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Monday, November 22, 2010

Buzz,Buzz,Buzzy Bee

Buzz Buzz Buzzy Bee,he starts his adventure up in a tree.

Buzz Buzz,what does he see?

Buzz Buzz,he sees flowers up in the tree.

Buzz Buzz,what do ya know,Buzz Buzz he found some snow.

How he found snow,I don't know.

He doesn't either,he has no clue.

He started flying,looking for the culprit.

All he found was a big square pulpit.

Behind the pulpit,was a man.

He was very tall with a nice golden tan.

He was saying stuff about Jesus and God.

Stuff that the bee thought was very odd.

He kept on flying,all over town.

He saw a strange dog,known as a Blood Hound.

He didn't know what made the snow.

But he did know something was stuck in his toe.

It was a piece of yellow pollen.

And from the flower above him it had fallen.

He kept on searching,he really didn't know.

He still didn't know what made the snow.

But then he saw lots of snow,

It came from an ice rink and the people were putting on a show.

He still didn't know though,how it got in the tree.

But then he shouted "Yipeee"!

He figured out it was from a snow ball.

He saw some kid had thrown it all the way from the mall!

So he went home,so you see.

And that's the end of my little bee story.


  1. You did a good job, buddy. Very creative, funny, and rhymes well. Looks much neater in this format as well.

  2. oh, love the poem, like what your mom said, very funny, and I was absolutely entertained from beginning to end. keep up the good work DJ.