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Monday, November 29, 2010

Fishy Monday: Princess Damsel Fish

Today for Fishy Monday I'm going to tell you about the Princess Damsel Fish. (Sorry for such a short post,not much info.)

The Princess Damsel fish is one of,if not the,most peaceful of the Damsel Fish family.It grows to sizes of 4-5 inches and has blue spots all along its body when fully mature.When mature its tail and dorsal fin is a bright yellow.The tail has a black and blue spot on it.Like I said earlier.its boddy is covered in 100s of tiny,little,blue spots.The tip of its head is mostly covered in spots,making a blue patch on its head.The main scales are purple,covering the main body.It is found in the Central Pacific and Fiji.It is an omnivore,meaning it eats plants,like algae,and meat,like other fish.

That's my report on the Princess Damsel Fish.The End.

1 comment:

  1. Good job with the little bit of info you could find. You are getting pretty good now. I think you write better than me.