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Friday, December 4, 2009

Fun Friday The Letter I: Iguana's

Today for Fun Friday I'm going to tell you about the iguana a really big lizard.If you watch wrestling then this is a fact that would make even the Big Show jealous.The iguana is the biggest lizard in the Americas growing up to 6.5 ft but in the wild can grow up to 8.1ft long and weighing up to 11 pounds but that's nothing compared to the lizard I'm doing for the letter k it's a real beast.The iguana is also the most popular reptile pet in the United States.But sadly most captive iguanas die in the first year or greatly they go to reptile rescue groups yeah.The iguana is a big territory hog.They live in places such as the Caribbeans,Brazil,the Mexico rain forests,and central America and will scare others away from there tree even if they just touch the root they will will attack, they are very territorial.The iguanas,next to the monkeys,are the daredevils of the rain forest.They are normally spending most of there day eating leaves and and napping but when threatened they can jump from tree to tree at extraordinary heights and if that doesn't work they jump off the tree at up to 42 feet and either land in the water(iguanas are excellent swimmers) or land on the ground unharmed because of there tough feet and if that doesn't work they to something there great,great,great,great,great grandparents did,roll in bigger herbivore dung and that usually gets rid of the predators and beside who would want to eat a dung covered iguana scaly souffle yuck not me.Though sometimes the iguana can just scare off predators with a variety of such weapons and threats.There teeth are razor sharp and and have a very strong jaw and can flick there tails like wipes to scare away predators.Don't feel bad iguana eaters yesterday i was taunted by a squirrel.Now that's pathetic.But the iguana and the squirrel are no match for the lizard I'm doing for l hes practically a walking tank.That's my report on the iguana.


  1. thanks for this post DJ, I never thought of the iguanas to be the daredevils of the forest, I would love to see a big liazard, though maybe I may get scared getting close.

  2. That is propably true Betchai I know I would be scared.

  3. I am so chicken of these creatures, or maybe I am just not brave enough to be near them.

    Educational posts are a great refresher! I enjoyed it!

  4. Buddy you did a very good job on this one. Be sure to proofread for run on sentences, and punctuation you have already learned. Good job~