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Friday, February 25, 2011

What Makes A Reptile A Reptile

Today I'm going to tell you about what makes a reptile a reptile.

There are 3 main things that make a reptile a reptile.
1,they are cold blooded.
2,they are covered in scales.
3,they lay eggs.

There are 5 main species of reptile.The crocodilians,turtles and tortoises,lizards,snakes,and the rare tuatara.I wouldn't be surprised if none of you ever heard of the "tuatara",truth is I never heard of it till just now!Its a medium sized,iguana like reptile (found only in New Zealand) with the body of a lizard and (kinda) the head of a snake.Can you guess which of the pics up top is a tuatara??Any who,all reptiles are cold blooded and rely on heat to stay alive.If a reptile gets too cold,it has to sit in the sun to warm up or freeze to death.If its too hot,it goes into the shade.Next to fish,I think there are more species of reptiles then birds or mammals,I'm 100% sure.. Surprisingly,all reptiles eat meat.They have a strict "plants loosen pants,meat fills pants" diet. Albino reptiles are more rare then albino mammals,so the albino boa pic up top is REEEALLY rare.

That's my report on what makes a reptile a reptile.I got all the pics from free google images and the info from End.

Friday, February 18, 2011

My Field Trip To Hart Springs

Today I'm going to tell you about my trip to Hart Springs.

Hart springs in a wonderful place to go to experience wild life.When we visited we saw lots of different species.There were guppies,trout,white egrets,hawks,pigeon falcons(I think they were pigeon falcons...),squirrels,1 turtle,lizards,and a few other species.The trees there are amazing,my mom just couldn't help but to hug a few.(Shes a tree hugger!) We weren't allowed to get too close to the water,because some people were doing construction work.I did manage to get some pics of an underwater spring cave.You can actually go diving in the caves...If you have a license that is.The trail was really cool too.We saw egrets and a turtle.Well,my mom didn't see it and I barely got a glimpse of it.Dang turtle.... We also saw a couple of cute little squirrels having a nut snack.I love squirrels!! The trail is also a good way to get some exercise.Some. My little sister Caitlin,I call her Gerk,even found some sea shells in the volleyball court! Why there were shells in a volleyball court I have no idea.After we saw everything there was to see,we packed up our stuff and headed home.

That's my report on Hart Springs.The End. PS,I took all these pictures!

Friday, February 11, 2011

What Makes A Fish A Fish?

Today I'm going to tell you what makes a fish a fish.

Fish are probably the most recognizable animals on the planet.There is a wide variety of species,each carrying their own characteristics.For example: The Blue Chromis(see picture up top) is a small,shiny fish,while the Goliath Grouper is a black,plain fish and can range in sizes of up to 6 feet long!Now,lets get on with the main subject of this post.

What makes a fish a fish?

The answer is,well,there's 3.

1-They have fins on their body's.
2-They live underwater.
3-They use gills to breath the air in the water.

Actually,some of those are a little wrong.Not ALL fish live underwater and only use the air in the water.Fish like the Chinese Walking Catfish (meow) can go for long periods of time without going into water.And why is that you might ask? It's because of It's skin. The skin of the fish holds moisture inside its body,so it won't dry out,and its skin also uses the air we breath and converts it into the air it breathes,all thanks to It's skin.Truth be told,I'm not sure if that fish has gills....
Any who,back to the post.Fish can survive in places you would never think they could,like the North and South poles,on land,even in the darkest depths of the ocean.The Greenland Shark lives at the Antartic and is right at home there.It looks kinda like a Great White Shark that got its face a little flattened and has a pinkish brown body.It's a little smaller then the Great White,but if you ask me,it has a worse temper. Some fish aren't too different from mammals.Like mammals,fish like the shark can have live birth.It's a little complicated to explain,so I'll leave that answer to the internet. Another thing that makes them mammalish is that some,not all,fish are warm blooded.Fish such as tuna can change their body temperature to match their surroundings.Not all animals that live in our oceans and rivers are fish.Animals like dolphins,whales,and seals are sea mammals.It depends on where they live to describe the food chain.Either the mammal eats the fish,or the fish eats the mammal.Birds also inhabit the oceans.
Fish are the worlds most fascinating fish,but they're being wiped out.Pollution,massive fishing and increase in hunters are making some of our most exotic fish and mammals go on the endangered list.You can help save the animals.Never throw garbage or unwanted items in the sea,cause animals could mistake them for food,get sick and die.Never fish more than you have to,you could wipe out a species and you don't even know it.And last but not least,NEVER hunt endangered species or poach.Not only will you go to jail,for a long time,but you'll also be killing innocent,endangered creatures.

That's my report on what makes a fish a fish.I got my info from,animal planet,and my memory.The End.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Fishy Monday: Bicolor Parrot Fish

Today for Fishy Monday,I'm going to tell you about the Bicolor Parrot Fish.

The Bicolor Parrot Fish is one of the largest species of Parrot Fish,ranging
in sizes of 3 feet long! Bicolor Parrot Fish have go through strange phases in their life.When a Bicolor Parrot Fish is a juvenile,it has a small,white body with a orange line along its face.It has a black spot with orange out lines on its dorsal fin,and a orange speck on its tail.Its parrot like beak hasn't started to grow in yet,because it mainly feeds on small fish.Once it is older,the teeth start to grow in.All Parrot Fish need their sharp,bird like beak to chew up and eat dead coral,which keeps their teeth from getting too long.When a Bicolor parrot Fish is an adult,it starts its phrases.Depending on whether its a male or female tells what phrases it will go through.If it is a female,it will go through a phase of blackness,making almost the entire body a darkish gray.It has a bunch of large,greenish gray scales along the side of its body,and the tail is a dark shade of purple.A male is a light pinkish color like a cherry blossom leaf.It is about the same size as a female,but more colorful.Super Males are a special kind of breed.when a male gets old enough,it changes color into a beautiful,rainbow like color.Its to pretty to describe,so look at the picture up top. They're found in the Pacific Ocean,Red Sea,and the Indian Ocean.

That's my report on the Bicolor Parrot Fish.I got the pictures from and the info from End.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Florida's Springs: Fanning Springs

Today I'm going to tell you about Fanning Springs.

Fanning springs is a wonderful place to go if your looking for nature or just wanna go for a swim.Fish such as sturgeons and guppies can be found in the swimming area along with the Suwanee River itself.There is a board walk that allows you to examine the river close and far.Manatees are occasional in the Springs in the Winter time.You can travel on the board walk to see many species of fish or just to get a look at The Highway.There is a 60+ mile long hiking trail which you can hike on to experience many species,from the huge Pileated Woodpecker to the dangerous Coral Snake. Swimming is a must on a hot Summer day.Snorkeling and Diving are allowed but you must have a Diving License to dive. On the trail you may spot some deer or owls,be sure to bring your camera! You may also see some vines hanging from the trees,if they're strong enough,enjoy a quick swing.There are info boards scattered throughout the park with info on the many animals and plants in the area.
What I like about the Springs is the hiking trails and the swimming areas..

That's my report on the Fanning Springs.The end. (P.S,all the pictures for this post were taken by me,except for the one of the Highway,my Mom took that one.)