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Friday, November 19, 2010

Fire Prevention and What To Do In A Fire

Today for Fire Safety Day I'm going to tell you how to avoid and escape house fires.

There are many ways to avoid house fires.I;m going to make a list of some of the best ways to avoid and escape house fires.

List #1,how to avoid fires.

1-Most of the fires in the US are caused by kitchen fires.You should always keep an eye on the stove or oven you're using.If a TV show you like is on,you should just pause or record the show on your DVR,if you don't have a DVR listen to it on a radio.If you don't have a radio,heh yer on yer own!

2-You should always keep matches and lighters up in a locked cabinet where little children can't reach them.Children could do lot's of strange things with matches.They could start a fire,put them in their mouth,even stick them into a plug.They could also severely burn themselves.

3-You should always keep anything that will burn away from the heat source.This could include newspaper on a heater,curtain on a lamp,and plastic on a oven.Anything burnable should always be kept away from hot stuff.

4-Plugs can cause fires too,you should always keep things out of plugs,unless if it is a cord.NEVER,EVER,stick your finger in a plug!You could end up with a fried fingercabob!Plus,keep an eye on children if they're playing near plugs.You should also keep cords up high,don't want a baby chewing on an electric cord.

5-The last thing you should do to avoid fires is never goof of with fire and electric materials.If you have a fernace or oven problem you should call a professional.If you don't you could end up with an exploding oven!

List #2,escaping a fire.

1-If there is a fire in your house and you don't know where it is,you should always put the back of your hand to see if the fires behind your door.You should never run out of your room if you don't know if the fires rite behind your door.

2-If you do get caught on fire you should always do 3 simple steps.STOP,DROP & ROLL.Its easy to do and kinda fun.Just stop what your doing,drop onto the ground,and roll around till you put the fire on yer body out.NOTE,this will not work on jumping into a fire and trying to put it out.

3-You should always have at least 2 escape route in a room.So,if a fires blocking 1 room,you can get away from the other exit.

4-You should have your smoke detectors functioning and working at all times.That way if you don't know that there's a fire,a smoke detector will let you know there is one.

5-The last thing you should do is always have a meeting place.That way,If everybody gets out you can find an easy place to regroup.

That's my report on Fire Prevention.The End.

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