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Friday, November 23, 2012

Types of Erosion

This is an assignment for my FLVS Science class. These are the types of erosion I had to find. All of these images are mine, except for the funny shaped rock which I got from

Picture number one is an example of cracked pavement which is mechanical weathering.  Picture number two shows rust on a bike which is an example of chemical weathering.  Picture number three is water erosion of the dirt as it leaves the drain pipe.  Picture number four is an example of wind erosion, that has eroded this rock into an interesting shape.  Picture number five is the extra one I chose, and is water erosion, water erodes the beach when the tides come in.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Talking Controller, by Darien

Hello once again people who can read! Today (on a very short notice) I'm going to be telling you about a little tall tale I literally just got done writing, The Talking Controller. One day, like any other day, I was playing video games after a long, hard, stressful day of school. It was the same as every other day, sitting on my bed powning a video game. Then the game began to get harder. And harder. And harder! So hard I couldn't even move an inch without losing. So I stopped to go have a quick snack and watch some Spongebob Squarepants. Twenty minutes later when I went back in my room, I saw my controller. But it wasn't just laying there like any other controller. It was sitting upright and beating the final boss on my video game! Even more amazing it was yelling at my TV like it was about to have a rage quit. I guess controllers get angry too. Well, I guess you'd be angry too if you were being smacked all day. "BUTTON MASHING BUTTON MASHING!!!" is what he was yelling. All I could get out was "Uhh... you can talk?" The controller looked at me (well I'm assuming it looked at me) and just replied "So a bird that can repeat everything you say doesn't amaze you, but a talking controller does? Kids these days." "Its just I've never heard of a talking controller before." The controller sighed. "Nobody has in many years, kid. We come to life when people truly need help on games, like you right now." I wanted to say "Then where were you all those other times..." but I didn't know what talking remotes were capable of. For all i knew he could whisper some code and make all my electronics explode. So I just watched in aww as he beat the final boss like it was a baby. I was quite pleased, for I had been trying to beat it for several days. Then the controller literally had a "spark" of intelligence. "Hey kid," the controller asked "How about we take this to the next level? I'm talking beating every gamer in the world and becoming famous! What do ya say?" It did sound nice, being famous and all. So I shook his hand as best as I could and said "Deal." We started off small, beating all the kids in our neighborhood. Then we moved on to the other towns. Then the small city's. Then the major city's. Soon all of Florida had been beaten by us! One day, while playing the newest racing game, I got a letter. "Dear Darien,"the letter said "How would you like to participate in the National Gaming Championship? There will be games like Halo, Need for Speed, Super Mario and Dragon Ball Z all for playing. And the winner gets $1,000,000! If your up for it, head to the football stadium in Tampa on November 21st. Hope you consider it!" I was so excited! One million dollars? I was so getting that. I grabbed my controller, convinced dad to take me to Tampa, and we were off! Imagine an entire football stadium stuffed with video games. Now imagine its also stuffed with millions of people pushing you aside just to try out a demo. Then imagine speakers so loud you could go deaf by just listening to someone say "Hello!". That would basically sum up the Tampa Football Stadium. We managed to find the competition area, and my controller was eager to fight. "Let me at em! This will be easy!" he kept yelling inside my backpack. But I'd been thinking. Would it be right to win by letting a master gamer do all the work for me? I decided to play it the legit way and do it myself. Mr. Controller (so he called himself) was highly disappointed and went back to normal. Then the games started. I came in first in Need for Speed (naturally) and earned myself a nice 2000 dollars. I came in 3rd in Halo, only because someone had messed with the game so he was invincible. I came 2nd in Dragon Ball, which gave me 500 dollars, and last in mario kart. Never was truly good at that game. After that we went home, had pizza, and went to bed. So in the end, playing fairly and coming in last is always better then cheating and winning. The End. That's my story on The Talking Controller. I got the picture from and the story from my genius brain. Hope you enjoyed it! That

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Time Machine Book Report

Hello once again people of the Earth! Today I'm going to tell you about my most recently read book, The Time machine by H.G wells. The time machine is a great book and one of the first classics I've ever read. The story is about a man known as The Time Traveler and his adventures into the far, wait no, EXTREMELY far future. So far that normal people have become cute little doll-like people and the underground workers have become savage man-eating white monkey men! Sounds like my kind of field trip. The book is filled with twists and turns, so you never truly know whats gonna happen. One second you'll be like "Oh no this is where gets captured!" and the exact opposite will happen. That one characteristic is what made me truly love this book. I recommend this book to people who love to think and try and figure out what's coming next. That's my report on The Time Machine. I got the picture from The End.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Freaky Friday the letter E - Elves!

Hello once again people of the world! Guess what? Its the return of Freaky Friday because we were too busy on Monday! Last time we left off at D which stood for Dragons. So today were going to be covering the letter E. And sorry, I couldn't help it what with the long pointy shoes, pointy ears, short bodies and jingling hats; today were going to be talking about Elves!

Elves, we all know about them. They were invented by Santa Clause to help him with his toys. Hahaha WRONG! Santa only just adopted them, and they chose to stay. Elves are little people who have been in legends sense the beginning of time. They've been in Greek mythology,  Roman mythology, Native American mythology and so on. Most elf stories are about cute little 2 foot tall people who help you get through stuff you need done. However, there are stories of  elves who lure people into dangerous traps, and from what I've seen, preferably children. Note: Elves and Gnomes are NOT the same thing. Gnomes are ancient "guardians" of forests and apparently old lady's gardens. Elves however do as they please. They'll help you if they feel like it, but they'd much rather annoy you by being mischievous.

There are many different kinds (or races you could call them) of elves. There are snow elves, wood elves, Nimphs which I don't know much about, desert elves, Santas elves, and fire elves. There's probably more but those are the ones I can name. Snow elves, as the name suggests, are found in snowy places. There are two old legends that I can say about snow elves. One is that when they come out at night their dancing and cheering is what causes the Northern Lights. The other one is that blizzards form by snow elves having huge snow ball fights with each other. Personally I like the Northern Lights one more. Wood Elves are probably the ones I know about the most. As the name suggests, they live in densely forested areas. Legend has it that wood elves play a magical song on their flutes to make the trees grow faster, but when a wood elf dies most of the magic it's caused drains away. Might explain why moms plants keep dieng.  Nimphs I really don't know about. I think they're the same as wood elves but have more forest magic, I really don't know. Desert elves are kinda rough. There's an old legend that when a bunch of desert elves get mad at each other horrible sand storms form. And volcano elves, well, they're a little "hot headed".

That's basically my report on Elves. I got the picture from and the info from and my own memory. The End.
                                                                                 P.S, I really don't know any cryptids that start with F. Mind giving me some Ideas in the comment box?