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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Freaky Friday the letter E - Elves!

Hello once again people of the world! Guess what? Its the return of Freaky Friday because we were too busy on Monday! Last time we left off at D which stood for Dragons. So today were going to be covering the letter E. And sorry, I couldn't help it what with the long pointy shoes, pointy ears, short bodies and jingling hats; today were going to be talking about Elves!

Elves, we all know about them. They were invented by Santa Clause to help him with his toys. Hahaha WRONG! Santa only just adopted them, and they chose to stay. Elves are little people who have been in legends sense the beginning of time. They've been in Greek mythology,  Roman mythology, Native American mythology and so on. Most elf stories are about cute little 2 foot tall people who help you get through stuff you need done. However, there are stories of  elves who lure people into dangerous traps, and from what I've seen, preferably children. Note: Elves and Gnomes are NOT the same thing. Gnomes are ancient "guardians" of forests and apparently old lady's gardens. Elves however do as they please. They'll help you if they feel like it, but they'd much rather annoy you by being mischievous.

There are many different kinds (or races you could call them) of elves. There are snow elves, wood elves, Nimphs which I don't know much about, desert elves, Santas elves, and fire elves. There's probably more but those are the ones I can name. Snow elves, as the name suggests, are found in snowy places. There are two old legends that I can say about snow elves. One is that when they come out at night their dancing and cheering is what causes the Northern Lights. The other one is that blizzards form by snow elves having huge snow ball fights with each other. Personally I like the Northern Lights one more. Wood Elves are probably the ones I know about the most. As the name suggests, they live in densely forested areas. Legend has it that wood elves play a magical song on their flutes to make the trees grow faster, but when a wood elf dies most of the magic it's caused drains away. Might explain why moms plants keep dieng.  Nimphs I really don't know about. I think they're the same as wood elves but have more forest magic, I really don't know. Desert elves are kinda rough. There's an old legend that when a bunch of desert elves get mad at each other horrible sand storms form. And volcano elves, well, they're a little "hot headed".

That's basically my report on Elves. I got the picture from and the info from and my own memory. The End.
                                                                                 P.S, I really don't know any cryptids that start with F. Mind giving me some Ideas in the comment box?

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