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Friday, December 10, 2010

Wolves On the Brink of Extinction

Today I'm going to tell you about wolves and their fight for survival.

I'm writing this post on wolves because I learned about wolves this week
and their near end.

Back in the 1600s when the settlers were moving to the west,wolves became a problem for the settlers.They ate cattle,ate chickens,and sometimes attacked the settlers themselves.The settlers and farmers really didn't enjoy the wolves company too much.So they started to hunt and kill the wolves.the wolves made their way onto the endangered species list very quickly.Once there were many wolves in North America,over 3,000!But after about 5-7 years there were less than 5oo. But,in the 1900s the Yellowstone Wolf Product.The project was to keep 16 wolves in captive to have them form a pack.Once the wolves made a pack and there was an alpha male,the keepers let them go into Yellowstone National Park.Today,wolves have made an amazing comeback.There use to be under 5oo,now there are 3,500+! If it weren't for the people that started the Y.W.P,wolves would probably be extinct in the U.S.A.

That's my report on wolves.The End.


  1. You did good. I saw one or two capitalization errors, and one sentence that didn't quite make sense, but other than that good job.

  2. thanks for the very informative post DJ, you really are showcasing your very good researching skills and the pictures you chose are awesome

  3. I really like wolves! Your report is excellent! It's really sad what happened to them. Thanks for telling us about them. I like your header too!