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Monday, September 14, 2009

The Five Food Groups Menu Plan

The assignment is to use the five food groups to make a menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, for a day for Caitlin, and me.

Today im going to tell you about a healthy way to make breakfist lunch and dinner using the five food groups.
Breakfist.I would have cereal with milk, some V8 juice, one orange, and eggs and bacon.
Lunch.I would have a balony and cheese sandwich, a banana, a carrot, and some milk.
Dinner.I would have some Macaroni and cheese, chicken nuggits,apple juice,and some green beans.
So thats my healthy Breakfist,Lunch,and Dinner. The End.


  1. Watch your spelling. The spell check tells you if it is spelled wrong. Ask if you need to, or search, on Bing.

  2. Once again, DJ did well! It's is always good to have fruit and veggies in every meal! Good job, DJ! :)