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Friday, February 25, 2011

What Makes A Reptile A Reptile

Today I'm going to tell you about what makes a reptile a reptile.

There are 3 main things that make a reptile a reptile.
1,they are cold blooded.
2,they are covered in scales.
3,they lay eggs.

There are 5 main species of reptile.The crocodilians,turtles and tortoises,lizards,snakes,and the rare tuatara.I wouldn't be surprised if none of you ever heard of the "tuatara",truth is I never heard of it till just now!Its a medium sized,iguana like reptile (found only in New Zealand) with the body of a lizard and (kinda) the head of a snake.Can you guess which of the pics up top is a tuatara??Any who,all reptiles are cold blooded and rely on heat to stay alive.If a reptile gets too cold,it has to sit in the sun to warm up or freeze to death.If its too hot,it goes into the shade.Next to fish,I think there are more species of reptiles then birds or mammals,I'm 100% sure.. Surprisingly,all reptiles eat meat.They have a strict "plants loosen pants,meat fills pants" diet. Albino reptiles are more rare then albino mammals,so the albino boa pic up top is REEEALLY rare.

That's my report on what makes a reptile a reptile.I got all the pics from free google images and the info from End.


  1. wow, it is always great to learn things from you DJ, keep up the good job in writing