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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fun Facts About Insects

Today I'm going to tell you some cool and fun facts about insects.I hope you like the facts the facts and be sure to check out the video,thank you.
Did you know that insects have three body.There's the head,thorax,and the abdomen.
Did you know that spiders aren't insects,they're arachnids and here's why.Spiders have eight legs,insects have six,and spiders don't have antennae(ant-enn-ae) or feelers insects do.
Did you know that butterflies are insects,not flies.
Do you know why they're called butterflies,if you don't well here's why.The anglo saxons used the word butterfloege because they're most common butterfly was the yellow brimstone butterfly.This English influence was brought to the new world.
Thats my report on fun facts about insects.The End.


  1. Informative, and entertaining. I will have to remind you to state your source, when you quote facts.

  2. Wow, very informative. Interesting fact about the butterfly. I learned something today from your post, DJ! Thank you!