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Friday, March 4, 2011

Fishy Friday: Purple Fire Fish

Today for Mondays Fishy Monday (I'm thinking about changing it to Fishy Friday,more catchy dontcha think?) I'm going to tell you about the Purple Firefish. The purple Firefish is a member of the goby family.I ranges in sizes of 3-4 inches when fully grown.The upper side of the fish is bright white,but as you go closer to the tail fin the body gets darker.It has purple and red fins all along its lower back and belly,but the tail is mainly purple.Depending on how you look at it,this fish can have different color hoods on its head.Its usually purple,but in the picture up top its a shiny bluish color.The eye is a yellowish color.It is found in the Indo-Pacific,usually hiding in between small rocks to hide from predators.Because its so small,it has to be on constant alert for predators like sharks and groupers.They are also constantly looking for food themselves.They feed on crustaceans and zooplankton.

That's my report on the Purple Firefish.I got the info from and the picture from free google images.The End.


  1. oh, wow, what a very interesting post, keep up always the good work DJ

  2. These fish are pretty cool looking! Very colorful!