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Friday, December 19, 2014

Why I Should Get A Ferret

 Hello once again people who read this blog! So I have an interesting subject today. For MONTHS I have been wanting to get a Ferret, for many reasons which would take me forever to describe. But my mother refuses to let me get one. I'm going to attempt to "persuade" her through this post, even though I know any and all efforts are pointless. But I'm gonna get an A for effort!

My love for Ferret's has been lingering around ever sense I held one around 10 months ago. A lady at my Church just so happened to be selling some, and I got to get in the pen and hold a few. There was this one absolutely adorable Ferret there by the name of Bear. I wanted to take him home and love him and squeeze him and hold him and kiss him and hug him and I might've just named him George. But alas, my mother said no. With tears in my eyes, I said farewell to Bear a few hours later, and I will most likely never see him again. Ever sense I have been politely nagging her to get me a ferret. I mean, they're the perfect pet! They're playful, very intelligent, friendly and not too big. They also don't require very much maintenance. According to the lady, the only downside to them is that they "smell weird". They sure smelled fine to me! However, there is also the fact that we own two dogs. Which I'm sure would gladly take any ferret, stuff it into a hotdog bun and have it for lunch. That wouldn't be good. But other then that, they're the perfect pet! Happy, playful, fun, caring. The whole package!

So my question is to you. Do you think Ferrets are good pets? Do you think they're bad pets? Do you think we should start a strike to convince mom to help me/let me get a Ferret? (The proper answer to that one is yes.) Opinions may vary.

Well, that's my post on why I should get a Ferret. I hope you agree with me and you might even get one too! And make sure to name him George.
The End.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Writing Assignment: My Thanksgiving trip to New York!

Hello once again people who read this blog! Man it's been awhile sense I've done one of these. Probably because I've been out of state for the last few weeks visiting New York for the first time sense I was, like, 4. 10 years ago. Imagine that. So naturally whenever something awesome happens mother dearest wants me to write a report on it. She told me to think of it as a diary of some sort. So that's exactly what I'm gonna do. Dear Diary.. kidding. So without further ado, here's my report on my adventure to New York! So at about this time 3 weeks ago I was sitting in an airport waiting for my flight which would take off 3 hours from now. And I had already been waiting 3 hours. That was fun. However, I did have my dad (who was going with me) to keep me company through 6 hours of remote boredom. Within those 6 hours Dad bought a T-Shirt, I read some books, we watched a live band, and looked at some fish. When it finally became time to board our flight, we scampered on (And I was certain that I was going to die on this flight) and took our seats. After a few minutes of silence, apart from the several people cramming their luggage into their compartments, we were finally greeted by the nice jolt of speed required to get up in the air. And there we sat for another 3 hours. YAY I JUST LOVE WAITING! Now I'm just gonna skip to landing because nothing special or exciting happened during this time. But I will say this: If you've never flown before, make sure to use the restroom BEFORE you get on. Because the Airplane restrooms will suck you and your soul into oblivion with them. No joke. Once we touched done, we were greeted by nice 15 degree weather. Welcome to New York. We towed our luggage off to the rental car, which I like to refer to as the Smurf Mobile. I don't even remember what kind of car it was, a Honda maybe, but I do remember it being a very vivid color of blue. I hated it. It couldn't have been Navy Blue? Or Sky Blue? Or black? Nope. Smurf Blue. So we drove our Smurfmobile away from the Airport and made our way for my Aunts house. When we arrived, I was greeted by a German Shepherd poking its head out the doggy door barking at me like I was lunch. When we managed to get past the beast known as Skylar, I got to see my Cousins and Aunt for the first time sense I was 4. It's so weird thinking about how the last time I saw my oldest cousin, Aimee, she was using a pacifier and her younger brother Jack wasn't even a thing yet. And as you could guess it was awesome to see my Aunt as well. We stayed the first night at their house, staying up till Midnight playing Mario Kart and Super Mario Bros. Wii. Fun times. When we woke up we said our goodbyes (for now) and headed off for my Grandpa and Grandma's house. It was an awesome ride, and I got so see something rare and very majestic. HILLS. You don't see such landscape in Florida where everything is just flat. And it was awesome because my grandparents live on a mountain. When we reached their house, I was amazed by how open it was. It was like their own little plateau, kinda. They had a farm, ponies, chickens, goats, a wood workshop, the whole nine. Ok so I need to speed this up because I'm putting WAY too much thought into this. At this rate, it'll take me 80 hours writing about a 2 and 1/2 week long trip. When we went inside I was greeted by my awesome Grandpa Ed and Grandma Regina, and their 3 amazing dogs Buddy, Toby and JoJo. Buddy and Jojo were Sheltys, and Toby was a Collie puppy. My Grandpa and Grandma are just amazing people, and hilarious at that. One of the amazing things about my Grandma is she said I can help myself to anything and if I need anything to just ask. Just as a joke I said "Hmm, some brownies would be nice. Just kidding I'm fine." 10 minutes later, BOOM! Brownies fresh from the oven. It was beautiful. Now I feel like I'm gonna cut this all up into a slop, but for the next week and a half we pretty much ran around all over Northern New York. We went to a trampoline park where my Dad nearly killed himself (hilariously), I met more relatives then I even knew about, went up to a massive mountain and looked all over New York, had an awesome Thanksgiving, watched cartoons with my other Aunt, visited my old house, played ball with Buddy for hours, SAW SNOW FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 11 YEARS, failed terribly at making a snowman, and so, so much more. Sorry if that's not very descriptive but I need to go do other school. All in all, my trip to New York was absolutely amazing and I wouldn't trade it for the world. The End.