midget dog. And don't forget the vampire like teeth. The chupacabra legend originally started in Mexico some time ago when a man saw the creature sucking from his chicken. Next day, his goats are dead. He then shot the creature the following morning and never saw it again. Since then, sightings have been reported from Mexico to Puerto Rico, Chile to Texas, and Florida to California. Its even been sighted all the way up by Maine! That's insane and probably a hoax if you ask me. The chances of you confronting a chupacabra somewhere like Montana or The Carolina's are relatively low, but it is definitely a threat if your a farmer and you live out by Mexico. The creature could wind up making you go bankrupt. That is if it doesn't do anything WORSE in the process. Like I said earlier the chupacabra might also have an alien-like form, so you might end up getting abducted while your out feeding your chickens. Either way, don't go outside in Mexico at night. That just about rounds up my post on the Chupacabra. I got the info from my own memory,, and Tune in next week for the letter D! The End.

Friday, September 7, 2012

My Summer Vacation 2012

Hello once again people of the world! I am BACK from my Summer Vacation and ready to do some posts. So today I am going to tell you all about my time line I made about my Summer Vacation and the details!

This was my moms idea to do a time line instead of telling about what I did in one big paragraph like the past few years, so sense I was learning about time lines in school (Reading) my mom came up with the up with the idea to make me do a time line on my Summer Vacation. Did I already say that? I think I did.... Anyway, here's my Summer Vacation Timeline!


June 10th: SUMMER VACATION!!! Best day of the year next to Easter and Christmas! Every kid in America waits for the day to get free Caitlin and I couldn't even wait for the Summer, considering we got the news that our Grandpa (see up top), who I haven't seen since I was 6, was coming down to Sunny Florida in August! It was also a special time for me personally because I was turning 12!


July 4th: Ya, not much happened in June. Just sitting at home, playing video games, chillin', and hoping a hurricane doesn't come towards Florida. The Suwanee was already 5 feet higher than usual, last thing we needed was a tropical storm or worse, a hurricane, hitting us. But then came that one day of the year for me that makes everything in the world look happy and friendly - my Birthday! It was the best birthday yet what with the fireworks, the awesome game my dad's friend got me, my new XBOX 360, and my awesome Birthday Party I had the next day! It was also my Dad's birthday. Makes me feel lucky to have such nice friends and family.

8 days later, July 12th: Oh boy, evaluation time.Evaluation for home-schoolers is like a small test we take to make sure are able to go to the next grade. My evaluator, Mrs. Sherri, talked with my mom for a while about my grade level, along with my sisters. In the mean time, I was over on the couch or outside with Mrs. Sherri's twin daughters. I enjoyed talking about animals with them, a lot.
Later that day: It was time for my very first Sleep over! Even more important, it was my best buds (Jacob) Birthday! We played games, went swimming, played more games, had cake/sang "Happy Birthday to you" to Jacob, opened presents (Not for me of coarse, and I swear the new game controller I got Jacob glowed up in his face like something from a movie) played even more games, had more cake, more games, then went to bed while watching Scooby Doo on Zombie Island. And yes, the next morning before I left for home, more video games.


August 8th: Mom's Birthday! Yup, Mom's 43 now! We didn't do much till later that day, except give birthday hugs and all that. And Mom's birthday was celebrated with someone from up North..
Later that day: The arrival of the most tan New Yorker I have ever seen; Grandpa Ed! Boy did things change sense I last saw him. But hey, I hadn't seen him since I was 6! That made Caitlin 2 years old! Or something like that.. Anyway, we did a lot the next few days. We went to Clearwater to see my dads old house, see the sea, ate at Denny's where "Americas diner is always open", and to the springs! I was hoping on swimming with the fish, but because of all the flooding it was impossible to see the hand in front of your face. And mom swears she saw an alligator, I didn't believe her at first but later down the boardwalk I saw two different alligators, so I quickly lost my courage to go swimming.

August 17th: The Annual 4H dinner. Yeah Grandpa Ed was gone. I'm gonna miss him, I still do. But now I had something different on my mind, The 4H dinner, where you get ribbons/pins for stuff you did over the year. I got 5 ribbons in one night, and 3 pins! Caitlin got 3. Though, 5 may seem like a lot, but my friend Spencer has WAY more. I'm not sure how many ribbons she has, I'm assuming between 10 and 10,000, but she has pins all over her 4H jacket. She has pins pinned to her pins that are pinned to her pins that are- you get where I'm going. But the best part over all was the food! You can't go somewhere and not have fun if there's 4H cake. That is a fact.

The next few days: 4H dinner was done, birthdays had passed, and it was only a few days till school starts. You could hear mom yelling at least 3 times a day "Schools almost here! Yaaaaay!" Meh.. I'd rather just sleep till Noon and do nothing all day. But those few days we had to keep our heads held high and eyeballs on the Weather Channel. Because there was a hurricane - Hurricane Isaac - in the Atlantic Ocean. And it was on a direct coarse with Florida. Fortunately, we got lucky again for the 7th year in a row. Apparently Isaac hit the Caribbean and that turned it off coarse. So instead the flippin Huge Category 1 Hurricane went on a marathon run to New Orleans, Louisiana. The same thing Katrina did several years ago. Now, because people knew about it this time, people evacuated. Meaning 3,000 people didn't... leave us this time. Thank God.


Labor Day: The last day of Summer Vacation. Ugh... I was hoping it would never come. But all good things must come to an end. But I was actually kinda excited. I would be studying Marine Biology this year (My specialty) and I had some awesome new books! So I can't say it was all bad, just most of it.

The next day, first day of school. UGGGHHH! Dang! I am not used to getting up at 7:30 a.m! Even worse, I had to get up and go for a walk?! Evil...just evil... But the day wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. I started my new Marine Biology coarse and learned some new stuff. So ya, school can be fun. If only they made math extremely simple.

Present day: That basically sums up my Summer Vacation. I'd like to thank my family and all my friends for having a pure awesome Summer. And I got the photo from my moms camera. This is Darien "The Darbear" signing off.