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Monday, September 24, 2012

Freaky Monday: Dragons.

Hello once again people of THIS world. You people from an other world can just sit down and read... Anyway, today I am going to be going over the letter D, which can be nothing other then... Dragons! Mom and I wanted to be funny and do a post on Dad, and Caitlin wanted to do a post about Darien (I can hear Caitlin laughing in the background) but neither of them seemed to fit. So instead I'm going to be doing a post on dragons.

So, dragons. What is there really to say? They're big, mean (usually), and practically everyone in the world knows about them. Their name literally means "Big Snake" or "Giant Sea Creature". And if you DON'T know what a dragon is there's something wrong with you. But just in case I'm going to sum it up.

Dragon details:
 Come in any color,
 Come in any size,
 Have 4 legs and wings (unless its a Wyvern, see picture up top),
 Are said to be found practically anywhere the world,
 Can breathe any element from their mouth, preferably fire,
 And just love to ruin peoples day.

Dragons are a popular form of culture in many parts of the"Old World", mostly in China from what I've seen, and have also played a huge part over in the "New World" from TV shows to video games! Dragons are everywhere.

There are several story's about dragons. Some are about dragons that warn of bad things to come ("Omens"). Some are about evil dragons that burn random people to a crisp. Some EAT the people they burn to a crisp. Some kidnap women and cause knights in shining armor to go slay and rescue them. And some are about friendly dragons who serve as guardians/bring good wealth. Me? Meh, the most I see of dragons is in my Monster Hunter game.

Rumors of dragons have been around as long as anyone can remember. The Chinese Dragons are probably the most famous. Dragons are so popular over there that during the Chine New Year (or any Chinese Holiday) they have a huge dragon costume that everyone sits inside, holds up a stick, and sways it around like its the real thing! If I remember correctly, the legend is if you do that you'll have another year without dragons (Someone correct me in comment box if I'm wrong?).

Sea dragons. Whats not to love? Over 100 feet long, giant snake like body, and love to sink ships. They're probably exactly what you do not want to see on your luxury cruise vacation. Sea Dragons are probably most common up by Europe.. or used to be. The vikings actually thought that whirlpools out in the ocean were caused by dragons, swirling around in circles for some delusional random reason. One viking actually wrote "I had never seen anything like it. A huge, swirling hole in the middle of the ocean. You could almost feel the ground shaking below the ocean. One of our crew mates says he saw a giant snake swimming inside, then again he did just come out from below after drinking 3 jugs of rum." or something like that.

You know I could go on and on and on with this post because there's also sky, desert, forest, lave, infinite element dragons, but I feel that would be too much. Just a little. So that basically wraps up my post on Dragons. I got the info from and my own memory, and the picture from Next week I'll be doing the letter E! If you have an idea, please leave a comment in the comment box. The End.



  1. Good job! Just a couple of reminders, when you use quotation marks, the punctuation mark goes inside the quotations, the period, comma, or exclamation mark. Also remember story should be stories when made plural, drop the y and add ies. You have to remember the basics.

  2. Oh and quotations and parentheses don't go together with the same word.