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Monday, November 16, 2009

In A Cave

The assignment is to write a story about being on a camping trip, in a cave, with friends. When an argument takes place about favorite TV shows. You can't use the words TV, television, or cave.

Once upon a time there where two boys on a camping trip.After breakfast the boys went up to a big opening in a rock.So they went in it and started talking about there favorite cable show."Hey Mike,have you noticed that Power Rangers is loosing its touch."said Zack."What are you talking about?"said Mike."The Zords (big robot machines.) and the monsters and the aliens are not as realistic anymore."said Zack.While they were talking the big hole echoed louder and louder every time they said something.It became so loud Mike thought his ear drums exploded."I don't think Power Rangers is loosing its touch Zack,what I think is that your crazy,like the time you said your teddy bear was loosing its fuzz totally crazy."said Mike chuckling."I'm telling you that bear was sneaking out at night to pull it's stuffing out."said Zack angrily."Sure,lets go with that."said Mike still chuckling.Mean while down at the camp Ma and Pa were getting smores ready."Hey Honey,lets improvise and make white chocolate smores since we don't have any brown chocolate."said Pa."Good idea."said Ma.Mean while up in the big hole Mike and Zack are still talking about Power Rangers."Its by fare the most ridiculous thing I've ever herd that your favorite power ranger is the pink ranger."said Mike laughing his guts out."Uh,well,you see,I,oh I know,it is ridiculous."said Zack confessing."Please Ive herd enough funny stuff for one day,lets go back to camp."said Mike.When they got to camp they were suprised that they got white chocolate smores and they lived happily ever after.The End.


  1. You are getting pretty good at this now, Buddy. A few minor grammar errors, but you were very creative, and funny.

  2. I enjoyed your story,DJ. At your age,you're already good at creative writing.Practise some more and don't forget to thank your mom for being supportive.

  3. I love your story DJ, you are so creative and am so impressed at your choice of words to replace the cave, TV and television. Glad they got rewarded with white chocolate smores :)

  4. Thank you Betchai and Online Writer.