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Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Favorite Animal

This was DJ's writing assignment, for 09/18/09, we just didn't get time to post it. The assignment was to write about your favorite animal. Be sure to check out the cute panda bear video, below.

My favorite animal is the panda bear.I like them because they are cute, cudly,and playfull.Here are some things you probably did not know about pandas.You may know that pandas love to eat bamboo which means they're herbivores which means they eat plants right,but theyre actualy ombnivores which means they eat plants and meat because theyve been known in the wild to eat rats and musk deer fawns. Ding,dind,ding,ding,ding,animal fact.Giant pandas can reach four to six feet long.Thats your animal fact of the day.Did you know male pandas are bigger than female pandas,which means boys way more than girls by 50 pounds and their usual weight is 250 pounds,thats more than my Dad.Panda bears have very short life spans in the wild.In the wild they live to about 28 years.While in captivity they live to about 35 years old,hope my dogs live that long.Did you know that pandas are endangered .Theyre are only about 1,600 left in the wild how sad.Do you not like rainy days well try telling that to the pandas.Where theyy live it rains almost every day of the year,thats worst than Oregon and Washington put together.Thats my report on why I like pandas and I think you should to.The End.


  1. Watch your possessives, you did them correct on paper. Be sure to copy them correctly. Also remember your paragraphs, like you did on paper. Great job.

  2. Great job, DJ! Very interesting facts about the panda! Even I learned something new today. Thank you for sharing those facts! :)

  3. This is Dj.Thanks Tes,you will be hearing more about different animals soon.

  4. DJ,

    Well done, your facts were interesting and accurate. Many people do not know that a panda will eat meat but they are not very quick predators so the meat/fish they consume is usually dead when the panda stumbles upon it. Hopefully you will keep learning about the panda and everything else that makes them special like the fact they do not hibernate or they have a "thumb."
    Fellow panda lovers

  5. Hey,I didn't know about these facts about panda, DJ. Thank you. Good job!

  6. Very cool :) Pandas are very interesting creatures. MY kids love animals and are always watching the discovery channel to learn more.

  7. Hello :)

    Like you, I think pandas are nice looking, but now, thanks to your writing assignment, I know much more about them.

    Thank you for teaching me something new.


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