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Monday, November 23, 2009

Fun Friday On Monday The Letter H: Hares

Today (A few days after Fun Friday.)I'm going to tell you about the hare.
The hare is a pretty big rabbit being the second biggest and fastest Lepus on the planet next to the Jackrabbit.If your wondering what Lepus mean's it is there species name.Bunny's,Rabbits,Hares,and Jackrabbits are all in the family called Lepus.Like I said hares are very fast.The European brown hare can run up to 75mph now that's fast!The hare is a solitary animal but they can live in pairs.Hares love cold and medium in heat places.They can live from the poles,to China and Japan.From Canada and even to Texas.The reason the hare is so fast is because unlike its smaller cousin the bunny with tiny fat legs,the hare has long skinny legs not to get food,but to get away from predators like snakes and hawks and who would have a hard time chasing a carrot or ant not me!That's my report on the hare.The End.


  1. It is so much fun reading your blog DJ. Its a very good refresher, being away from school for a long time!
    Can we charge the European brown an over speeding ticket?

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. This is DJ here and I don't think the sherrif would mind if it was getting away from predators and besides Rody the Rode Runner has to be able to play tag with somebody right?

  3. I have a really cool rabbit called a 'Belgian Hare'. If you google Belgian Hare you will see what she looks like. They aren't rally hares, but they look like hares. And they are the smartest breed of rabbit. You can train them to jump over things, come to their names, and run free in the house. My hare is named Emma. :)