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Monday, February 7, 2011

Fishy Monday: Bicolor Parrot Fish

Today for Fishy Monday,I'm going to tell you about the Bicolor Parrot Fish.

The Bicolor Parrot Fish is one of the largest species of Parrot Fish,ranging
in sizes of 3 feet long! Bicolor Parrot Fish have go through strange phases in their life.When a Bicolor Parrot Fish is a juvenile,it has a small,white body with a orange line along its face.It has a black spot with orange out lines on its dorsal fin,and a orange speck on its tail.Its parrot like beak hasn't started to grow in yet,because it mainly feeds on small fish.Once it is older,the teeth start to grow in.All Parrot Fish need their sharp,bird like beak to chew up and eat dead coral,which keeps their teeth from getting too long.When a Bicolor parrot Fish is an adult,it starts its phrases.Depending on whether its a male or female tells what phrases it will go through.If it is a female,it will go through a phase of blackness,making almost the entire body a darkish gray.It has a bunch of large,greenish gray scales along the side of its body,and the tail is a dark shade of purple.A male is a light pinkish color like a cherry blossom leaf.It is about the same size as a female,but more colorful.Super Males are a special kind of breed.when a male gets old enough,it changes color into a beautiful,rainbow like color.Its to pretty to describe,so look at the picture up top. They're found in the Pacific Ocean,Red Sea,and the Indian Ocean.

That's my report on the Bicolor Parrot Fish.I got the pictures from and the info from End.

1 comment:

  1. What a cool fish! The different phases make it very interesting!