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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ten Things About Me

This is DJ's mom, Melissa. DJ's post is below. I must take quick minute to thank Tes, for including DJ in some of the fun blogging activities. I have used to opportunity to make this his first writing assignment. Due to DJ not actually reading others blogs, he will not be passing the award on.

I was given a blog reward by Tes,Ten Things about me.So here are ten things about me.1.I like Dinosaurs.2.I love cars most boys do.I think I should open my own car business when I grow up.3. My favorite school subject is science.4.I live in North Florida.5.I have a pesky sister named Caitlin.6.I have two dogs.8 week old Biscuit and two year old Kripto.7.Im good at making funny yet scary facies.8.I have over 20 friends.9.I absolutely love snow.10.I have an awesome family.Those are ten things. The End


  1. I think if you had lined them up in a column, it would have looked neater. Other wise you did a good job.

  2. Wow,Science is your favorite subject? cool!We have one thing in common DJ,I like dinosaurs too.In fact,I've been collecting dinosaur books since I was single.Do you have dinosaur collections?

  3. hey! your blog is starting to look really professional! and blogging is just the beginning: after that, there's website designing, then website managing, then you start making little animated emoticons, then short cartoons, and before you know it you have your own youtube channel :-O ! Unfortunately, I appear to be smack in the middle of this predicament as a fellow homeschooler and kid. :-/ (lol!)
    When I was 9, I didn't even blog, we had just gotten our first computer, so you're already going to be ahead of me - and i'm only 17!! :-D
    lol, keep up the blogging! ;)


  4. This looks good! I think it is cool that you think you have an awesome family, even if your sister is pesky sometimes! I enjoy reading your blog DJ!

  5. DJ, you are so funny ( wish I can see the funny and scary faces you make), thanks for sharing 10 great things about you.

    Oh, like most of us, when I was 9, I do not know if there was a computer :) I know I only see computer when I was in college :)

    I wish you well on your dreams, having a car business is truly exciting and am sure rewarding, and this site will make you practice write and write to make good business letter someday.

  6. Looks like somebody is going to get an A for this well-written assignment! This is very good DJ, helped us to know you better. I can imagine the scary-but-funny faces you can make! Oh wow, that car business sounds fun. It is always good to have a goal even when you’re young. Like you, I find Science interesting especially the part where we view tiny objects in the microscope! I think you’re lucky to be in sunny Florida! I can see you really have an awesome family and cool dogs! What more can a guy ask for! Teehee… Good job on this writing assignment! Two-thumbs up!

    We'll be watching out for more writings from you, DJ! :)

  7. This is Dj.That depends what kind of collections your talking about.If your talking about toys yes I do,if your talking about skellitons and bones then no.

  8. This is Dj.Hey!Hey!Christine slow down ,im just 9, so I think it might be along time before I do all that other stuff for a long time.I think ill just stick with blogging until im ugh 22 or so.

  9. This is Dj.Betchai you said you want to see my faces,well let your wish be granted.I will be making a post about my faces soon.