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Friday, February 18, 2011

My Field Trip To Hart Springs

Today I'm going to tell you about my trip to Hart Springs.

Hart springs in a wonderful place to go to experience wild life.When we visited we saw lots of different species.There were guppies,trout,white egrets,hawks,pigeon falcons(I think they were pigeon falcons...),squirrels,1 turtle,lizards,and a few other species.The trees there are amazing,my mom just couldn't help but to hug a few.(Shes a tree hugger!) We weren't allowed to get too close to the water,because some people were doing construction work.I did manage to get some pics of an underwater spring cave.You can actually go diving in the caves...If you have a license that is.The trail was really cool too.We saw egrets and a turtle.Well,my mom didn't see it and I barely got a glimpse of it.Dang turtle.... We also saw a couple of cute little squirrels having a nut snack.I love squirrels!! The trail is also a good way to get some exercise.Some. My little sister Caitlin,I call her Gerk,even found some sea shells in the volleyball court! Why there were shells in a volleyball court I have no idea.After we saw everything there was to see,we packed up our stuff and headed home.

That's my report on Hart Springs.The End. PS,I took all these pictures!


  1. This kind of looks like the place you went a few weeks ago. Looks like fun! And a great place to take pictures.

  2. Reeni a lot of the springs look alike, especially during the winter months.