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Monday, November 30, 2009

A Thanksgiving To Remember

Today I'm going to tell you what I did for my Thanksgiving.Last Thursday the Mires and my grandmother came over for Thanksgiving with us.Though my grandmother always comes over for Thanksgiving this is the first time the Mires have came over for Thanksgiving.I was sure it was going to be a holiday.Once they got here I was surprised because I didn't here them come in.As usual I rushed right out to the living room to greet them.Also as usual the worst part of Thanksgiving,or at least in my world,football just has to start.Me and Caitlin spent most of our time playing with the Mires 15 year old daughter Tony.Poor Tony,Caitlin is tiring her out doing crazy things like dancing,playing tickle monster tag,its a game when if the person that's it tags the runner he or she tickles them,and just plain old tag.But me no way I went in to the house and hanged out with Tony's big brother Steve.Steve is 15 I think and is a great drummer.Hes even been in a band before talk about rock stardom.Later me,Tony,and Steve went in to play my jaws game.Those Amity Island citizens never knew what hit them I mean ate them.After that we went out to eat dinner.There was turkey,mashed potatoes,and Macaroni and cheese and for some home made desert we had pumpkin pie,cherry pie,and a triffle.A little while later the Mires headed home and we rushed out back to play with our neighbor Braiden.Then we went in the house to watch some football and decorate the Christmas tree.Then me and Caitlin went to bed and fell asleep.That's what I did for my Thanksgiving.The End.


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  2. looks like you had a fun thanksgiving, DJ.Lots of activities and good food for you and Caitlin.Good to know your grandmother was there too.We don't celebrate thanksgiving here,but we're known to celebrate Christmas like no other - it's a big feast for us wherein families gather together for the Noche Buena, lots of fireworks, lots of good food and music and family bonding.=)