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Friday, November 13, 2009

Fun Friday Letter G: Gharial Crocodiles

Today I'm going to teach you about the gharial a crocodile with a very skiny and long mouth.
The gharial has a great,great,great history back in prehistoric times.For example back in the cretaceous there was a very gharial like crocodile called rhamphosuchus.There was also a even bigger crocodile called sarchosuchus.As you know like other crocodiles the gharial is a carnivore. The usual diet for the gharial is fish,however they have been known known to go search for dead food and scare the gharial that killed it away meaning there scavengers.The gharial has basically only three major threats.Number one,they share territory with the biggest crocodile in modern day times,the saltwater crocodile.Number two, they are being killed by humans for food,they stuff them,and I believe pocketbook's, that' right,they use there skin to make pocketbook's.The gharial is found in Asia and usually spends time in deep fast streams where they hunt and live.
The way you can recognize the gharial is it has a long skinny mouth with razor like teeth,a black body with a yellow belly,and a rather very long body.That's my report on the gharial crocodile.The End.


  1. Oh,it's like our very own Philippine crocodile that's also endangered because humans hunt them.I hope these crocodile don't get extint.They also have the right to live.

  2. I know they do Online Writer but I would sortof let them be endangered then let the people that hunt them starve.